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Six household items and how to sell, donate or dump them - The Washington Post

Find out how you can donate your piano to Pianos for People. Donating your piano to the The Beethoven Foundation is very easy. We are a (c)(k) recognized tax deductible foundation aimed at providing scholarships to talented young individuals for an education. Donate Your Piano. Receive A Tax Deduction When You Donate A Piano to SUA . Society of Unique Artists accepts donations of all types of classical acoustic pianos from the public in all 50 U.S. states. We are a reliable and expedient source to rid yourself of your unwanted piano, and we provide a no-hassle experience by.

In the winter months, we spend a lot of time indoors looking at stuff and thinking we really should get rid of it. Making the decision to get rid of something can be difficult; then you have determine the best plan to make it happen.

What is it really worth? Where is the best place to donate it? Will anyone else even want it? There are so many options today: CraigslisteBayFreecyclecharity donation trucks, consignment stores, auctions and yard sales.

Many homes have multiple bookcases jammed with novels, biographies and cookbooks, plus more books stashed elsewhere. First, Strisik helps Where Can I Donate A Piano go through their books and style their bookcases so they look better.

After the family members have sorted out the books that are meaningful to them, she gently encourages a weeding-out. For selling books, Strisik recommends two local places: Second Story Books and Riverby Books. The store is mainly looking for books on academic and professional subjects and art history, science and classics, as well as rare books.

Second Story has two locations: NW in Washington and Parklawn Dr. You can bring books to sell to its two Riverby Books locations. They are interested in odd and unusual tomes, but also stock everyday reading.

Employees will make Where Can I Donate A Piano an offer for books they are interested in on the spot. SE in Washington and Caroline St. Check with your local library, too. Many people have some sort of emotional attachment to the sets of china stacked in their cupboards. Allison Lee, is based in Upper Marlboro. Lee gently encourages her clients to let that kind of link go.

They are interested in odd and unusual tomes, but also stock everyday reading. Lee suggests checking out Replacements Ltd. After the family members have sorted out the books that are meaningful to them, she gently encourages a weeding-out. We try to keep our and your!

If they are hesitant, she suggests keeping one platter as a memento. Or, they can set one final festive table with the entire collection and take a photo. Lee suggests checking out Replacements Ltd. In both cases, you are responsible for packing, shipping and insuring, which is time-consuming and can be costly.

If you donate, many charities or church bazaars will be happy to accept your dishes. Selling furniture that is not antique, a brand name or in great condition is not that easy, according to Sally Reinholdt, a professional organizer with Commonwealth Organizing Solutions in Alexandria. You can generally find someone to come and take away something in decent shape for free on Craigslist or Freecycle or your neighborhood e-mail list.

The Potter Violin Co. To be on the safe and honest side, as well as to claim the donation on your taxes, you should have a professional assess the value of your instrument. Something to consider is what else can you do with your piano, We at Dan the Piano Man, have searched and came up with a list of fun ideas: Roewer suggests looking for guidance at www.

Today, an army of chalk painters are looking for beat-up tables and chests to rehab. But Reinholdt says clients often have an inflated view of what their used furniture is worth. The simplest way to sell a Pottery Barn sofa or something of similar provenance is to post a photo on Craigslist or another online site, Reinholdt says.

If you have solid wood furniture, you could sell it, consign it or learn how to repurpose it through the Front Porch www.

Where Can I Donate A Piano

If you have an antique or mid-century piece, you might consult a local auction or a vintage or antique store. Consignment stores also are a possibility. The Northern Virginia Family Service shops accept donations of small furniture. Reinholdt also recommends Donation Nationwhich helps remove, recycle and redistribute unwanted items including furniture and will pick up at your house.

They charge a removal fee, but they do their best to go here and not fill up landfills. Post on Freecycle or another Web site or call for bulk pickup in your municipality. Helen Longa professional organizer in Falls Church and a director of Partners Estate Salessays many families have pianos, violins or clarinets that they no longer use.

Long most frequently deals with pianos and organs. Get a professional appraisal or consult with an auction house. Check with a local music store to see whether they sell used instruments. The Potter Violin Co. Craigslist is often a good place to connect with an instrument buyer, she says. Instruments are often gladly received by school music departments, churches or retirement homes. Donating a piano is a bit more difficult because moving one costs hundreds of dollars, with additional charges for lots of steps, and often you will be responsible for those charges in order to have an organization accept your donation.

Long suggests Where Can I Donate A Piano piano movers: Again the real problem item is the piano: Many rolled-up rugs move from one house to another and are never used again. He often finds area rugs and runners stashed in storage areas and closets.

Many of his clients save large, bulky rolls of wall-to-wall carpeting they installed years ago. Unfortunately, this kind of carpet is often stored in an out-of-the-way place such as a garage or basement utility room, where mice might get into it. He suggests keeping only a small square of extra carpeting, which could be used for patching a small section.

Auction houses do well with good Oriental rugs. You might also consult with a local rug dealer or professional appraiser who specializes in Oriental or Persian rugs. A Wider Circle www. Extra carpet rolls Where Can I Donate A Piano be cut in squares and donated to animal shelters.

If a rug has mold or has been heavily soiled by a pet, call for bulk pickup in your jurisdiction. Many rugs can also be recycled: Roewer suggests looking for guidance at www. Oser, whose Gaithersburg business is Need Another Yousays that consumers are constantly upgrading technology but not discarding the obsolete. Many are afraid of the consequences of someone obtaining personal information stored on their devices and are confused about how to safely dispose of them.

Oser often recommends www.

2 Hour Beautiful Piano Music Love Piano Songs For Sleeping And Studying【BGM】

If you decide to sell, you should back up whatever information you have stored on the device. Then go online or into your settings to find out how to do a factory restore to remove personal information.

In addition, Gazelle promises to remove all data from read article device by following manufacturer guidelines to do a factory reset and remove and destroy the SIM card where applicable.

When selling, provide original cords and chargers if possible. Some charities and schools will take old computers or phones, but most want working components. If you have an old cellphone to unload, try www. To safely dispose of them, take out the hard drive, delete everything or do a system restore. Even more ways to sell, donate, dump or recycle household items. Have more suggestions for ways to sell, donate or trash your stuff?

Tips from professional organizer Scott Roewer.

Where Can I Donate A Piano

Six household items and how to sell, donate or dump them. A new video series from The Washington Post.

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