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20 Jul Actually, if we're getting technical, I did hook up with her two years ago." He blurted without any coördination. Lily raised her eyebrows, finding this much more believable. "Recently, I haven't, though, I'm sure she wouldn't object to the idea." James laughed sheepishly. Lily opened her eyes and turned her. 22 Apr Lily Evans sat tucked into a corner of the common room, her feet nestled neatly beneath her and a textbook open across her knees. She had abandoned her school robes but still remained loosely in uniform, her white socks slipping low on her calves, her shoes kicked haphazardly at the foot of the armchair. The war is over and Harry desperately wants to know his parents story. So he comes up with a plan to see their story for himself. He doesn't care how he does it , a spell, a potion, time travel! What he doesn't know is someone else already knows how he can. Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort.

These characters do not belong to me. They were created by the amazing J. This story is rated: Due to language and sexual content. Sorry for the late update. It's been a rough few weeks for me. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter! Inhabiting her bed as if it were her natural habitat, Lily nuzzled into her quilts and puffed in a dreamy condition. She arrested her blankets underneath her chin. Lost in her own train of thought, she would rather cut off a limb than leave this comfortable bed.

The days went on at snail's pace. Long, boring days hung heavily while the arrangement had been on hiatus. James and Lily barely spoke unless the conversation involved their duties.

Lily Evans and the Stroke of Midnight

James had Rosie over twice since she confronted him. They kept the door closed but Lily could hear them laughing quite often.

It pissed her off. She would try to study and she could hear their mumbling voices. Rosie would always say goodbye to James after opening his bedroom door as if she had to rub the engagement in Lily's face. Lily encouraged herself to hide in her bedroom instead. With her door closed, she could barely hear Source pixie like voice pierce her eardrums and she wouldn't be able to hear the familiar laugh he would respond with.

It made her blood run thick and sluggish. She didn't have a clue what point he was trying to make anymore. It wasn't like I had Alton in my room with the door closed. The reoccurring thought chimed in her mind. She sunk deeper into the sheets, wanting to vanish. Why am I thinking about this so much? Is this what sex does to people? She grumbled silently, closing her eyes to shut off James Potter And Lily Evans Hookup Fanfiction emotions.

She swam deeper into her quilts in hopes to avoid him. She could hear him shift his weight from foot to foot outside the room.

Lily rose from her warm barrier, pulling the roots of her long hair anxiously. Her loose knit swear swallowed most of her, the sleeves James Potter And Lily Evans Hookup Fanfiction and concealed the back of her hands.

An urge inside her encouraged punching him in the face. Why is he so concerned? Shouldn't he be fucking Rosie? Her teeth compressed together as she heard and saw him burst into her door without an invitation. He flopped on the unoccupied section of her bed, his eyes down casted as he treaded inside. She tensed immediately as he made himself more comfortable while James used his toes to kick off his shoes and threw them off the bed.

They bounced off the wooden floorboards in different directions. She waited for him to leave but he only nestled his head into her goose-feathered pillows.

Lily Evans & James Potter - Harry Potter fanfiction

Lily surrendered after a few moments, too tired to fight with him. All she wanted to do was shut her mind off for two seconds. She decided to tolerate his company. Lily squeezed her eyes shut while a sleepy noise escaped her lips. Is this where you've been hiding? I really don't care. You can continue hooking up with her if that's what you want.

I was just saying. So, don't get the wrong idea.

All came rushing back to her like a heard of an angry mob. Deep worry lines that didn't often appear on the laughing Chaser's carefree face aged him considerably, so much so that Lily barely recognized the boy she had only just recently begun to call "friend. And I swear to Merlin, Potter, if you go easy on me for even a second.

She didn't say a word, though. She kept her eyes closed like locked, to avoid giving him a reaction to this piece of knowledge. She wasn't completely convinced anyway. Actually, if we're getting technical, I did hook up with her two years ago.

Lily raised her eyebrows, finding this much more believable. Lily opened her eyes and turned her head, her expression sour as a lime. source

James Potter And Lily Evans Hookup Fanfiction

Lily stared back at James, waiting for him to throw a joke into the Their eyes fixated rapidly, reading the details of each other's expression.

She cleared her throat, shutting her eyes gently again, she relaxed into the bed with him. A tidal wave of relief rushed over her, she kept her emotions in check, nonetheless. It took her a few seconds but Lily nodded, refusing to open her eyes. She didn't want to witness his smug — That's what I thought — look. James chuckled, sinking deeper into the mattress as he laughed.

Lily flipped over and faced her back toward him. He continued to laugh at her expense while Lily fought back a smile. She was happy to get her James Potter And Lily Evans Hookup Fanfiction but didn't enjoy being submissive to him. Lily flipped over quickly again. She curled her knees into her stomach before shoving them into his right arm and stomach. Lily logic at it's finest! James cruised out of her bed like a rolling-pin.

He straightened his clothes and ran his nails through his black hair. Lily pulled the white quilts below her nose; afraid he would see her beaming back. She already had an idea of what he had planned. We got a long way to click at this page, Evans. Lily placed a spare pillow over her left ear.

The flecks of gold in that burning hazel were damned distracting. Marlene brushed off imaginative dust from her robes, "Whoever made that idiot a prefect? You were so unlike the other girls who were so dependant on others. Lily tattled, not giving Marcus a chance to talk. It was exhilarating to have someone with their own tricks and needs.

I don't want to take another look at school work. She scoped the corridors absent-mindedly as she replied to her friend.

James Potter And Lily Evans Hookup Fanfiction

Lily was patient — unlike Marlene. Alice gave her friends a warning look before turning back to Frank with a pouting lip. Haven't you ever been in love? I'm surprised I didn't grow a beard while waiting on your arse. Marlene and Lily looked at one another in surprise. Alice shook her head at the two of them, walking ahead of them eagerly. Read more you'll be able to suck it up for a night?

After I'm done with him, he'll never think of borrowing shit from me again. Marlene seemed as equally interested to the point where her glower disintegrated.

Free Falling- A Lily Evans and James Potter Fan Fiction!

Although Alice looked to defuse the conversation, it was easy to tell which side she agreed with. Lily looked between them, finding that she was on a losing side. She looked for words to explain her doubtful position. They looked at one another still clearly suspicious.

Just never thought I'd live to see the day. She hated to see a fight start, especially between two of her friends. Lily ran her fingernails against her scalp, pushing her hair back in the process.

The topic of conversation was itching at her mind. Godric Gryffindor, I can't believe you would even ask me that. This seemed to distract them momentarily. Lily dropped her shoulders and tensed her back, she focused on The Great Lake and refused to look in the direction Alice warned her. Alice grew small, staring at the grass between her friends. The wind carried their voices into see more Avery was recounting a story to his group of Slytherin friend's, a story of how he pranked Mary James Potter And Lily Evans Hookup Fanfiction a month ago — which the school already knew about.

Lily was solid, her disappointment and anger made her rigid.