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5 Reasons Why Smart People Suck at Dating

10 Ways Smart Women Choose To Be Really, Truly, Simply HAPPY

Written by Janet Ong Zimmerman, This guest blog from relationship expert Janet Ong Zimmerman contains some real words of wisdom. I love the idea that we can control our dating lives more than we realize — and I have heard the point about being who you want to attract from some very wise souls out. 3 Aug It devastates so many women when a first date does not become a relationship. They think it is because they are not pretty enough, smart enough, successful enough or fun enough. They don't even stop to consider whether or not they even like the guy. Date like a man. Show up, have fun and if it works out. 15 May Before starting any new romantic relationships, make sure you're getting into it for the right reasons. That means you, smart ladies!.

You want a relationship that fulfills you and makes your heart sing. And even if you think you already know this stuff, take a few minutes to review this advice. The first is the crush stage.

You know, when everything is awesome go ahead and sing it and it seems like this is IT. Then comes the Rude Awakening — your first disagreement, and hopefully your first makeup sex. The next phase is the Shaping phase. But the mark of maturity is knowing that these phases are waiting for you in any relationship.

Which means you want to be in good with them. Now, this could be a problem if you. Which, in turn, helps him to help you get what you want. We feel our sex drive is a powerful force that pushes us — which it is. So keep those drives in your head at all times when it comes to dealing with him. No, they are not necessarily your primary drives.

But if you understand, love, and accept them within him, you will find your relationship will flow like a river.

How To Be A Smart Woman In A Relationship

The pattern I see with many relationships is enough to give anyone heartache. Almost all relationships see more together with a positive vibe How To Be A Smart Woman In A Relationship them.

It could be that feeling of disappointment that the sparks and fireworks of new romance have to die out, or it could be that part of us that expects maybe too much from a relationship. Whatever the reason, a certain level of disrespect and negativity creeps into the relationship. It could be an eye-roll here, or a sarcastic comment there. The more you feel the desperate craving for love, the harder it often is to put aside your own point of view to see his perspective.

And that neither men nor women are the enemy. But the cool thing is that — with a little patience and understanding — you can discover this common ground. The next step is for him to run away. If you want to avoid that cold distance with him, you have to let your relationship breathe. What I mean by this is to give your relationship moments where you push apart for a while.

5 Relationship Tips For Smart Women

The idea is to actually be a little LESS eager to jump right in and mix your lives together at first. Recognize that your relationship is going to go through stages. But then the next stage comes along: The Bliss of Connection You talk a lot moreand you share intimate details.

How To Be A Smart Woman In A Relationship

You talk about your likes and dislikes. You share your Netflix queue. Love is developing fast. And that leads us to relationship tip 2: Use the Force, Leia.

Tracey Cox reveals why smart women still attract bad men | Daily Mail Online

The truth is that a guy is deeply influenced by his peer group. In which case, you might want to seriously re-think this one. But that also brings to light another set of complications that could haunt you. Now, relationship advice numero 3 is: Support his Drives… You have to realize that a man is driven by two forces in his life: His sex drive is the fuel of his ambition and momentum in life.

So what does knowing this do for you? It helps you to help him get what he wants. If you keep him satisfied sexually, you will find that you can break down the barriers with him emotionally that make you feel at a distance. It feels like a sacrifice of freedom. Which is also what scares us out of relationships entirely.

And this brings me to the next tip 4: Keep it Positive This web page pattern I see with many relationships is enough to give anyone heartache.

If he asks you to come to him and has no game plan, he is just looking to hook up. Many unnecessary panic attacks later, I realized that not every missed call means someone is avoiding you and that terse look from your co-worker? A phone call or face to face is how to be a good girlfriend.

But after a time, some negative stuff starts to slip in. We all want to feel accepted and loved at heart. Just two factions that have a communication gap to overcome. And even though you should be working at all times to get closer, you should heed my relationship tip 5: Unfortunately if this is done wrongit can scare a man. Or at the very least, keep some separate routines. Let me give you a quick example with something a lot of people do: Other areas you want to keep some separation might be your Netflix queues.

Or your old CD collection. Too much overlap will actually work against intimacy with a man. Of course, connection is the goal, right?

10 Things All Smart Women Do In Relationships

What makes him ready to really connect at a heart-to-heart level with you…? What makes him desire you, and bend over backwards to please you? Support his Drives… 2 If you keep him satisfied sexually, you will find that you can break down the barriers with him emotionally that make you feel at a distance.

Keep it Positive 3 We all want to feel accepted and loved at heart. Stay close — but Separate….

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