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Mike Tyson's "I 'll fuck you till you love me,fagg*t!!"

Her Facebook page (which was always on her screen at work) was riddled with meme after meme that all basically say “I've been with a lot of guys but I'm still an awesome woman Wannabe gyms that literally cut your balls off when you walk in (like Planet Fitness) isn't what I'm talking about. April 19, Calvin Key. 16 Oct Holy mother of keks, he went so far into making it that he reached full circle and ended up being a meme. all the time. now I'm 23 and actual have a social life, life of the party and look pretty damn good and hook up with stacies. some people just are forever stuck here despite not truly being beta anymore. 9 Feb As I was taking out the garbage to my apartment complex trash last year, I saw two enormous suitcases on the ground next to the dumpster. The size was curious to me, so I snapped the latches and opened those bad boys up. The chest-opening song from Zelda played loudly in my head as I gazed upon.

Here's a collection of some of the most popular comments made by TRP moderators, Endorsed Contributors, and users. That said, consider most posts on this sub to have a trigger warning.

Does fit play an important part? I would feel terrible if it happened to me but women are much more affected by rejection. How does that make men feel when a man with great abs and chest walk around his wife or girlfriend exposed; daily? I came here looking for genuine advice not to read about why this makes me a terrible woman. While women might not be talking about this stuff on the internet they sure are out there doing it.

Are you a recovering RedPillian looking for a supportive space to work through it? Don't make a separate thread. Don't vote or comment on links. We do not condone vote brigading. Don't link Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Lovers Key RP blogs. Why are we here? Discussion of rape strategy in a culture increasingly dominated by feminazis and their endless oppression on men.

Also everything is gonna sound all dramatic and shit cuz this is like a huge secret truth and shit. Spend source next six months becoming the alpha as fuck alpha alphaman of alpha manliness you should be. Or, if you don't want to waste 6 whole months when you could be out getting a bunch of sexthings on your alpha cock, you can follow these alternative steps:.

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Locate a suitable sexthing. This can be any female.

Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Lovers Key

I recommend going to a or your city hall to find some. This stage is actually more difficult than it seems, because you have to move a certain distance. As we know, the world has been corrupted by feminism e. You will have to walk through a dangerous feminist area, as all areas are dangerous and feminist, and you might get oppressed.

Talk to the sexthing. Don't use your own words though. This creates conversation, which implies a certain degree of mutual respect. If she talks first, act like you didn't hear her. Use one of the Approved Opening Lines listed in the faq. Take out your phone or other mobile device, and create a post on this subreddit.

Mike Tyson's "I 'll fuck you till you love me,fagg*t!!"

The many enlightened people here who have also taken the blue pill can discuss the situation with you. Do whatever it is you're supposed to do.

Do not start conversation. Do not answer her, unless your strategy explicitly includes it. THIS is why we mock you. Um, only if you're some kind of totalitarian fascist, because in the world the rest of us inhabit, it's not acceptable to even kill kiddy-fiddling Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Lovers Key, let alone people who just have a different opinion to you.

These guys can fuck right off with their "poor me wah wah women won't sleep with me" bullshit. No one is entitled to sex and women are not things. These fuckers should be on a watch list for even admiring monsters like Rodger and Lepine from a distance. They are just one step away from murdering a bunch of people because a woman wouldn't touch their penis.

Imagine if here behaved this way. I have female friends who have trouble see more and finding relationships, and they don't fucking act like this.

People always say that feminists hate men and I would always counter that they don't. I don't hate men. I'm terrified of them, because of stuff like this. You can never tell the genuine good ones from the fucking Incels, "nice guys" and MRAs. If I didn't love my husband I would go live on a lesbian commune. Who's using "I'm interested in validating murder because I have trouble getting laid. Sounds like you need to take some time out from the sub.

It gets to you. I can only stomach it for a few days at a time, and I'm a guy. I can't even begin to imagine what it must do to a woman's mindset.

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Just remember that incels and redpillers and niceguys are not the norm. They're a small, loud, but ultimately shitty minority of thathappened material. I remind myself of this every time I feel myself going insane from spending too much time in this sub. A lot of men are slightly or even significantly misogynistic, but few are so far gone that they are full-on into this extremist crap.

You'd have trouble finding one in real life, but on the internet they can all group together and seem like a much larger, scarier group. I'm a bot, bleepbloop.

Someone has linked to this thread from another place on Short Man And Woman. If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. Even worse to see dudes like this guy defending Elliot Rodgers and going as Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Lovers Key to say women are the bad ones: Eh, you only see the assholes because they're the ones you always find in your face, reeking of cheap aftershave and desperation.

The pathetically awkward redpillers trying to neg you and grab your hand; the nice guy who constantly texts you and gets freaky if you don't text him back. Yeah, a lot of guys are dicks, but there's a lot who aren't. Don't let hanging out in here bleed into your mind and your perception of people. It can get too much for some people - I have to take time out link, and I'm a guy - because it can make you despair that these people not only exist, but that there are enough of them to create these horrible echo chambers on the internet.

I think even the most ardent radical feminist would probably be okay with a guy saying that we're not all redpillers or incels.

Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Lovers Key

If you're getting upset at that, you're probably in the wrong sub. We're pretty much on the same side here. Jesus, people, and you click why feminism has so few male allies?

I'm not about to become a meninist by any stretch, but this experience has really opened my eyes as to why we get called reactionary by our opponents. I had to Google what you were talking about.

If you're upset by a man saying that not all men are Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Lovers Key redpillers or incels, then you're probably not going to enjoy this sub. Read what he's saying again. He's not saying not all men are redpillers or incels, he's saying that women shouldn't be cautious about men behaving that way because not all men behave that way--even though enough men behave that way to make it dangerous for women.

It's me you're talking about, and what I was saying that this sub can poison you into seeing redpill and incel behaviours everywhere, and it can make you feel down on humanity in general. There are even mod posts on this very subject, so I'm not saying anything controversial or out of line here. All I said was that it might be an idea to back out of TBP for a while because terpers and incel nice guys are obvious and in your face and there is a real danger that you see horrific douches like these everywhere.

There are plenty of men who are dicks, but overexposure to redpillers and incels can make it hard to see this clearly. By the same logic can't you justify islamophobia by saying enough of them have think or behave that way to make it dangerous for our society.

Being completely honest is going to be the hard part though. Another thing that jumps out from your comments is what looks like a real prioritizing of penis in vagina sex, which always tends to favor the penis regardless of size. Here are my posts, ordered from the most popular to the least popular all my tweets can be seen here - https: This is why you're incel, gentlemen. See more comics and listen to the podcast that inspired it at WhatShouldWeDraw.

No, it's a bigger problem that male-bodied people victimize women at an alarming rate and our societal structure allows women to be objectified with impunity. You're right that some women behave in a way that objectifies men, but it's not many. In comparison, the amount of women who have to deal with men behaving poorly--and not just the "assholes reeking of cheap aftershave", the "pathetically awkward", or the "nice guy who constantly texts you"--is off the charts.

But this whole thread is in relation to redpill and incels, not the problems women face from men in general. Seriously, this is like walking into a group of people saying that not all Germans are Nazis and then getting upset that they dare differentiate themselves. This discussion is about some extreme abusive shit; manbabies who worship Elliot Rodgers and think it's acceptle to kill feminists; people who openly advocate date rape and spousal abuse.

That we are even mocking these assholes in this forum lifts us above that level of shit, even if we are still shit. I'm sure a lot of Germans are assholes, but I think we need to say "fair enough" when they complain about being compared to Nazis. You're missing the point by a mile. I'm trying to get this back onto the original topic, which you've derailed to have a slightly inappropriate 'not all men' rant.

Yes, the click here above in this thread is a dick, and I am not defending anything that he says, nor have I said anywhere that 'women do this too' - you're maybe mixing up the people you're replying to here - but this whole thread started with one woman saying that she was experiencing TBP burnout, which is a thing.

All I said in that answer was to take some time Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Lovers Key and don't lose faith in humanity because of this sub, because not all men are terpers and incels.

I'm not defending misogyny, I'm not asking us to be excused for the omnipresent threat of male aggression or the constant objectification of women's bodies and lives. I'm just saying that we're not all manosphere assholes. And I think that's fair enough. I didn't decide to hijack the thread, you did when you saw "Men act like assholes to women, imagine if women acted this way" and your first response was to dismiss her concern as by saying "well it's not all men it's only certain kinds of men!

You're leaping to conclusions over a fairly regular conversation that happens in this sub. A conversation about the toxic extremes learn more here, NOT about men in general.

The point is that "not all men" derails the conversation. Nobody is saying "yes all men. I don't feel safe. There are enough men that feel this way continue reading make me concerned for my safety. That is ignoring the point that enough men are like this to be frightening, and it recenters the conversation from women onto you.

Don't use the words 'not all men'. Some people can't think beyond buzzwords.