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I think Meg is just at Harry's level; it's not like Harry has anything other than a title keeping him from the breadline. I think that in this case, he might've been set up. In the eyes of the establishment, all that talk had to stop Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Tumblr he was overshadowing the heir, Wills. Now she makes Harry seem like the unstable party prince who goes around hooking up with cheap actresses and models and who also flies to the States and Canada to conduct in dirty weekends of sex, drugs and the like.

The royal family's protected by the security services who definitely know what Meghan's about and all her dirty deeds prior to meeting Harry and yet she's allowed to be seen as a serious future wife of Harry. IMO, she was used just to keep the public off of Harry being seen as a future king. Anyway, the palace goes along with the crap and in doing so, smacks Harry back down to size and elevates Wills back to be seen as the future king.

Comments aren't as mean to Wills as they are to Harry now for getting mixed up with Meghan.

Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Tumblr

Imo, this is the final straw for any stability or trust in the House of Windsor and the continued erosion of the royal family because instead of dealing with the weakness link being Wills and Waity, the continue to take a gamble and throw Harry under the bus to deflect from Wills. Yet the one messing up with the Z-list actress was Harry himself, not William.

This time it' s only Harry' s fault in my opinion. All I know is that Harry had to be knocked down a peg because people were viewing him as better king material than Wills. If the palace wanted to keep Meghan out of the press they could have regardless of her bs.

IMO, the security services would've done a background check on her and would've known what a bad deal she was. IMO, if people believe harry to be a waster party boy, then you should also believe that he's gotten into far difficult fixes than an aging D list American actress trying to use him for her own sake.

Looking back now, even with the tour looming, all the palace had to do was to make sure she realized that if she doesn't back off and not press for anything from Harry, her dirty link will be known to the world. She would've backed off because she guards her fake image more than anything, imo.

The royal family is quite desperate because the public opinion of them isn't good, save for the queen. This strategy was definitely the stupid way to go though. I was set up! Or was it Pinocchio? I'm a real boy!

Charles has an unreliable future heir in Wills and another son he feels he can use to manipulate the public or to use his weaknesses to his own advantage. There's no real stability after the queen because Charles dropped the ball way back in that whole Diana mess and how horrible she was treated. Things went downhill in how Wills got away with things and Harry was left to constantly take the fall for him.

The Windsors aren't known for marrying well. Edward is the exception. Why should Harry be any different? If it was a set up - it was a set up on MM's part - to get pr etc. And frankly even if the RF wanted to knock Harry down a peg or two - Harry had to choose to be with MM and conduct a clandestine affair with her - which he did! Reckless - immature - chasing after celebs models etc. He set himself up this time - no excuses. Bet he has learned a lesson - he got rid of all the models actresses from his IG - smartening up!

I think the Windsor's take a long time to mature - so their second marriages seem to be better. Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Tumblr waited a long time to marry so he got it right the first time. HM got it right the first time - maybe some thought PP was inappropriate but he turned out to be fine! Why bring him down?


Especially since his eldest is so hellbent in trolling him in public? I promise, I'm not antagonizing anyone here. He's not exactly gunning for "Dad of the Year," is he? True, unlike those listed, he's the only one who had to go out and face the music; to own up to his mistakes.

Also, he's very much like Diana who shows her emotions and really connects with the public. In other words, he's different than the others, imo, as he seems more Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Tumblr and in touch with the real world so to speak.

I think if he were like the others, he would've married Cressida as she's part of the set and would accept if he wanted to have affairs and do nothing like Wills is most likely doing. To have Harry praised as the next king would be seen as Wills being unfit as heir as well as Charles not having his family in order, imo. This effects Charles reign in a big way as there's instability in the ranks.

I hope this makes sense. I think part of the problem is that they isolated themselves from the European royal families.

They might have been able to make good marriages if they got out more. The Queen and Princess Beatrix ex Queen are close. More info would stay at Windsor when she was visiting her son in hospital together with Princess Mabel. The Greek Royal family is close to the British royals.

Print Page - Prince Harry is dating Meghan Markle VII

Crown Princess Mary was there at Ascot and she and Fred are sometimes at Wimbledon and pay visits to the British royals. Sophia of Spain is often in London and, like her brother, she is also close to the Queen, Philip and Charles. Juan Carlos of Spain calls the Queen Lilibet. Prince Philip and Charles keep in touch with the German side of the family, descendants of Philip's sisters.

Edward and Sophie have been to several weddings and christenings of royals in Scandinavia and Europe, and Edward is godfather to one of the children. That doesn't sound like isolation to me. Will Kate and Harry though are not close to the continental royals - Victoria and William are both god parents to some body's kid and when she was asked at the W and K wedding if she was close to Will she said the only time she had met him was at this christening and she hardly knew him.

She ignored Felipe, and snubbed Carl Gustav at the Olympics. Whinging and Komplaining have zero rapport with other royals.

Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Tumblr

All of Mehgan's press Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Tumblr didn't get viwers to tune into the show. Whatever the case may be with this situation, a setup or the palace pr is just letting the craziness go on to cover for Wills, article source makes Harry look like damaged goods.

Yes, he's great when he's working and connecting with the public but it still looks like he's partying and hooking up with unsavory types to the casual viewer and the royal family only attracts users and hanger on, not secent women who'd bring something to the firm. I used to watch the show but the writing went downhill after the first seasons. Their wacky schedule didn't help, either. And it's bad when even GAF can't give you a break.

I wonder if Harry is in the stages of mental illness, like a manic episode, and now Meg is along for the ride and full advantage. Nothing to do with age, race, profession etc, and all to do with her having a truly immense ego and being a drama queen. Sophia of Spain is often in London and, like her brother, she is also close to the Queen, Philip and Charles.

He's practically two steps away from being a meme. Yeah I fail to see how the royals are going to boost a shows ratings - Harry Will etc are not exactly high on the popular famous people list. The show's boring and if they signed season 7 - they made a huge mistake.

This has nothing to do with Meghan's pap walks. Weren't the rumors that she's been pushing for a food show but no one wants to sign her for it Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle details her dream bachelorette party in Greece in resurfaced website post See more. Before it was revealed that the two were dating, the year-old Suits star penned a blog post about the dream bachelorette vacation she planned as her friend Lindsey's maid of honor.


DM really have nothing to write about with this romance just wait it out until a next date night pic story come out save it V day. A few interesting things are in the article; Her friend Lindsey spent half her time in London and Meghan was Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Tumblr maid of honor at the wedding a month later in NYC. This gave her reason to be in London during the summer. She also doesn't have any bracelets on. The comments continue to be scathing towards her. She had an ok career prior to all of this and date I say, a good image because she wasn't scrutinized that much.

Now she's seen for what she really is and that's going to effect her pocketbook big time. She going down imo with nothing to really show for all of her scheming and using Harry.

Karma's a real b indeed. But yeah they will be writing fan fiction for V Day - Harry should make it clear he is doing something else on V Day - Emily A just click for source they'd be skiing for V Day - a romantic trip to Verbier - LOL Agree Windsor - a lot of money was spent on this pr campaign and she has very little to show for it - so it is hard fpor her pr company to recoup what they spent.

Meg doesn't have parents who can buy a prince for her and second, she doesn't have the help of the British press. She also doesn't have the sheen of a university degree and having gone to a Britt Bachelor 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Tumblr university. I think that while William is more cold and calculating, Harry is more prone to acts based on emotion and that is what makes him kind of dangerous, but not in an exciting way.

As a boy, a temperamental character might be cute and funny, but in a man, it makes them dangerous. Harry strikes me as the kind of man that will lash out and regret it.

Weren't the rumors that she's been pushing for a food show but no one wants to sign her for it Their respective denominations would not allow them to marry outside that denomination. I think media and public are despoerate for any type of news. He is attracted to the glitter and the vaunted promise of a glorious renewal and some kind of star crossed love to be overcome.

I do think Harry has been riding high and the "Good King Harry" thing has gone to his head and now he's crashing to earth. Lets not underestimate how euphoric he might have felt, being the 'good prince' for the first time in his life and frankly it probably went to his head like cocaine and he has been on a major high. Then he got together with Meg, thinking that she was high class and good clean fun and now he's crashed WAY below the earth's crust.

Now he's worse off than before and now at this point in time he's likely bewildered at where the good press went. Maybe he thought people would be more accepting, that the black and woman cards would work.

No, most people don't care what the color of someone's skin is, they care about behavior.