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We're told not to hit on girls at the gym cause we don't won't to be the creeper. Most girls just want to workout. If you want to proceed, just ask. 17 Oct If you're looking for someone who shares your same get-healthy interests, the gym seems like a great place to meet a potential date. But wait—most of the time you like to be left alone when you're working out, so you probably shouldn't approach the guy next to you in the weight room, right? Actually, you. Looking to find love and get fit while you're at it? Here are 8 things to keep in mind if you're looking to find a potential partner at the gym.

How do I approach a guy at the gym?


I 20f met a guy ? I usually keep to myself but he was taking really long breaks at the squat rack and playing with his phone, so I asked how many sets he had left. He was extremely nice about it and told me to work in and helped set up everything for my height.

He usually lifts with his friend so it's hard to talk to him alone.

I would but I've been injured for a while so I can't do much other than some bike and stretching, sometimes abs. Engage him in small talk -- nothing too involved. He usually lifts with his friend so it's hard to talk to him alone.

Should I approach him? We're told not to hit on girls at the gym cause we don't won't to be the creeper. Most girls just want to workout. If you want to proceed, just ask. So right there, every askwomen thread on this: We are sweaty and gross, and trying to work out. I do not want to be hit on at the gym at all. I agree with everyone else, the ball is in your court, and you will have to make the first move.

How To Approach A Guy At The Gym

If a reasonably attractive girl was like "you're cute and seem nice, would you like to grab coffee? Even if he says no, it's very low pressure and it won't be awkward afterwards unless he's weird. I wouldn't expect a girl at the gym to wear makeup or anything fancy.

If you workout with yoga pants he's probably checked out your ass many times. Maybe I'm just socially awkward, but the "cute and nice" prefix would totally stress me out.

What to Do About Your Gym Crush

Better make it absolutely casual, or maybe let "nice" suffice. I don't think I am attractive, hence why this is difficult for me. I do not have the confidence to do so. Then you can close this thread now. He will definitely not approach you at the gym, like the others said too. If he's never alone you could watch out and catch him when he goes to his car. Say hi and ask if he'd like to help you with training moves tomorrow or later.

Is it like, guys usually don't approach, but if she is really attractive, he might try and go for it anyway? Maybe one more thing: If she's really attractive it could be that he's scared and won't approach at all.

There are huge successful men with low self esteem who think that some women stand far above them. As others have said, guys often want to approach women at the gym but whenever they ask for advice what they get told is to never do it.

Right now you're just being friendly to each other, you need to let him know it's OK to take it further. You are ignoring my point and disturb yourself with useless thoughts. Stop that this is an order. So the worst thing that could How To Approach A Guy At The Gym is that he shows no interest.

He won't humilate you. Even if you would ask while his friends are present nothing bad could happen. When you're gone they will comment, of course, but that won't influence his decision. Keep in mind that there are 3 billion man. They all like the waist hip ratio of 1. Do women like black hair? I think men have lower standards for what is attractive, so even if you don't find yourself attractive, there is a good chance the guy will.

You are probably more attractive than you realize. We're all tougher on ourselves than we should be. If you're going for maxes, you'll probably need more. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking long breaks at the squat rack. Now if someone doing this is unwilling to work in, then they are an asshole, but you'll find that 9 times out of 10 these people have no problems at all sharing the space.

That's really the only good answer. Now you've worried me that How To Approach A Guy At The Gym people actually feel that way. For the record, I enjoy powerlifting and have been known to be on the squat rack for 30 minutes, but I always let folks work in.

How To Hit On People At The Gym

read article And they also know they are taking a relatively longer time too so they shouldn't ever mind having people work in.

Gave him a stink eye too but then he told me to work in, so I don't know anymore. People who voluntarily offer to let you work in without you even saying anything are the Good Guy Gregs of the gym A. Good Gym Guy Greg, A. I say go for it, tiger. And go from there with a normal conversation. If he is not spotting his friend you could ask him if he wants to exchange numbers or workout with you. They take really long breaks between their sets too and do jaw day every time.

I've been looking for an opening but it's so hard to find a good time. Lol his friend isn't going to get in your way, if anything the friend would be happy that you are talking to this person of interest.

Seriously, I guarantee the friend steps away if your guy seems even remotely interested. That's what a good bro does.

We're all tougher on ourselves than we should be. Men ask for spotters all the time, so it's no big deal. Do you wish to be as muscular as him or do you think you need more to be attractive? So right there, every askwomen thread on this:

Approach this guy right when this guys friend is starting his set. That way, his friend is preoccupied for a few seconds and this gives you about seconds to seal the deal without an audience. That or even just ask him link show you how to do an exercise or something that causes him to pull away. It's corny but would work. Get asked stuff like what you said all the time and help set up weights by girls at the gym and really couldn't tell if i was hit on or not.

Might want to just ask what he does after the gym so he doesn't think you just want How To Approach A Guy At The Gym be one of those people to make small talk with while working out. I don't usually approach girls at the gym unless they are very obviously into me.

The gym is my time and I assume for everyone else it is the same. People should feel safe at the gym to better themselves without judgment of their looks. I am going to assume you are good looking and go to the gym regularly.

In that case you are just going to have to be a little more overt. Look at him and when he looks back smile and don't break eye contact for a couple seconds.

Then shyly look away. Unless he is completely daft or simply uninterested he will get the message. It seems like the general idea on reddit is, if she's not fat she must be pretty.

I'm not fat, but my bare face is not that pretty.

How To Approach A Guy At The Gym

My wife says the same thing, but honestly I think she's gorgeous with or without makeup. In my experience very few women look as bad without makeup as they think they do people tend to be their own worst critics. If you're anything like my girlfriend, saying you aren't pretty without makeup is code for hot dayum I want a piece of that.

What I'm saying is, you're probably being too hard on yourself and you should just ask him out. It's the gym, your not expected to be uber pretty, just relaxed, comfortable and working out. Based on the other stuff you mentioned, YES!

While he might already have a partner. It is always acceptable for a woman to ask the guy out - it is so freaking rare that no one will get bent about it "Holy Cow! Article source asked me out! I am in the opposite situation: Where do How To Approach A Guy At The Gym sign up for these classes? P Joking, but it's always nice to see people other than musclebound guys in the gym because I'm most certainly not.

I go to 24 Hour Fitness. Until my favorite teacher graduated, I continued to go to Zumba classes at the campus that I had graduated from. Also, the oldest student was less than half my age. Look at the sample people when you flip to a different class at the Les Mills site to get an idea of the gender ratio. Quite rare in the 24 Hour Fitness clubs, the only one within about 20 miles of where I live is offered once per week.

Before they cancelled it, the belly dancing class was definitely in the "it is all women if neither I nor the teacher's boyfriend show up". Despite seeming to be extremely femme, one of the major muscle groups exercised in belly dancing is lower back muscles. Stick one of your hands on your back, with your little finger touching the elastic band of your undies. Where your hand touches your back, those are the muscles exercised.

If you have a desk job, like I do, those muscles atrophy.