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Tall Women and Short men: how to Make It Look Sexy!

Famous Tall Women Who Love Short Men

21 May Ms Violet Lim, chief executive officer of dating company Lunch Actually Group, says: "A person's height has nothing to do with how happy you will be as a couple." She says: "If you have found your soul mate, does it make sense to let this person go just because they are too tall or short and go with someone. If you're one of those women, you may need to examine your priorities when dating a shorter guy. You may also need to focus While a short guy with a tall girl isn't as common as the opposite (a short girl and tall guy), you'll find many happy couples in the world who are similar in heights to you and your guy. Once you've. 26 Apr So, from Hollywood magnates to bombshell supermodels, here are 15 famous tall women who love short men. . Actress, model and former professional wrestler (yup) Stacy Keibler dated George Clooney (5'10”) for a couple of years before marrying advertising exec Jared Pobre (5'8″) in March

There are many couples where the woman is actually taller than the man.

Say what you want about the man it's probably truebut you have to admit: I even wondered with some concern whether I weighed more than he did, again, not because I felt like I needed to lose weight, but because I had absorbed the cultural script that says that women should be daintier than guys. Short men may also earn a larger share of the household income. You know when you fall asleep with someone, it is not always easy to do so in each other's arms. It's not like I'm 50cm taller than him.

But even if you look at celebrity couples like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes or Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, you will realise that tall women love short men. Why do women like shorter men? Actually, the types of men women like can surprise you sometimes.

When it comes down to it, most women value non-physical traits way more than anything as superficial as height. While they tend to get married older, the study showed that they not only do an hour more housework a week than men who are taller, but are also less likely to get divorced! There are plenty of women who love shorter men, from famous actresses to supermodels to that barista you've been meaning to ask out tip:

Some women do fancy tall men and make no secret about it. However, there are women who prefer short guys and have some valid reasons to do so.

Short Man And Tall Woman Couple

You will notice that tall women love short men most of the time making the couple look all the more mismatched in some cases. It is easier to intimidate them Women like to play mind games. When a guy is short by height, he is easier to intimidate. Whether we like it or not, a towering height does give you a lots of benefits. And a woman knows that she can use her height to her advantage by towering over her man.

Shorter guys are smarter Men are actually much vainer than women. Once they have god gifted height or good looks, they just stop working on other areas of their personality.

Does Size Matter? Not to These A-Listers

But guys who are short know that they have to be smart in order to survive. Many women feel that shorter guys are smarter in general. Count Your Blessings Usually, when a tall woman is dating a short man, she has to stop wearing high heels.

But high heels are uncomfortable and expensive anyways. The Freak Theory A woman who is taller than usual has very few options.

Celebrity Couples Where the Woman Is Taller

Short women can date tall as well as short guys. But a very tall woman is treated like something of a freak. This endears tall women towards men who are shorter than usual because they undergo the same unfair treatment.

Having A Tall Girlfriend

Best Arm Rest Ever If you are dating a really tall guy, your neck will be strained looking up at him all the time. But when you date a short guy, he can be the best arm rest for you when you walktogether. These are some reasons why tall women love short men.

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Short Man And Tall Woman Couple

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