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5 Aug For starters don't lie about your age or your spouse, but don't be afraid to use a photo that is a few years old. IF you meet a seemingly hot, charming twentysomething online, how can you be sure they aren't actually a fat, ageing weirdo who has fabricated their entire profile? Psycologists say there are. I kinda agree with R3, wouldn't necessarily be a deal breaker but feeling the need to lie about your age online says some things about you as a person that would make me question if I If he lied on an actual dating site, where the usual objective is something more than a hookup, then I'd be wary of a person who lied. Or maybe you are a year-old who shops at Urban Outfitters and listens to the same music as your college-age kid; would it really be so wrong to post your Jerry, online dater, I've been tempted many times to fudge my age online, but I think it's a mistake because once you start lying, you've got a big mess on your.

Read The Forum Rules: We have a clear set of rules to keep the forum running smoothly. Click here to review them. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Geronimo Beta Orbiter Posts: Since im a younger guy, lots of girls of the ages 22 and above don't want to date me. What approach should I take? Lie about it or don't bring it up. The better you get at game and the more mature your style the older girls will think you are.

Lying is also good, but make it more plausible by growing a beard and having better inner game.

Should You Lie About Your Age Online Hookup

Easy routine to solve this. Correct age discrepancies if they are significant. So if you're 25, and a 22 year old girl guesses you at 26, you can just, "Good guess! But if she's 18, and you're 25, she'll probably guess Then you say "Good guess! If she's 29 and you're 24, and she guesses some wise ass answer, "You look Regardless, lying about your age is easy and should always be done.

Why let something so small obscure the bang?

That is not strictly lying because you did genuinely look like that once and, hey, after five pints you still might. Not only do we lie to others but we lie to ourselves. Another point to consider: It's only a problem if you make it a problem. The following 2 users Like Samseau's post:

There is an "actual" age and there is a "street" age. Younger women don't want to date younger guys because it's looked down upon when the woman is in her 20's.

I know because my dumb ass said my real age when i was 17 and this 22 year old was feeling me. As soon as I told her my real age, she said.

So regardless of how mature you act, women in their 20's are highly driven by peer pressure. Lie your ass off. Use click Samseau approach. By the time you fcuk them if you give them plenty orgasmyou can tell them almost anything and they will stomach it.

Samseau is dead on. Follow his advice and you'll be fine. I made this mistake with a girl 3 years my senior. I could have closed the deal if she hadn't known I was younger.

I'm 26, she's She and her friend who introduced us thought I was around I have a son; I think that's why girls think I'm older. Let that be a lesson to others. Unless you have no other option, obfuscate. If that is taken away, lie. Date as in after sex? Shouldn't be a problem. Date as in before sex? Your games not tight enough.

What is your specific problem? Are you going into a set and getting blown out when you say your age. How far in the pick up do you get?

No woman wants to date a 59 year old -- me. I tell them I am in my late 40s After I fuck Should You Lie About Your Age Online Hookup senseless a few times, I may or may not tell them my real age. I did reveal my age with this one woman I am seeing after a few times. I still fuck her. This post was last modified: I tell the bitch to guess and will agree with her or just say "close enough". The only time I lie is with girls that are I'll tell them I'm 25 which is only a few years downand suddenly I'm cool.

Once you bang a lizard, she doesn't care if you are You've already seen her naked, you practically always own that gooch. Hit it right and you got it on lock for life. To modify the question: What if you're in the U. Hypothetical question, I just moved back to U. Wald Usually guys lie down about their age i. Most relationships go nowhere anyway.

If it gets to the point where she actually wants to be a couple with you she won't care. If it doesn't get that far at Should You Lie About Your Age Online Hookup you got some ass. The only one's that actually give a shit are girls under 26 that are still out whoring and care what their friends think.

I know plenty of girls in their 30's that date younger guys.


Lie until you get her "hooked". It's so funny how all this talk about lying to women about age, trying to get the right number you perceive she will be happy with, or lying to her about other things or trying to conceal shit I'm exhausted just writing it.

If he lied about his age, should I continue to see him???

Women are picky as fuck to just bang a guy. Men don't give a shit so long as he does not end up in prison 'cuz she's too young or you she does not look old enough to be his grandmother!!! It boils down to what you can do for her at the age you are at. Ashton Kutcher gives Demi that "look at how I can still pick up young, hot guys at my age" image she craves for.

It's all bullshit until someone gets slapped Don't bring it up. Bust their balls if they think you're too young. I'm in the camp for not lying. It's only a problem if you make it Should You Lie About Your Age Online Hookup more info. Make her guess your age.

If you sense she would really have a genuine problem with your true age, go with the guess she makes you think she'd feel safe with. I've been burned by this one numerous times, I'm gonna start lying my ass off.

No lie to live! He also is convincing at appearing to be lower age, which happens to be on younger side of a big birthday. You need to find out more about it his "issue" and make sure there aren't some real skeletons in the closed. So the heart of the question is still there, does she still she him because he lied. Nolecbo Chubby Chaser Posts:

I frequently tell girls I'm 25 or 26 because I can get away with it and it removes a speed bump on the way to getting the bang. Fuck all that "it doesn't matter, there must be a problem with your inner game" see more, lying gets me notches pure and simple.

So I'll continue to do it. Been doing this since I was 15 and seems to work quite well. Wald Your best bet is to go upscale. Remember the bar's POV - it depends on the State, but if they serve you underage they are putting their license in danger, facing a fine or facing arrest. Inexpensive college bars card the hardest, they can't afford any of that. Any place corporate is similar.


But a nice wine bar is there because the owner loves wine; they don't have experience with this part of the business and rarely do they get targeted by the police. I look young and 34 was the age most people guessed me at so I went with that. One girl I dated from the site was 28 and every time I would consider telling her the truth she would make some off handed comment about a "creepy" 40something guy who hit on her or her friends.

After beating up her pussy to perfection for a number of weeks she found out my real age and there was literally no issue whatsoever. Her hamster even rationalized the whole thing by her telling me "you know, a guy can be creepy at ANY age.

Should You Lie About Your Age Online Hookup

Threaded Mode Linear Mode Lying about your age to get with girls. Saladin True Player Posts: Lying about your age to get with girls Lie about it or don't bring it up.

MrPink Beta Orbiter Posts: Lying about your age to get with girls Samseau Innovative Casanova Posts: Lying about your age to get with girls Easy routine to solve this.