Sookie And Bill Hookup In Real Life. Atlanta Hookup!

And Real Life Bill Sookie Hookup In

True Blood 5x05-Eric/Bill/Sookie/Alcide "You sure know how to treat a lady"

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20 Jul interesting ideas about the possibility of a Bill and Sookie hookup and that it just might just happen. With the loss of Alcide, and Eric's pending death, Sookie's love life is getting a little less complicated on True Blood and they project that this leaves only one real contender for Sookie's heart: Bill Compton. 24 Aug Regardless of your 'ship, you can't tell me your heart didn't break into a million pieces watching Sookie mourn the love of her life. True Blood Series Finale UP IN SMOKE | In an unprecedented — but not at all unwelcome — move of trickery, Eric and Pam let Sarah Newlin escape, before sending Mr. Gus. 13 Aug Given the latest chapter of her love life — perhaps becoming Warlow's faerie- vampire bride — we thought it was time to break down who she's been with and how quickly those relationships escalated. Read on for her full timeline, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Sookie's True Love.

Watch the promo clip for this upcoming episode of the two together that we posted yesterday. To further disprove the Bill and Sookie forever theory, Sookie showed Eric more love and affection than she showed Bill all season. Unlike previous True Blood seasons, we have no clue where this one is going.

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The most likely ending of True Blood is everyone dying but Sookie and Jason. Then she starts a new life outside Bon Temps. Then surprise them when they reunite. I have no idea how it will all go down. I would love a Bill and Sookie happy ending. However, this is True Blood, and with all the deaths promised before the season ends, that seems unlikely. Bill sacrificing himself for Sookie is certainly a possibility.

I can see him making that ultimate sacrifice to keep her safe. The heart wants what the heart wants…they love and want each other. They are soulmates, and I think they will reconcile. I could be wrong. This season really ruined this show for me. I would love for that to happen. I mean despite the fact he broke up with her, he never stopped loving her! True Blood first season, only Sookie And Bill Hookup In Real Life that followed the navel.

Truly hope and Sookie And Bill Hookup In Real Life for Bill and Sookie to reunite and have a happy ending…Let just wait and see how it goes with the final outcome shall we…Never say Never!!! True blood started with their love story.

It has to end with it. Bill and Sookie forever! I want Sookie turned to vampire so she and Bill can live together forever! I think she will want to be with Bill because of her having click here blood but he will say no because of her having his blood. He will be a good guy.

Sookie And Bill Hookup In Real Life

Hmmmm…it would be nice if bill and sookie ends up together and just jessica and jason…. She ends up with Sam.

Why all the speculation?! Slim Ferne McCann sports hair rollers to the gym in Essex Stephanie on September 11th, Bill sacrificing himself for Sookie is certainly a possibility.

Why all the speculation?! I hope they get married like they were supost to b4 bill got kidnaped by those warewolfsim hopeful it will be a happy ending.

I agree sookie will be a vampire but hopefully bill lives because he has the same thing Eric has which sucks! I also started to watch this show because of sookie and bill! They are cute together! But I did like alseed also! What about that cure that one girl had for the vampire virus going around?

Did the cure just disappear into thin air? I want to see Bill take the cure and turn Sookie. So do you think that the series will be true to the book ending?

If so, then there are gonna be some mad fans. Well considering the banner for this season has Sookie crying blood, ones to assume ages going to be turned. I hope she ends up with a happy ending… But the way the show is heading — who knows. God I love this bunch…! Bill and eric is both infected so the only person i see her with is herself.

Eric is dying and alcide is dead and now bill is sick also.

True Blood 4x09 Sookie dreaming Eric and Bill "I'm proposing the two of you be mine"

Then when she wakes…we start new!!! Your email address will not be published. Home Meet the Owners: Shadaliza and Lynn Contact Disclaimers. What is your opinion? Let us know in the comments below. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Email. Bill Compton True Blood Season 7. As long as they both live…I will be happy with however it ends.

When did sookie and bill start dating in real life

No amount of preparing is going to prepare for the end. Bill and sookie are the reason I started watching true blood. I loved there love story. I dont want anymore of the main characters to die…. So dissapointed in the way this show has gone.

I hope bill and sookie dont end up together.

Sookie And Bill Hookup In Real Life

My prediction is they will be together and Sookie will be vampire. I hope they end up together. It would be a satisfying ending. Did not want anyone to die…that would have been nice to. In all the death to end with the Love that started it all would be Great. Although she married Eric in a vampire ceremony in the books. I thought according to the books they did end up together? I think so okie will give up powers and bill will die so will ERIC.

The vampire-faerie Warlow came this close to making Sookie, a fellow faerie, his bride in Season 6, until his real motive was revealed: It breaks my heart. I have no idea how it will all go down.

I like the way you think, anything4bill. Ive been waiting since season 3 to see Bill with Sookie!!!! It should be the way to end the series. Together forever, dead or alive. I want sookie and bill but she has alcides baby so the 3 are a family. Im pissed what they did to my favorite vampire Bill: I sure hope bill turns Sookie.

I was hoping for her to be turned along time ago. Love them together…hopefully it will have a happy ending! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Enter Your search below:. This website uses cookies to improve the service and functioning of the website.

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