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I'm 18 With A 15 Year Old Girlfriend!!!

Most 18 year olds in my country are going to colleges, some might be crossing time zones to get to the place they will study. Is this relationship going to turn . If you're about to turn 19, not in high school, and living as an adult then it's weird you'd want to date someone in high school. BUT if she's a solid 16, maybe even. 1 hour ago year-old Florida school shooting suspect made 'disturbing' social media posts, students call him 'weird kid'. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said the year- old suspect, Nikolas Cruz, had been expelled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for “disciplinary reasons.” world Updated: Feb 6 Mar I think it's perfectly normal. If you were 30 and she was 27, I don't think anybody would say it's weird. Just that, since you're 19 and she's 16 now, she's more of a kid still in a way and you're more of young grown up, that will be spoiling her in eyes of parents I guess. In my personal opinion it's fine. 1. Reply.

Another branch of TrueRedditfor academic, intellectual discussions that are not necessarily genre-specific. This is not a place for cross-posts or pics of other threads, etc Unique text only posts. Others will be removed. Please see this comment for a more detailed description. I've heard of a youtuber who killed his career by reavealing that he dated a 15 year old girl when he as an 18 year old. Apparently he was labeled a pedophile and what not.

I was very confused. Why is that a bad thing? I live in Europe and people are allowed to have sex with whom ever they want at age And when I was 19 I dated a girl who woul turn 17 in 3 Months.

So whe was still Nobody here in Europe thinks that's very unusual. I don't understand why US people make such a big deal out of it. An 18 year old is just as much of a teen as a 15 year old or a 19 year old. Would these people also get angry if an 18 year old was dating a girl who's 17?

It's a shitty situation. I'm 33 American man, and I will walk a minimum of one block away click to see more playgrounds to avoid glares from Is A 16 Year Old Hookup A 19 Year Old Weird soccer moms.

I agree that most people do not believe that men are de facto predators.

Can a 21 year old date a 16 year old (UK)

I think I can guess where the idea comes from though. False sexual accusations are a very dangerous weapon to use against a man. Even if he's innocent, the court of "public opinion" has already convicted him.

I've seen how much it can destroy a person. So, while the likelihood of a false accusation in any given interaction is low, the severity of a false accusations is very high.

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In many men, myself included, those odds are enough to warrant a bit of caution when interacting with children that are not my own. It also depends on where you are in the states. There are only 11 states with the age 18 as consent, most run at about In California it would be considered weird, though there is some leniency when the age Gap is less than 2 years. Was weird being from California to see that so normal when I was living up that way.

Answer these quick questions and feature in TSR's next article! Gonna add another to the "Its fine" pile. In many men, myself included, those odds are enough to warrant a bit of caution when interacting with children that are not my own. Plus, personality wise, we are both 5-year-olds on the inside. Again, UK, age of consent 16 etc.

For many Americans, 18 is when you branch out and explore the larger world for yourself by leaving home and starting higher education or a job. This is a legality thing in the US. In actuality this is almost never an issue and people 18 and 16 date all the time. And besides what's odd about a teenager, who is about to start an apprenticeship, dating a girl who's still in school?

People seem to be really close minded about this kind of thig in the US. Do 18 year olds only date other 18 year olds? I think an average American would be less wary of an 18 year old living at home and in a trade program dating a 16 year old than they would an 18 year old living in a university dorm picking up their 16 year Is A 16 Year Old Hookup A 19 Year Old Weird significant other after they get out of high school.

In the later situation the two people are in very different worlds. I would say this is very accurate. The circumstances would determine how much it's looked down upon. Maturity levels between a 16 year old and an 18 year old are generally more pronounced because we give different sorts of responsibilities at different times than in Europe.

But like I said, there are exceptions. When I was 18 I wanted absolutely nothing to do with high school. I was looking at what was next and not where I used to be. I think many 18 year olds thought like me. It's a cultural difference. Of course it is a case by case thing but because by that age most people has already learned how to act like an adult, the difference in outwardly behaviour can seem negligible -how they talk or act in different situations, or even what they say- but the emotional processing and long time effects of exclusives can have massive differences between a 16 and an 18 year old person.

Just think about yourself at those two ages. It's poorly informedactually. Significant gap relationships are more likely to fail, but there's more to it than that.

Relationships where the man is older even significantly older can offer more value to both partners, even though such pairings are statistically much more likely quickly implode.

Fast failure isn't necessarily a bad thing, though. First, females tend to mature emotionally and physiologically sooner than men. If a woman wishes to have children, her ideal childbearing years are usually between her early twenties and early thirties, while the man's stability and earning potential tends to peak around 45 to I haven't seen studies with grandparents though, might be just as good or even better.

The American obsession with age parity offers a significant benefit only to providers of consumer credit, as statistics show that same age couples tend to accumulate much more consumer debt. I recall reading a financial prospectus for a high interest consumer credit venture that listed changes in American attitudes towards significant age gap relationships as being a risk factor to their business model.

Add that to continue reading simple fact that when a woman is sunsetting in her reproductive and physical desirability years, a man of the same age is getting a biological wake up call, as he is nearing his peak click here social continue reading so mate availablity goes up OTOH, for temporary relationships among young peopleage parity actually can be helpful for learning the ropes.

Unfortunately, due to lack of experience, emotional dependency, and unrealistic expectations, these relationships tend to grow into permanent ones even when the match is bad.

I'd heard the opposite, that men have their peak sex drive in their early 20s and women in their early 30s.

To address your point on its own terms, I think you are connecting two metrics that there's little need to, in order to make your point. If you compare the same metrics for both, your point doesn't come out the same way. To interpret your stats another way, how about this. Families can work best when people are childbearing early with their fertility, energy, and libidos; and are financially and socially supported older family members.

The idea of being self-sufficient family units not dependent on a wider family or community is really new, like less-than-a-century-old new. Is A 16 Year Old Hookup A 19 Year Old Weird pursuit of that middle class fantasy people have gone into debt, compromised a sustainable family life, and failed to 1 support their children and 2 support their elders when they are old. Give up on the fantasy, and other things make sense.

Age parity is not some conspiracy of the banks, it's been the norm for at least centuries I've not seen census data before thenoutside of the nobility. No, you're right in much of that. There are benefits to the aligned incentives you mention, but they aren't the only or I would argue, even the primary incentives.

And yes, the cultural environment absolutely matters. The lack of family unity in Http:// does much to exacerbate the problem.

It is very much a cultural thing.

Is A 16 Year Old Hookup A 19 Year Old Weird

In many cultures especially ones with a more challenging economic environmentsame age relationships are considered unrealistic or even foolhardy. Also, from a male perspective, libido has less click do with mating opportunities than social power.

Except for the relatively statuesque, opportunities to express the typical males hypergamous tendencies tend to increase over time, peaking around I'm not familiar with the whole world, but at least in the UK from looking at my family tree as I said age parity has been the norm for centuries. No, but it's not like some biological clock kicks in for men their 50s, that was my point.

Article source fact it's the opposite - the biology is waning, it's just their status which is high. Except for the relatively statuesque, opportunities to express our inherently hypergamous tendencies. But as you point out, in the west, age parity is culturally a more important value than that anyway?

So in what sense are there more opportunities? Only if you are envisioning a world where you control the cultural norms and rules that exist. And in that world, you are Is A 16 Year Old Hookup A 19 Year Old Weird to challenge the culture of age parity, when you could just as easily challenge a culture of not valuing older wives, women who are valuable in all sorts of ways.

Sorry, but I thought the negative outcome you were pointing to was mid-life divorce? If you want to avoid that, you are always going to be suppressing any non-monogamous tendencies no matter what. Frankly, middle-aged men are better equipped with the maturity to stay with their wives and have more to lose from a messy divorce.

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They are more than capable of keeping it in their trousers. Some good counterpoints, but Http:// don't agree with your blanket assertion than men uniformly become more likely to be more monagamous as they age And if they did, it would only support their value to females, especially ones of childbearing age.

I'm not very familiar with UK culture, and it could be that social attitudes govern more strongly there than the places I have lived, which would make your statements more valid in that context. My experiences are limited to Latin America, USA, native American, and carribean cultures, among which I have lived for the majority of my life.

Please be inclusive with question phrasing. Vesti pedo's identify themselves ITT. The Escapist Classic Videos: Not generally I don't think. If one is in college, say a 19 year old freshman dating a 16 year old high school sophomore, some people wouldn't like that.

Indian culture, from my brief exposure, seems aligned as well. And men consistently prefer to date younger women as they age while women more or less prefer to date men around their own age according to OKC data. Huge variances in experience are almost always present in relationships with power imbalances.

I wonder if mens' desire to dominate and control a partner is behind their choice in choosing someone younger? That could be in some cases, surely But I think the biological explanation is the occams razor answer.

Is A 16 Year Old Hookup A 19 Year Old Weird

Women of peak reproductive viability are years of age.