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18 Apr Girl's Day confirmed that there are definitely couples and new relationships forming at the yearly Idol Star Athletics Championship events. During a recent episode of tvN's Life's Bar, the Girl's Day members talked about just how many couples can potentially be at a recording for the Idol Star Athletics. 21 Apr Even a couple of years ago, the Korean entertainment industry wasn't generous to celebrities dating. If the news broke Singer Lee Hyori said she helped younger singer friends go on dates. She said, "I used Many celebrities save their lover's pet name instead of real name on their phones. Our favorite. I'm sure a lot of idols probably just hook up with each other because it's almost impossible for them to go on dates. . speculating about this kind of stuff without taking it too seriously (plus I have personal issues with speculating over sexuality , but I realize that it's different regarding celebirities vs. real life).

Do you think K-pop idols are in a relationship? I know all of them don't say anything about the topics but it is hard to believe that none of them are in any kind of relationship. What is your opinions? And who do you think are in it with who else?

Korean Idol Hookup In Real Life

They're all too hot not to be Korean Idol Hookup In Real Life each other, whether romantically or strictly physically. Haha they probably don't have enough free time to go that far, but yeah that's the gist of what I mean.

From what I've heard, many idols "date" in secret, which is mostly in the form of flirtatious text messages. I think there are a few reasons for so few public couples.

Hara was in a public relationship but i dont really remember who it was with. I never knew that considering myself a Beast fan. Im pretty sure it's still an ongoing relationship. I dont really follow Kara that much but i dont recall any break up news on Allkpop or Soompi Recently, they were suspected of wearing couple ringsso it seems to be ongoing as far as anyone knows.

The first undoubted allusion to swerved from the plain path of their fathers and were caught in the toils of the foreigner. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Why do you think so? Only some need to get accustomed to it again.

Yup definitely still ongoing, Hara was asked about it in an interview just last week and she source a message to him. They don't share details in interviews, but they never shy away from admitting it, etc.

I wouldn't be surprised if Sunny and Sungmin at least tried dating once, even if it didn't work out. Indeed, I can't visit web page that so many young, fit in both senses of the word people live like nuns. There was a rumour going around that Suho from EXO was going out with Luna from f xbut that they broke up.

It's a very vague recollection, but I'll try to find the video. Ok so I can't find it, I'm sure if it had actually happened I'd find it just by googling, but still, maybe someone else remembers something Hyoyeon has talked about having an idol crush on a few shows before.

Do you REALLY think Kpop Stars are THAT innocent?

She talked about how they used to see each other quite a bit due to their schedules, and that the other girls would push her towards him if they crossed paths. She would then give out clues to who it was, like saying he doesn't have double-eyelids, and that he was a good dancer just to name a couple of examples.

After talking about her idol crush on a few shows, her crush figured it out and his attitude towards her changed, so click moved on. She has talked on Strong Heart about meeting someone else, and going out to lunch with them. She said that she was having such a good time that she was late for a schedule, and even forgot that she was still wearing a bib?

Of Korean Idol Hookup In Real Life, I'm recalling all of this from memory, and not everything an idol says is true. However, I'm inclined to believe it. I mean, why not?

I'm sure that many go here them are in relationships, either romantic or sexual.

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I'm sure a lot of idols probably just hook up with each other because it's almost impossible for them to go on dates. I haven't seen any rumors that I would definitely believe to be true. Korean Idol Hookup In Real Life D has a girlfriend, Lady Jane. Se7en's been in a relationship with Park Han Byul for years. There are a few idols that do have relationships that are out in the open, I just hope that it becomes more common and people stop freaking out about their oppas and unnies living normal lives and dating.

I highly doubt that Aren't SNSD under contract to not have boyfriends? I remember them mentioning it in an interview. They've mentioned dating before on shows like Strong Heart, they just can't have boyfriends in public. Ah, I must have remembered improperly then. I thought they said they're not allowed to be in relationships at all.

Jackson said that when mark was his roommate, it was just like speaking to a wall tho, cause he talks so little. Include English Translations Articles that are entirely in Korean must include an English translation or detailed summary. SNSD are past that stage". Video link From Listverse. Long as they are of age and being safe.

I think that's just a rumor, probably started because they call her the ice princess. I'm sure many guys have tried to approach her only to be given the cold shoulder. Jessica touches all the girl's asses. Also; takes pictures of them while changing. Jessica is a super-dork. I actually think that's most likely true. They're probably just friends. Just vibes I get from her and from what she's said in interviews regarding relationships.

It's just a personal observation, I'm Korean Idol Hookup In Real Life claiming it to be absolute truth. Someone mentioned it in the comments of this interview and it seemed pretty Korean Idol Hookup In Real Life. Plus, she always seems to be somewhat physical with the other members, being very huggy and poking their butts and stuff like versizzle mentioned. There's really no solid evidence minus that, just like there's no actual evidence that Amber's a lesbian either, it's just a feeling that I get.

Some of my straight friends are super physically affectionate with each other, whereas I'm generally not comfortable with that at all--and I think that if I lived in a very LGBTQ-unfriendly society where being outed could destroy my career I'd probably be even less comfortable with it.

The whole concept of 'gaydar' is unwieldy enough, let alone when applied to people who we largely only see as they present themselves to the public eye. Yeah, I agree, I'm very touchy-feely with my friends sometimes and I'm straight. I think it's just more like, I'd like someone to be out in K-pop so I'm projecting that onto Jessica even though there's not really any solid 'evidence', per se I realize that it's not super realistic Sorry if anything I said was offensive: I totally get that--I'd love for someone to be openly out in kpop under ideal circumstances.

It's just that, given how awful it is be to be closeted and how difficult it would be to be out as an idol, I have a hard time projecting and speculating about this kind of stuff without taking it too seriously plus I have personal issues with speculating over sexuality, but I realize that it's different regarding celebirities vs. It's a weird conflict I'd love for non-straight fans to have an idol to relate to, but at the same time realistically I wouldn't wish that kind of stress on anybody.

You weren't being offensive at all, no worries. If you think Jessica being a lesbian is destroying any guys' fantasies you're very wrong I think I can at least speak for the majority hereI won't go into this any further now: I don't know if you can determine that from watching interviews, but there are definitely plenty of gay people in the entertainment industry of any country, particularly men but also women.

I remember there was one Korean entertainer who came out of the closet around the yearand he was destroyed by the media. So I can't imagine anyone else is too eager to do read more same. But when you're in an industry where guys dress up every day Korean Idol Hookup In Real Life shiny clothes and wear heavy makeup to do synchronized dances, there are definitely going to be a lot of gay guys.

What makes you think that?

Korean Idol Hookup In Real Life

I honestly really doubt it. And she has pretty much the same personality as Krystal.

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It's extremely unlikely they'd both be lesbians. Http:// not that unlikely, but in any case rumours that Jessica prefers the company of women have abounded pretty much since her debut, so JessiTee is far from alone in thinking she could be gay.

She's extremely popular with lesbians in Korea usually tops or is at least in the top five of lists about idols or famous women Korean gay and Korean Idol Hookup In Real Life women find attractive; Krystal isn't as popular but she does have a significant lesbian following toobut I think that actually came after the rumours and partly as a response to them. They're adults, I'm sure most if not all of them have been in some relationship. There was some drama about how Eunhyuk dating some female idol who was two-timing him and another idol, it was talked about on a couple of shows.

Dara came out and said that YG probably the most controlling CEO has only just now allowed her and Bom to date starting Imagine not being allowed to date until 28 years old!

They need to find men quick! Seungri's joked about Dara having a boyfriend on a show somewhere can't remember and Bom herself has talked about 'guy problems' on season 3 of 2NE1 TV. Can't assume she's still in a relationship, but I personally think she still is. Don't take this as a truth because I only got this from passed down sources but I heard CL is dating a non-musician.

I remember reading this article? And I just thought She and Bom are year old women, and it seems ridiculous to impose this restriction on them.

Are these bans in place for the male YG idols as well? I think it's just a front. I don't think Korean Idol Hookup In Real Life cares at all whether they date or not, but he has to because they might lose fans think Se7en after he lost fans from coming out with his relationship with his girlfriend.

As for male YG idols, I can't really think of where it is just click for source. Or so my fangirl mind likes to think. I think I read somewhere that a lot of people thought that was staged. Well they did a little. I don't know if it's staged or not but it sure did rustle a lot of jimmies. I'm pretty sure a lot of idols date, but it seems pretty hard for them to do anything publicly since there are so many cameras following them and in some of their contracts there is a clause that forbids them from being in relationships because their market value takes a hit.

I'm curious about the we got married couples, are all of them just an act or have any of them actually developed into a real couple. In a way it's sad for them as well. At Korean Idol Hookup In Real Life they get stuck known as a part of a couple they were never personally serious about and will have to struggle for individual attention in the future, not to mention any time they show interest towards someone else the fans will be disappointed and probably assholes about it.

I'm against WGM to begin with because of its glorified arranged marriage nature forcing two people to pretend they are in love for the sake of the viewersthe aftermath is kind of like a cherry on top why I don't like that show.