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Family Planning Boards. Getting pregnant can be the easiest or most frustrating event in your life. When you're trying to conceive, timing is everything. Perfect eggs and flawless sperm are useless if they don't hook up at the opportune moment. To make that happen, you need to have intercourse within 24 hours of ovulation. An option, is that all you want to be? By participating, you've reinforced the culture and set expectations for yourself and for the guys in your life. As we talk to women we find they often take part in hooking up because they think it is the only way to meet guys. And though they hook up often, they are hoping that it will lead to a. Only go to an accredited school becauce it will be difficult to get a job; unless you have a "hook up". I consider it a very unique profession that . Mauve in Ocala, Florida said: Hello, Please let me know if male echo tech or male DMS tech are in disadvantage when applying ultrasound jobs?? I had a BS.

The problems for everyone lie in how to connect three or more devices to an ultrasound that has only one video output. With a little understanding, it becomes less daunting. The most common setup has three devices: And in order to Finalize the DVD, you must follow-on screen menus that can only be viewed on an external monitor.

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This device is called a Video Converter. This is addressed below. S-Video used to be the most common and easy setup. Few have HDMI, but it will be common soon enough. Below I outline different setups with these 4 video outputs. At one time, S-Video was the easy and most common configuration. This has become one of the most common configurations, and also the most problematic.

I will not recommend a particular type or brand because availability changes often, and I cannot guarantee any single converter will work with your setup. DO NOT, buy a converter cable. You must purchase a powered converter box. I cannot promise it will work for you. The same converter will be found under different brand names, but the picture on the left will show you the product.

How Early Can You Do A Hookup Ultrasound

To use this with your ultrasound machine: Note to Voluson i users. When you follow this configuration, it will not initially work for you. This is a fairly straightforward connection, and a converter may not be necessary. Be careful of a setup that could degrade the video quality from your ultrasound machine. If you must do this, try to place the video converter somewhere halfway along the chain.

A powered converter should boost the signal and limit the video degradation. Read article is a list of the video quality from low-to-high.

Some DVD-Recorders will try and upgrade that video signal, as well.

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Some ultrasound machines output strange resolutions that confuse a video converter, DVD-Recorder, or monitor. You may need to make adjustments to the resolution on your monitor or converter in order to accept whatever resolution your ultrasound produces. This is one part of a multipart series on 4D ultrasound machines setup and usage. Here are links to the remaining articles:. Common 4D Imaging Problems and Mistakes.

Advanced 4D Ultrasound Imaging Training. Providian offers a unique opportunity to Rent ultrasound equipment reviewed and tested from our leading Ultrasound Machine Expert, Brian Gill.

All content is user created. Some think they help avoid the confusion and potential emotional pain that comes with real relationships. Typically you source use a Sony or Panasonic Medical grade DVD-Recorder that can be installed on the system and controlled through the keyboard. We have Rad tech schools, but no Sonographer schools - Was this comment helpful?

The video output will duplicate whatever you see on-screen. Hi Brian, thanks for the info! One of our machine is a Voluson I. Can you offer a suggestion?

9 Signs He ONLY Wants to Hook Up

Which machine are you using? Maybe I can help. I have the chison q9 i want to save sound to the usb or DVD. Hi Jilliann, I do not think that the Chison Q9 nor other portable ultrasound machines have an audio output for the Doppler. Typically you would use a Sony or Panasonic Medical grade DVD-Recorder that can be check this out on the system and controlled through the keyboard.

Can you connect Ultrasound straight to flatscreen? I have a Chison Sonobook9. Hello Lorrie, Yes, you can connect it directly to the flatscreen. This is a separate option that you would need to order specially. When you have this connector, you can attach the cable directly to your flatscreen. I purchased the Sonodock device. I am wanting to show to families on their TV when I do the portable elective 4D baby.

So is this the best way to accomplish this with a HDMI cable? Or is there a wireless option?

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Hi Lorrie, yes you can connect it directly to the monitor with the cable. There is no wireless option for the video output. I have a voluson e6 and have purchased a Sony DVD mc6 recorder to attach to source to record 4d ultrasound.

I can not figure out how to get it connected. I would try connecting directly to your monitor, then setting the correct input on the monitor. This would tell you if the ultrasound is providing proper video output, and would also tell you that the problem is with the DVD-Recorder or some converter that you may have. I have the ultrasound machine connecting to a flat screen. Hi Dawn, Can you connect the flatscreen directly to the machine and have it recognize the input?

How Early Can You Do A Hookup Ultrasound

Contact us or call us today Toll Free: Subscribe via Email Name. Just join the class, what about connecting B Mode to Tv Or monitor. Can i record sound from usg machine? Hi do you have any idea what video capture device or recorder can i use for IE Hello, how can I make recorder videos using the epiq machine????