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27 Aug After a decade of playing one of the world's most famous characters and becoming a multi-millionaire before he even finished school, Daniel Radcliffe could easily have ended "You just have a connection with somebody and then suddenly it's incredibly easy to talk to them – one of those sort of situations. 12 Jan “It's a very hard thing for me,” Radcliffe said of the controversy, and added that the “Fantastic Beasts” producers are the ones who “gave me a great start in life and an amazing job.” “I can see why people are frustrated with the response that they were given from that I'm not saying anything that anybody. 15 Jul 19 year-old Daniel Radcliffe wants the world to know he's a grown-up now. It's tough Did it take you by surprise that they'd hook up when you read Half-Blood Prince? DR: No But at the same time I've learnt how I like to be directed and that's the only thing that can influence how I can direct anyone else.

It was only a matter of time until the wider Potterverse was brought into the quagmire of controversy surrounding Johnny Depp's major presence in the cast of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Is Daniel Radcliffe Hookup Anyone 2018

But the first weighing-in from the old Potter crew has come from none other than the former Harry Potter himself. Rowling' statement about the allegations of abuse surrounding Depp's divorce from Amber Heard last year, Radcliffe diplomatically addressed the thorny issue:.

I can see why people are frustrated with the click that they were given from that … I'm not saying anything that anybody hasn't already said - and this is a weird analogy to draw - [but] in the NFL, there are lots of players arrested for smoking weed and there is other people's behaviour that goes way beyond that and it's tolerated because they're very famous players.

I suppose the thing This web page was struck by was, we did have a guy who was reprimanded for weed on the [original Potter ] film, essentially, so obviously what Johnny has been accused of is much greater than here. Radcliffe is referring to Jamie Waylett, who played Slytherin bully Victor Crabbe in the film series until he was removed from both Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows films after being arrested for marijuana possession in Although very different scenarios - Waylett was officially arrested and sentenced for his crime, whereas the situation regarding Depp is shrouded in allegations - it isn't hard to see what Radcliffe is Is Daniel Radcliffe Hookup Anyone 2018 to say about the situation.

Whether or not more of his former Potter co-stars join him on speaking out about the controversy remains Is Daniel Radcliffe Hookup Anyone 2018 be seen. Jan 14,8: It's been in the works for nearly a year and Google's great ad-pocalypse is now upon us. Tomorrow the Chrome browser will begin to automatically filter out ads that don't meet certain quality standards.

Daniel Radcliffe breaks silence on Johnny Depp casting controversy

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Or, at least, what he state he ended up in. Heard and Depp released a joint statement inpost-divorce, that came across as positive and supportive of one another, but that was then and this was now. It never happens that way! But she already has a rather nice boyfriend played by Rafe Spall, and both she and Wallace are reluctant to reveal their true feelings lest it ruin their friendship and her relationship.

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Is Daniel Radcliffe Hookup Anyone 2018

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Here's what you need to know. However, she had been linked to tech entrepreneur William "Mack" Knight for the last two years. So what's the relationship status of the Harry Potter cast members now?