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CS:GO - Match-Making! (EP. 7) w/ Friends - 60fps!

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1 Aug Well if valve doesn't have so much money, they could add an option where people can add their own server? Like in leagues such as esl. That wouldn't mean any cost for valve and better gameplay for players. Go to http://64bitvps. com/csgo/ and suggest it come back to these forums or reddit and get ppl to. 1 Dec Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Starting off: I hate getting bad teams,not like the ones that cant shoot but teams that just dont want to cooperate with the other teammates,I live in Estonia and the worst thing As for matchmaking it is unfair because i mostly get teams that are just so afwul it makes me sick. 9 Mar So, to start off, match making sucks. CSGO Match making is mediocre, and if you defend valve, well, your probably a casual player then. .. i love uso ♥♥♥♥ing bored with every game i get matched with stupid kids that scream in the mic, or they kick u for beeing to good, or for beeing to bad.

Ranking of Fighters Bonus Episode: Here Comes A New Challenger. This rollercoaster ride of a turn-based strategy game starts out almost impossibly strong, but by the end I mostly wished it'd been over three hours earlier. Call of Duty's return to World War II looks great, but feels flat and uninspired from start to finish.

So earlier tonight I had been playing a competitive match. Less than a week ago, a 7 day cooldown finally ended for me and I was psyched to get back into this game. I had to go afk during a game for a couple minutes, and letting my team know, i come back a few minutes later to a message that I had been kicked too many times and that I got a 7 day ban.

Keep in mind, that was my first time EVER to be kicked from a cs go game. So tonight I'm playing, and there is one douchebag on our team. You know the type, runs in front of your scope at T spawn when youre trying to awp, generally being obnoxious. Any way half way through the game he vote kicks me. A few minutes later half time hits, where both teams can communicate, and he vote kicks me again, and it passes.

So i get kicked, and wouldn't you know it, another 7-fucking-day cooldown. I am so livid, I did nothing wrong and I am paying the price for someone else's jackassery.

I know how frustrating it can be for dicks to get you heat you don't deserve, but it To Get Girls To You. If you enjoy the game, you'll still enjoy it a week from now.

I'M SO BAD (CS:GO Matchmaking Fun)

To tell you the truth see what I did there I dunno if I will. It's the third 7 day ban I get in two months the first I'll be honest I killed a teammate at the start of the round, but he deserved it.

But the fact that I got banned like that and there is no way to appeal just left a sour taste in my mouth. Unfortunately, while that is a feature people have requested, I don't believe it has been worked out yet. I agree that a feature like that see more help.

As I said, I'm with you on the frustration. Suspensions that don't feel deserved really hurt. Though, right now is the worst part of it.

Emergency do happens forcing you to leave, a team full of jackasses happens, a server lagging like shit happens. Go see some of the other posts in the discussions and you will see what I mean. We won that match at something likebut if my "friend" had kept off his mic and played like he had before, we would have easily won it with something like

In a few days, you'll not be as mad, and once it's up, you'll probably initially say you don't know if you want to go back at all. For now, maybe you can try to contact the developer and encourage click here on a block list for queuing.

I know you're not the only one pushing for it, and the more people advocating such a measure, the better. Total shot in the dark here, not sure if it works for CS: GO, but I do know it does work in L4D2, so it is worth a try. If you block someone from their Steam profile, they will no longer be able to join your game. Again, I don't know if it works in CS: GO, but they both use Steamworks for matchmaking, I believe.

Why Is Cs Go Matchmaking So Bad

Looking for something to hold me over till Destiny is out haha. They could seriously use a good moderator to at least listen to what's going on.

I retire. I throw in the towel. I am done.

How do you get banned from the game or your whole account? Wouldn't you just be banned from that server? You must be pretty toxic dude. I have around hours in CS: GO and have been kicked at least 10 times TK, douchebags, etc, etc and i have never got anything more then a 30 min ban.

Having friendly fire on in a CS game with randoms seems like a bad idea anyway. Fine if you're playing with friends, but there are too many terrible people in public matchmaking. I don't have to worry about that jackass who shoots all over the place for no good reason.

Why Is Cs Go Matchmaking So Bad

Aren't matchmaking servers often servers external to Valve? So if someone who has a ranked server chooses to ban you or one of their admins doesyou're banned from all of matchmaking or wider?

Surely they require a long-established trend of evidenced misbehavior before automating the enforcement of such a punishment? Oh wow, I didn't even know systems like that were in place. Do they do that for dota? They should really do that for dota In any case, conkercan you get into Casual, Arms Race, or Demolition matches, or can you get into something in the server browser?

You should probably contact Valve Support as well, see if they can't do anything about it. Also, I have seen a lot of people in CS: GO's chat accuse AWP players of using aimbots. If you're really good with that rifle, maybe some people reported you? It's just a thought, maybe a dumb one, but I dunno.

Had no idea there was a server browser in there. Usually I just go to the to competitve matches and it does its magic, then you get the 'ready button'. For those wondering, I am only on 'cooldown' for competitive, ranked play. I can play casual, demolition, arms race, and deathmatch still. Those dont really appeal to me though I wanna be playing good ol CS rules. Dota takes it one step further.

It's a real bad scene down there. Keep going through different servers until you find one you like and stick with it. Going to random servers all the time means you will have to deal with a variety of different communities, and their different attitudes.

There are definitely servers out there that are no bullshit and closely moderated going by my continue reading with tf2, which has a similar server set up.

I can't quite recall how it worked for simplified, but complex should be like any other valve multiplayer game. I don't have it installed currently so I can't give exact directions, but I know its in there somewhere. GO but can't you just run your own server?. This never happened in the old days, Especially if you Why Is Cs Go Matchmaking So Bad your own server.

Introducing social pressures to discourage the use of cheats should reduce cheating drastically. That's something you can't do in League or Dota2. You can literally see your progress in any number of data values over a period of time. Of course minor offences should not be punished by cool down but some people are off the charts when it comes to temperament and behavior and shouldn't be playing games with other people at all.

People still play 1. If so then you can go back to that. I read some about CS: GO and it seems a lot of people think it is the best one. It took years for many to switch from 1. I am surprised everyone jumped on the new game so fast. It took me a long time to get used to Source after 1. I guess it would Why Is Cs Go Matchmaking So Bad the same, hard to go back to Source after GO.

And I am too old now for those games. I was good back in but not so much these days. I know that, I have about hours in dota so I'm aware of the penalties but I feel like maybe locking someone out of the game for 24 hours or something would really discourage just being a huge asshole. When you hit competitive you go through matchmaking, you don't learn more here who you play with or against and you don't pick a server either.

Temporary bans are issued automatically for leaving a game, team killing, being vote kicked by other players etc. Each time increasing the duration. In my experience, automatic bans like this without an appeal process are always more punishing to normal players.

Emergency do happens forcing you to leave, a team full of jackasses happens, a server lagging like shit happens. All those things happen all the fucking time.

8 Problems of Matchmaking & CS:GO : GlobalOffensive

And with click the following article way to block specific players from being matched with you this can be a real problem. Play enough matches and it's not that rare from playing with the same players more than once since you are still matched with players of similar skills. Oh your comment in this context sounded like outside looking in.

Or at least Why Is Cs Go Matchmaking So Bad read it that way. I'm not so sure about blocking matchmaking completely. I ended up in low prio for 24h once because my internet went out 3 games in a row, so if that had been a complete block I'd be pissed. And most people who never get the hint just remain in low priority in perpetuity so we don't have to deal with them anyways. Might as well have been a ban at that point. It's honestly a pretty good system.

I've played CS 1. So lets just say I've invested way too much time into the franchise, so when i finally stopped playing it was a big change. It would more accurately be described as a PUG match, which stands for Pick up game.

PUGS are mainly for fun, not that there is anything wrong with that, and are usually played with players who dont regularly play with eachother.

In my eyes true competitive play is when at least when you have two teams of players matching off who all play regularly together.