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Holland Roden and Colton Haynes- Perfect Two

Most likely connection I thought of. So far, all I've seen Jeff do is promote Jackson and Lydia, he makes sure to use their character's name whenever he refers to Colton and Holland as a couple. .. do you think the "coltonhaynesinfo" tumblr blog is legit? they claim hes gay and have posted unseen pics with jerreth . Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today. colton haynes gifs - when someone says something that you think is incredibly stupid colton haynes tumblr gif - Buscar con Google .. funny family Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien TW colton haynes Holland Roden tyler hoechlin Tyler Posey Crystal Reed season finale Sterek dylan o brien dylan obrien teen wolf cast hobrien.

So when we left off, Colton said he was friends with Rahm Emanuel?! God knows there have always been rumors about Rahm's sexuality and do we think Colton met him because Rahm used to hire him? Also, I'm not really tumblr savvy and the whole place kinda scares me but apparently Jeff Davis tried to get involved and decided to leave because of "arguments" about Colton's sexuality?

Colton Haynes And Holland Roden Hookup Tumblr

Anyone that actually understands that place and could give me a recap would be appreciated. Regardless of whether or not that rumor is true, the idea that the only people who pay for sex are people who "have to" is extremely naive.

Holland & Colton

I love the thread Colton Haynes And Holland Roden Hookup Tumblr because you know that's how he's going to play it. I don't understand tumblr either. Does anyone know if Jeff has made any comments about Colton's sexuality?

I can see Jeff not doing anything to "out" Colton but I hope Jeff wouldn't encourage him to beard. So far, all I've seen Jeff do is promote Jackson and Lydia, he makes sure to use their character's name whenever he refers to Colton and Holland as a couple. I wonder what Jeff Davis is doing about Colton whether he makes him Closeted. I can assure you Jeff Davis has nothing to do with Colton's decision this web page not be out R5.

That is a decision Colton and his handlers made, the only other source of pressure could come from executives at MTV. Anyway, The one time Jeff has come close to commenting on it is the interview he did with the guys at Weho Confidential. I'll hire whoever is right for the role and whoever is easy to work with.

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I empathize with gay actors in the business. Despite this town being in part run by gay men and women it is incredibly and disturbingly homophobic.

It frustrates me to know that gay actors have been terrorized into the closet by agents, managers and executives who have convinced them that they won't get roles if the public knows their sexuality. But then I start to wonder myself how the audiences would react if a "leading man" were to come out. Would they accept him as a romantic lead knowing he's gay in real life? But I go here know I'm hoping someone will try.

R7, I can see Colton's people pressuring him Colton Haynes And Holland Roden Hookup Tumblr "keep it quiet" since he's new to the game. He has to know how much support he'll get if he just wears the fancy silver slippers with pride once again. I've said this before,YES!

Now you see a more chiseled cheekbone, but you also see sad eyes and the pain of the ghosts that continue to haunt him. He responds to media questions. The infamous radio interview where he talked about dating girls from "Pretty Little Liars" and now only dating country girls. Do we think he like ls muscle guys, daddy types, fellow male ingenues, brainy nerds, twinks or latin men in tight black pants? Of course season one would be about Colton either getting a girlfriend or trying to hook up with multiple women, so it would be a disaster!

Now, we wouldn't believe Clay A in a straight lead click but then, we don't accept half the crap that hollywood tries to sell, so why not, lol! We straight females the ones that buy gay porn and keep the MM book industry going. We'll support our guys no matter what they do. They way Colton keeps closeting himself in interviews and on twitter is sad. Look for him to beard soon.

Couple relationship

He's not coming out anytime in the near future. He's playing up the romance between him and Holland on twitter. Yeah Colton's constant closeting of himself is obnoxious and sends a horrible message to his "teen fans" he claims to care so much about.

Like it's okay to be a gay model with a boyfriend, but the moment you become a supporting player on a cable show, you must closet yourself and pretend to date your female co-star, and pine after female movie stars. Shouldn't gay Colton Haynes And Holland Roden Hookup Tumblr start boycotting closet-cases? Or, is that sort of principled thing to do difficult because Colton is attractive I don't agree with Colton's actions, but Jeff Davis gave Colton's justification pretty plainly, that is the way the industry works.

Actors are still under a lot of pressure to not be out, that is especially true while they are still establishing themselves. Be mad at Colton sure, but he isn't bearding and he has never denied being gay. That is some small amount of integrity that not every actor has. Hell just look at his partner in management Chace Crawford who has bearded and denounced gay rumors. I don't think the rising generation would have any problem accepting a gay actor in a straight romantic role, so the future should be easier for continue reading guys.

Yes, he's never denied being gay, and yes he isn't going to red carpets with some girl on his arm claiming to be his new girlfriend. BUT, he IS playing the game, and giving stupid interviews and twittering about girls he likes and wants to date and showmancing with his co-star Holland. Yes, he isn't denouncing his modeling past, but he IS having a lawyer try to destroy the images on the internet.

Yes he hasn't said the obnoxious words, "I'm straight" like so many others who later come out anyway but he has said he click country girls instead of city girls.

Its like part of me feels his pain, but the other part of me wants him to totally fail since he closeting himself to such a degree. But will he understand that it's a boycott due to him being in the closet or will he just think fans abandoned him for being gay?

I can't believe they don't want to Colton Haynes And Holland Roden Hookup Tumblr if Colton got busy with Dr. I see Colton pulling a K-Stew because he doen't seem comfortable in the closet even though he's taking advantage of the showmance.

I listened to the interview he did with Ryan. Ryan said he was sweating really bad.

Colton Haynes And Holland Roden Hookup Tumblr

I've seen him sweat and struggle for straight answers in one of those teenybopper interviews before too. Try as he might, I don't think he'll be able to keep the act up for much longer. He responds to media questions. What choice does he have? And he is definitely not "showmancing" with Source. It's clear to all they are just buds.

He said he dates country girls because he probably did date them in his youth. Which is why he deleted the pic of his fancy silver shoes that he was so obviously in lurve with, lol. For Colton's media questions, who have to tiptoe around the "gay thing" and ask the stupid questions anyway.

For Colton's pictures of him and a guy making out, which are here be destroyed and never spoken of.

He tweeted a pic of the sparkly shoes up close, then took it down and deleted the pic. What other reason other than it was too gay? Why delete the pic?

Teasing like the thing with the slippers is overall harmless. I like him for now. It really sounds like him. I know people write in the Teen Wolf thread too, but one would think his thread would get some action.

Fredericks of Hollywood asked him to take the pic down. They thought he was out when they sent the slippers over. Careers are supposed to rise and last. Hollywood is a homophobic place because it's like anything else profit oriented and nobody wants to risk the maximum success of a project because of casting an openly gay actor as lead or let an actor come out right around the release of the movie or TV show. The fear of ruining your career by coming out keeps a lot of actors obedient and willing to pay all those high fees to their agents and other handlers who make them believe that this is the only way a gay actor can have a career and said actor should be thankful to have such an agent and handlers who act in his interest.

Here is the truth. Colton Haynes is nothing. Nobody outside the Teen wolf fandom fraus care about him. He's 24, been int he business for over 5 years now and NEVER had a movie role even though his other less experienced co-stars, have all gotten great film roles. Hollywood doesn't care about him please click for source whether he is closeted.

They turned him down for roles in Twilight and The Hunger Games, even as he pretends to be straight. Perhaps that feeds his fear of coming out? It is not easy and actually sometimes hard to decide, choose what to say and or do especially when it comes to your career no matter if its as an actor or lawyer or waitress etc.

We live in a heterosexual majority world and we LGBT are still the minority. There is power in numbers and if more people came out then we would be more visible and accepted by the mainstream majority. I praise Anderson Cooper for finally coming out. I'm still upset at Dana Owens aka Queen Latifah for not declaring she is a lesbian. It is his representation that is holding him back, of course for financial reasons. Agent sManager and his personal publicist.

He is a pretty face and body but his acting needs major work, that is why he didn't get Twilight and Hunger Games not because he is a gay in the Colton Haynes And Holland Roden Hookup Tumblr. Obviously Colton has no real national profile right now, anyone who is posting on this thread is familiar with what his resume has on it.

But, Colton has been cast as a regular in three different shows. That is fairly impressive. The regular paycheck and scripts from even working scale for a season of a show beats doing a minor role in a crappy movie both financially and artistically.

Frankly I don't ever see big hollywood movies starring Colton Haynes in his future, but hey, you never know. If he's aware that his pretty face and body is his primary only? Colton wears as much makeup as Zak. He is not naturally so pretty. Any guy with a tube of mascara and some foundation can Colton Haynes And Holland Roden Hookup Tumblr off this look. I don't get why he's still in the closet?

So what is he scared about? Just saw him on the cover of some magazine at the supermarket with a "Young Hollywood" caption. You are going to be so bitter. R34, um yes, he is naturally pretty Everyone in Hollywood wears makeup some more than others.