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Does He Like You If He Says You're Cute

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25 Nov And at that point, she finally stopped sobbing and let go of her blankie (just kidding). Shutterstock. On a more serious note, a lot of women get caught up thinking about the terms men use to describe them -- cute, beautiful, sexy -- and aren't always sure what we mean by them. Before I go any further, if you're. (I'm 25, he's 27) He used to call me funny nicknames which were versions of my own name. I used to love it. Now he seems to be using “cute” or “cutie” a lot in text messaging and on snapchat. Anything from “Hey cutie” to “Whats up cutie?” to just plain old “You're cute.” I posted something on social media. But that does not mean a cutie is not attractive. It's just that she's not the kind of woman to hog all the attention at a club, although she could if she wants. She symbolizes innocent beauty and shows shyness, youthfulness and smooth features. If a guy calls you cute, it is usually in reference to your reserved temperament.

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There is nothing fun or exciting about a girl who is high maintenance. Crazy thing is, sexy is an additive, not a state of being. You're better off being cute than "sexy" or "hot" if you ask me. If you are considered cute, you are supportive, gentle, cheerful and jolly.

Soliciting money, goods, services, or favours is not allowed. Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. Guys of Reddit, what do you mean when you call a woman "cute"? The general female consensus is that "cute" means like a little sister, like an adorable little kitten rather than fuckable.

Thanks for all the replies! I'll be much less disappointed next time "cute" is mentioned. First off, it in NO way means that the girl isn't fuckable.

There is nothing cute about a personality that is controlling, snotty, or uptight. If someone is merely fuckable, then you immediately just want to have sex with her think of "wham, bam, thank you, mam. Cute is attractive like puppies and babies are.

Secondly, IMO there are three main forms of being attractive: Cute, Beautiful, and Sexy. Cute usually means that you're innocent-looking, possibly round-faced, with a noticeable smile and eyes. Beautiful is usually for a girl who is more sharp-featured and prominent, with a dominant attitude and, in general, smaller breasts than those who could be called cute or sexy.

Sexy, meanwhile, is reserved for source who are natural flirts, show a lot of skin, and carry themselves with an oafish air. Any girl can be one of these things, and some girls can be two, but it takes a special woman to be all three. As usual, it comes down to perception.

But trust me, if a guy says you're cute, it means he'd be completely willing to go further with you. I'm a guy and I completely agree with this. There's definitely more than one kind of attractive. Okay, woman here so, forgive me if I'm asking a silly question, but what if the woman is innocent-looking, but has a dominant attitude?

Or a natural flirt, but with sharp-features? Think about it more as the general impression that the girl puts out. Some women aren't necessarily cute or beautiful, but they do exude sex and would be considered sexy. Other women have a read article statuesque quality and could be beautiful without necessarily being either cute or sexy.

Does He Like You If He Says You're Cute

Others have more pixie-like quality and innocent features that would be more often called cute that beautiful or sexy. Some women combine the features of two or more categories, and will be considered more than one of the descriptors.

What Does It Mean If A Guy Calls You Cutie

These all play a factor in determining their perceived confidence, and in a woman's eyes, attractiveness. You're reading too deeply into this.

What Does It Mean If A Guy Calls You Cutie

I don't think any guy could figure out which label you are just from that description. Plus, you're missing the point: What you have just said would make most girls I know exhale in relief. Many of us worry that guys call us "cute" simply because What Does It Mean If A Guy Calls You Cutie can't think of anything else to describe us, without being insulting. Though saying a guy is funny wouldn't be a bad thing - even less physically attractive men can make a woman laugh and giggle into bed.

I think it's read article laughing makes you feel good? If I call a guy "cute", it probably means he's a bit awkward but but good looking and very dateable. This is exactly how guys use the word. Also, as a fair heads up, guys don't use the word "cute" to describe things they aren't attracted to.

Use of "cute" to describe something that could also be described as "adorable," "small," or just "child-like" results in loss of man-card and all associated rights and privileges. That depends, I guess. My best friends call me "cute", and that's because I'm a tiny person read: That's why a lot of us aspire to be more than "just cute". In comparison, when other girl friends and I say "hot", it's usually jokingly and sarcastic.

When we say "beautiful", that's for trying on elaborate evening gowns.

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In my experience its more like this; "If a girl calls someone "cute" she means not ugly but quite possibly weird in a good way. Cute is the most attractive kind of attractive for me. The sexy and beautiful guys are nice to look and be around, but the cute ones really make me weak at the knees. Gal here and I disagree, but this may just apply to me. I call guys cute because I honestly find them to be just that Cute, for me, is a great thing.

I love cute guys! However, I agree with veggie-dumpling, us girls or me anyway often think when a guy calls us "cute" it's because we're attractive but maybe not their type. I've been called cute all my life, so I find it a bit annoying at times, even if they mean it in the best way possible and not in a "I'm trying to be nice even though I don't like her" way. I personally think being 'cute' isn't bad but it's also not what you want when you like a guy.

It all depends on the person. You should remember there are different types of cute. If a guy is talking about his little sister or pet, then it is the former kind. If he is talking about the hot blond he has been staring at for ten minutes, it's probably the latter type of cute.

For me, cute is the best word to describe girls I find attractive at my age level early twenties. Beautiful sounds to formal and proper. Pretty is too plain a word, it doesn't do the girl justice.

Hot just describes sexyness, rather than overall attractiveness. Cute is just right. If a guy can't think of how to describe a girl without being insulting, What Does It Mean If A Guy Calls You Cutie he has any brains he will just not describe her in terms of attractiveness. He will compliment specific qualities of her, rather than give an overall opinion. Or he will avoid the physical all together and instead focus on complementing her personality or something like that.

Or he will lie But I doubt he will call a girl cute without good reason. You're better off being cute than "sexy" or "hot" if you ask me. All of my last crushes were cute. It's fun looking at a girl who is hot. It's a cute girl you fall in love with. Generally cute goes beyond appearance though. For example, if a girl is mean to people or self-centered, I probably wouldn't consider her cute, but she could still be hot. Some girls though are both cute and hot. Hot girls I will stare at and think how much I wanna ride her then the feeling passes as the novelty wears off.

I wanna spend time with What Does It Mean If A Guy Calls You Cutie etc. I definitely think more about the pretty girls I know than the hot girls I know! Zooey Deschanel is cute.

Heidi Klum is beautiful. Tricia Helfer is sexy. Tricia there looks fucking weird as shit to me. Something about the shape of her head, like its ridiculously small go here something.

Can't put my finger on it but it prevents her from being on my 'sexy' list.

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Well, she exists outside of that photograph, you know. If you don't think she belongs on your 'sexy list' you should watch the first couple of seasons of Battlestar Galactica. Carey Mulligan is cute. Yvette Mimeux is beautiful. Suasan Coffey is sexy.

I would argue that "cute" is the most desirable. These type of women are approachable and, although this may be slightly dark or disturbing, the childish features of "cute" girls tickles the "daddy-dominance" part of our egos. Lusting for the Lolita-complex, if you will.