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Can a senior girl date a freshman boy? | Yahoo Answers

If you define hook up as having sex the answer is yes. They could be arrested for statatory rape. Well, you have to think: Is he going to try to hook up with you to look "cool" among his peers? That's a big possibility, and you should really try to consider it. However, if it's not like that, a few years isn't too bad. Just be sure to be happy, and that's really all that matters. Aaaaah the naive Freshmen. Freshmen are young newcomers who the Seniors can take advantage of. I know you claim he's "not like that" but you've only known him a few days. Sometimes guys will lie straight to your face and tell you what you want to here just to hook up with you. Who knows? Maybe the.

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Senior wants to hookup but I'm a freshmen!!!!!!!?

Freshman Hookup A Senior Yahoo Answers

Ok so last weekend I ran into these 3 guys and I found out they were seniors. I told them I was a freshmen but they didn't seem to care. After we talked I went back home and he texted me asking if I wanted to hook up and i don't know if i should After we talked I went back home and he texted me asking if I wanted to hook up and i don't know if i should because some girls at my school know of him an I don't want to have a reputation.

I mean, for crying out loud, my parents had a age difference of 5 years. He would be dead meat and you would be grounded until you were at least 18 yourself. Nothing wrong with a four year difference. I don't know what to tell you, just that find out if he really likes you and will respect you and won't be like one of those guys who lets the whole "I'm dating someone older" get to their heads here it's just an ego booster.

I have hooked up with guys before so I'm not worried about being inexperienced but I'm just not quite sure if I should do it…. Are you sure you want to here this answer? Or you can say that you think he's handsome but you're only interested in a relationship, not being someone's hookup. The truth is, even if he was interested in that possibility - he's graduating in 9 months and you still have 3 years and 9 months to go.

It would most likely end in heartbreak for you.

Freshman Hookup A Senior Yahoo Answers

In general, if you're concerned about a bad reputation if people found out you did something, then you shouldn't do it. You aren't a freshMEN. You are a freshMAN. You don't want to do "it. How to order contacts online? Related Questions First kiss. I'm a freshman he's a senior.?

I'm a freshman he's a senior? I can't tell if this older guy likes me or just wants to hookup?

You could get him in a lot of trouble. Other people are going to say it's "wrong" and stuff like that, but there's really nothing wrong with it. Keep in mind your morals,goals, have your cell phone charged just in case and have a good time! I'm a freshmen and I'm in love with a senior!!! If you define hook up as having sex the answer is yes.

I'm really scared please help? I was drunk and told a guy that I wanted to have sex, now I'm scared he thinks I'm a slut.

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