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You got her number, now what? Going from number to first date – Shakedown Lab

I can't see myself doing any of that Asking a girl in my class for her number if I've never seen her out of class? Nope. Calling a girl, not just texting? Nope. Asking someone out to lunch in what seemed to be a non romantic way? Nope. I'm curious, how did he do these things without coming off weird?. Leaving RIGHT AFTER you get her phone number is what we call, the pre- ejaculate. Sure you got her phone number but that's exactly the point, you ONLY got her phone number. By leaving early, you're basically inferring to the hot girl that you were more interested in getting her phone number than being with her physical. 3 May So last night you met this girl who was beautiful, funny, and engaging. Best of all, you somehow managed to get her number. You've made a connection and your confidence is riding high but where do you go from here? What are you going to text after you get her number? You don't want to seem too clingy.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of You got her number? Originally Posted by WinterFresh. I think you are over-analyzing this. Make some small talk, and then just tell her that she should "join me for X at Y.

What To Text A Girl After You Get Her Number

I find that I can convey my emotions and feelings much better in real life, so I refrain from texting too much unless she initiates. Originally Posted by Xantim. Originally Posted by TaxPayingTongan. I just txtd some slut I went back with last week, her response 'who's this' forevercalzone lol.

What To Do With A Girls Number

Originally Posted by Rockchalk Originally Posted by Tiffany Wantsmore. I totally hear you on this. I hate being on the phone and would rather text or email or IM, anything is preferable than phone conversation.

35 Cute Things to Text After You Get Her Number

Just text asking how their day went or something light. Everyone in RH Chat.

This sounds like a setup in a sitcom where dating advice totally backfires. To understand why, you need to know how the texting teaser operates. Before We Get Started:

Its ok if you can have just a 3 minute conversation; if someone rings up specifically to say something or tell you a plan or whatever, then fine. But just calling to chat about nothing irks me.

Originally Posted by Weekling. Oh god anything but talking!! Call her up and ask her to come out and party with you, or something really simple. The worst thing that she can say is "no".

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Its not the end of the world If shes interested, shell say yes. And also, guide the conversation. Let her do most of the talking Small talk and set up a date. Sometimes force makes up for bad technique. MANY girls hate when guys call unless they're olderbelieve me, i know.

What To Do With A Girls Number

Originally Posted by jamestown If she is not, disregard, and let her contact you. If you got her on fb, start creeping her friends, her younger sister, and mom. Then delete number, and wait for response, if no response move on. Originally Posted by Worthog.

What does the girl has to have? I'm 15, is that "old enough" to actually put some of your methods into action or should I wait until I'm older, such as until I'm 18? Based on how you got her phone number and what you might have talked about will determine which of the texts below would work the best. Ok get ready for I book; I do get laid more than most not more then you guys but better than most.

Originally Posted by twinpeaks Dude, you're just asking for this guy to get a bad reputation. Its about wheeling brah. If your not hitting it, who is? I'll leave you to think about that! Similar Threads Approached a girl, got her number. By jdmchair in forum Relationships and Relationship Help. By hwrestler5 in forum Relationships and Relationship Help. Got a Number, Now What? By kamjah in forum Relationships and Relationship Help. So I got her number Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.