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Why does my ex-girlfriend say she doesn't want contact with me but has contact with her other exes? . If your ex gave up then its time to move on. Anonymous . Answered May 5, I have been attempting text ex back after 45 days no contact after break up. Broke up after year. She said don't want to be in relationship. There are several reasons why you would be texting your ex girlfriend, but the most likely reason is usually because you still have feelings for her and you want . Although you might have read somewhere that using the No Contact Rule is a good way to make an ex girlfriend realize that she simply can't live without you in . During your no contact period, when you are calm, confident, and collected, here's what you should do: But the idea of NC is to erase the negative feelings your ex had about you, and this is of utmost important if you were a text GNAT! FYI GNAT Means = Going Nuts At Texting (generally immediately after a breakup ).

What you do after no contact is important because this is the time when everything and everyone will show their true face. I was never angry in any of the messages that I sent, just polite! Most people are so confused about what to say to their ex after no contact rule; they end up delaying it. Forget whatever she said to you. How do i go about making first contact source this scenario?

Knowing what to say to your ex girlfriend can be kind of complicated. Of course, knowing what to use to say it to her is an entirely different matter altogether.

In my mind there are 5 main ways that most people communicate with their exes after a breakup. Take a look at those ways below. As I said above, this guide is focusing specifically on the best way to contact your ex girlfriend.

Oh, and in case read article are wondering some ways are better than others. First though, I think its good to put this article in perspective. It requires a lot of thought, strategy and even a little bit of luck.

Luckily, I have created something that can tell you just about everything you absolutely need to know to get your ex girlfriend back. I have made it clear throughout this site that my main goal is to improve your chances of getting your ex girlfriend back. So instead, using my knowledge and experience all I can guarantee you is that your chances will drastically improve if you follow my methods.

Of course, the thing you have to understand is that there is a certain progression that must be followed in order to maximize your chances. As you can see, this progression starts with the no contact rule which then inevitably forces you to improve during your no Texting Your Ex Girlfriend After No Contact period. After your period is over we progress to concepts like communication, setting up a date and actually reuniting.

Well, it means that you need to do the no contact rule before you even think about communicating with your ex girlfriend. Notice that before you even think about contacting your ex girlfriend you are supposed to use the no contact rule and improve yourself during the no contact rule.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way lets focus on what the best way to contact your ex girlfriend is. As I said above, there are five general ways that exes try to get back in touch with exes. What we are going to be exploring is which of those ways are best for your situation. Now, I have thought long and hard about this and I will be the first to admit that there are definitely some methods of contact that are better than others and there is a certain way you should go about contacting your ex as well.

Imagine for a moment that person A a man was trying to get person B a woman back after a break up. Person A has done click right to start out. He has done the no contact rule. He has had a period of self reflection, self improvement and has prepared mentally to do what he has to do to win the love of his life back person B. Well, if person A gets to over excited and tries to much at once he is probably going to be flat on his face.

Women love to be romanced and where is the romance in ignoring someone for a certain period of time and then trying to get them back all at once. No, I click afraid it is going to take a lot more than that to succeed.

Your best bet is to go slow and let things progress almost naturally. Once you get on the phone with your ex you can really make some progress in re-attracting her and ultimately seal a date for yourself. We are here to explore which method of contact is the best to use to get your ex girlfriend back and it just so happens that the answer to that question really depends on timing. For example, text Texting Your Ex Girlfriend After No Contact are a great method of contact at just click for source. Well, because the benefits of talking to her on the phone can be much greater than through text messaging I will explain why later.

Of course, if you were to call your ex girlfriend all the time it might be a little much and a little weird. There is only a certain segment of time where phone calls to your ex are better than text messages. So, in that moment, in that singular moment where you both want to talk to each other on the phone the phone call becomes more effective than the text message.

At the beginning of this guide I told you that there were six main ways that I see couples trying to communicate with one another. In this section I am going to be going over each of these methods of contacting and telling you what I think about them.

Of course, when that day finally arrived, where email was used by the vast majority of people, it was captivating. In fact, it was so captivating that Hollywood even jumped on the bandwagon and started making movies about it or more specifically how email could be used to form relationships.

What To Do After No Contact - Here's THE Steps You Should Take

If your ex girlfriend is anything like me then she probably only checks her personal email once in a blue moon. In fact, the only email that I check constantly is my work email. Lets go to the extreme here and say that you cheated on your ex girlfriend. In fact, she is so upset with you that she blocks you through every form imaginable.

Amor January 9, at 6: Think of it as going on a run. Now I have some symptoms of this disease so i am very new anout the topic so i want to get some help from him and ask some questions about what ways i need to follow medical.

She has the full lock down initiated and you are literally feeling hopeless. Of course, there is still one form of communication that she left open, probably on purpose. The only time that I would say that you should use email to get your ex girlfriend back is if you find yourself forced to.

Texting Your Ex Girlfriend After No Contact

In other words, if it is your only way of getting in touch with her. Other than that though I think that there are way more effective methods of contact that you can employ to improve your chances of winning your ex girlfriend back.

It allows you to be close to your significant other throughout the entire day without being too clingy. For example, the average couple will text each other when they wake up, text each other throughout the day and probably every night as well.

That is just normal in a healthy relationship because both people want to be close to each other.

3 Texts To Send Your Ex-Girlfriend (And Win Her Back!)

No, we are just focusing on the actual method of texting. I alluded to something pretty interesting above when I said that everyone holds their phones as a personal sanctuary. This entire website focuses on how to get your ex girlfriend back. Well, right now what do you associate with your ex girlfriend? My point is simple, when it comes to the topic of your ex girlfriend you are likely article source get emotional and sometimes that is not a good thing.

Imagine for a moment that your ex girlfriend says a comment to you about your family that really sets you off in that it makes you mad. Well, if you were on the phone with her you are likely to react in a negative way and snap back at her which might ultimately end up in a fight between the two of you. Text messaging allows you the luxury to think before you press that send button. It allows you to be calm, even when you are super upset. In other words, texting gives you the luxury of having time to think about what you are going to say.

In fact, I would say that talking on the phone with your ex NEEDS to happen if you really want to have a shot at succeeding.

Texting Your Ex Girlfriend After No Contact

You will notice in them that I talk about the progression that a man should go through when it comes to contacting his ex. This is the overall progression for the overall game plan that goes into getting an ex girlfriend back.

Where is this coming from? They get so amped up while doing the no contact rule that they try to force results by calling their ex rather than letting things unfold naturally.

Well, calling your girlfriend right after NC may be a little too much for her to handle. Besides, do you remember what Source said about text messaging and emotions?

Five text messages to send your ex-girlfriend - Lisa Force

This is your ex girlfriend we are dealing with here and that means that emotions are going to run high if you talk to each other on the phone and you know how the saying goes right? Imagine that you do call your ex girlfriend up immediately after the breakup. Imagine that you call her with the intent of taking her out on a date. You have been waiting 21 days for this moment and you are extremely excited to hear her voice for the first time.

Ok, you have her on the phone but you are a little angry that you had to call her twice and she is giving you this attitude. The two of you immediately start to fight and the next thing you know she is ending the conversation with a. I just went through the nightmare scenario that happens to men who try for too much to soon with phone calls. I am sure reading that scared you off a little from using the phone on your ex girlfriend.

Well, let me tell you something. Talking on the phone with your ex girlfriend is an excellent way to build attraction if you use texts to build attraction first. In other words, make sure you use text messages first to get her in a positive mindset before you even try calling her on the phone.

I guess the question we are trying to explore here is if Texting Your Ex Girlfriend After No Contact is any place for using social media like Facebook when it comes to contacting your ex girlfriend. Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks are not the best way to contact your ex girlfriend. I suppose the best way to describe this would be that when you talk to someone you are interested in what do you ask for? Because, everyone knows that text messaging and phone calls are more powerful than getting someones social media information.

Well, gentlemen, this is more info situation where you will probably be forced to go outside the normality of texting a phone calls to make contact with your ex.

You are going to have to search for other means of contact and in many cases that means social media sites or texting apps…. Texting Your Ex Girlfriend After No Contact is the ONE instance in which I think it is ok to contact your ex girlfriend through a site like Facebook. I am kind of old school when it comes to my cell phone which is kind of strange for someone who makes websites for a living. For the longest time as a teenager I had a flip phone.

When I entered college I finally decided to try out a smartphone so I got a Google Nexus the old version. Then once I was out of college I decided to finally try out an iPhone 4S the phone I still have by the way. Well, what I would like to talk about here are the texting applications that you could download to have a conversation with someone.

Of course, I could never really get that into it. I was used to regular texting and I hated having to open my phone up, unlocking it and then checking the actual application to see if I received a message or not. Nevertheless, I have seen a lot of stuff through this website and I do know that a lot of couples utilize these types of texting applications on their phones as opposed to actual text messages.

Some couples do not use regular text messaging at all. Instead, they use WhatsApp or Kik Messenger to send texts back and forth to each other. Well, if you and your ex did this then I think it is completely ok if you contact her through one of these apps since this is the norm for you and your relationship.

Imagine for a moment that you and your ex girlfriend were frequent texters regular texting through the cell phone. She blocks you from texting her, calling her and she even blocks you from Facebook.