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But, even in the scientific community consensus on this issue is not apparent ( Residential water heater temperature: 49 or 60 degrees Celsius?). I think, if my water supply was from a highly mineralized source, I'd consider connecting my ice maker to the hot side. I'd also look into point of use filtration. There should be sufficient tubing from the cold water supply to allow the refrigerator to be moved out from the wall several feet. GE does not recommend connecting the icemaker to a hot water line, because it adds a heat load to the freezer, and water tends to be harder coming out of a hot water tank, which can speed up. Because the hot water has few impurities, it will freeze slightly before the cold water. THEREFORE, hot water will freeze quicker than cold water, only if they start at the same temperature, which is the condition that water pipes would be in after not being used for a while. But hot water in a freezer ice maker will not freeze.

Did I just learn something new? Usually in the well or in the city mains. Once in the house, the flow is much gentler and gases evolve. They exit via the air separator ir through the spigot. There is a very minute amount that reeenters solution. Once water is heated in the heater, what does it come into contact with?

For the most part, copper, solder, and plumbing fixtures. In older housing you may have other issues. Copper and the fixtures are, for the most part, neutral.

It all comes down to this: General Contractor - ret. The lead argument for me is not a consideration as I have no copper or solder in my system. In order to taste good to the average Joe, water needs a certain amount of dissolved salts and minerals in solution.

Solder contaminants have been drastically reduced or eliminated in recent years. Most "bad" things occur in the water heater itself. The more dishes done, the more showers taken, the more the hot water heater is flushed out. In multi-unit housing with a central supply, or with a poorly maintained system, you can get andrew's chocolate water.

You're right, particulate does settle out in the heater, or is taken out via the rod in the water heater. Pure water tastes pretty bad. In order to taste good to the average Joe, water needs a certain amount of dissolved salts and minerals in solution. Too much, and you get back into bad tasting water. Often times water out of the hot tap tastes bad.

It may not be because it's loaded with junk, it is often due to salts and such having come please click for source of solution. Go to the hot tap, turn it on, and fill a glass with water. This is the same water that you'll be putting Ice Maker Hookup To Hot Or Cold Water your ice maker.

It's probably ambient temp, as most systems need to run a bit to get hot water to the tap. Is it clear or cloudy? Does "junk" settle to the bottom of the glass? Bland or flat is okay. If it has a mettalic flavor or an actual bad taste, is cloudy, or has junk, you don't want to be drinking it.

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If you don't want to drink it, certainly don't connect it to your ice maker. If there are problems, address your hot water heater. If not, hitch it up to the ice maker and enjoy.

Current Issue Current Issue. Excellent Good Average Bad Terrible. MORE pretty much anywhere there is an existing shutoff valve. Lets be considerate to all members. Maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't hot water cause old solder to release lead?

I "do" water for a living. There has been much debate on this recently. It all comes down to this: If you feel comfortable drinking the water out of your hot tap, then you can use it for ice. If you don't, not only don'y use it for ice, but fix the problem. Certainly, if in a rental or on city supply your options may be limited. All water entering the house has both dissolved gases and suspended particulate in the water.

The cold water is used much more often than the hot, so the water in the cold lines is "fresher", thus more "contaminates" are in it. The hot water is used much less, thus spends more time in the loop before discharging through a faucet.

When the hot water is heated in the tank, as it heats it gives up disolved gases. As it sits in the tank, some suspended particulate also drops out and settles in the bottom of the tank. At a basic level you could consider the hot water to be "cleaner" than the cold water. In my house, the ice maker is tapped into the hot water line with a run of copper coil tubing. By the time the water from the hot water line gets to the freezer, it is already at ambient temperature.

In addition, due to the small volume of water used in making ice, I'm Ice Maker Hookup To Hot Or Cold Water really wasting tremendous this web page of oil to heat water that will eventually be frozen.

Ice Maker Hookup To Hot Or Cold Water

The cubes made from the "cleaner" water from the hot water line will be clearer, and if you Ice Maker Hookup To Hot Or Cold Water chlorinated water, will have lost that off-taste. Once again, you'll not be pumping degree water into your freezer. By the time it hits the freezer it has lost it's heat. If you have a recirc pump, it may be higher than ambient temp but maybe not by much. If indeed the water from the hot line is entering the freezer at near-ambient temp, you may also get ice slightly quicker as the clean water, with less contaminates, will have a slightly higher freezing temp.

Gents, as always, MHO. Do I risk disagreeing with the mighty Mongo The water in the heater isn't very clean, I've heard many many times. Most folks don't flush their water heater often enough. If you haven't go drain a gallon into a plastic milk jug and tell me what you think. What I got out of the heater at a former rental apartment -- ie, never maintained -- looked like chocolate milk, or Charles River water, if you're in the know.

The cold water is used more and has less time to breed critters or soak up lead that may be in your old solder. Eg, the EPA recommends: Hot water is likely to contain higher levels of lead. The two actions recommended above are very important to the health of your family.

They will probably be effective in reducing lead levels because most of the lead in household water usually comes from the plumbing in your house, not from the local water supply. Particulates should be filtered out before hitting the ice maker. If your water is over-chlorinated ours is, a bath smells like read article public swimming pool then filter it before it goes into the ice maker.

They make inline filters just for icemakers, don't know if they're any good.

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Most people would install one and forget about it until the refrigerator breaks 20 years later. Note that almost all water filters are designed for cold water. Being a lawyer, gotta have more citations: Whirlpool for one offers refrigerators with built-in filtration. If I had lead contaminants in my water, not only would I not drink it, I wouldn't shower in it due to inhaling the steam. Same for critters in the system. I've got a whole-house filtration setup that filters everything that comes out of the well, except for the hose bibs.

I'm on my own well, but still flush my system and occansionally and test the water. I also have a mini-filter prior to the ice maker. I think the worst thing in the world is to have "bad" water. Been there in read article residences, never again.

Certainly, if your water is not good enough to cook with or drink, I'd never consider making ice with it. Are you still up on the muddy Charles?

Ice Maker Hookup To Hot Or Cold Water

I'll be up there next month at the Beantown MOS. As for forgetting to change the filters, I agree Then, they're always on hand when renewal is required. This includes lead, salts not the NaCl varietyorganic solvents,etc. As a general rule, the fewer things dissolved i.

Warmer temperatures also accelerate chemical reactions in water, producing other by-products. For example, if you have a chlorinated water supply I don'twarm or this web page water would react far more rapidly with other chemicals present in your plumbing.

Although the effect on each tray of ice or pot of pasta water is small, the cumulative effect could be significant. I knew my ex-chemical engineering background would come in handy some day! Used to see all sort of things in there, garbage, shopping carts, chopped-up body parts It was said that if you fell through the ice, you'd get a tetanus shot before hypothermia treatment.

A woman who rowed crew told me about a freshman who, um, refilled his water bottle from the river. In the Ice Maker Hookup To Hot Or Cold Water for a week with a triple infection of some sort.

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Well, lovely memories aside, I'm overdue for visit. For now, I'm an undercover Yankee in the heart of the old Confederacy. We bought a water filter mostly for flavor, second for contaminants that "might" be there. Someone once commented that the shame about the declining quality of city water is that those with enough money buy filters or switch to bottles -- rather than doing something about it.

Consider NYC's problems a few years ago with guano contamination yech. If you're really really paranoid, go here a reverse osmosis filter and maybe blast the water with UV too. Interesting to learn that Per Swede is a recovering engineer.

Do they come out as bubbles when you run Ice Maker Hookup To Hot Or Cold Water hot water tap? If source cool the water back down, as Mongo suggests with a coil of copper tubing, wont the gasses go back into solution?

I agree about the particulate component settling out.