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Blocked tear ducts

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However, we also have tear ducts (also called nasolacrimal ducts or lacrimal ducts) that drain tears through our noses. These drainage ducts are why your nose gets runny when you cry or when your eyes water from an allergic reaction. When these tear ducts are clogged, problems occur. Let's explore what causes tear. 18 Aug Blocked tear duct — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, treatment of this eye disorder. A few simple steps can unblock tear ducts and keep the natural eye lubrication system working as it should. But what causes blocked tear ducts?.

This can sometimes result in infection. If your tear duct is blocked, your eyes may water many times a day. A blocked tear duct is usually correctable and treatment depends on the cause of the blockage and your age. A partial or complete obstruction in the tear drainage system can cause blocked tear ducts.

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In adults, blocked tear ducts may be caused by:. In childrenblocked tear ducts may be caused by:. There are several symptoms of a blocked tear duct that may worsen after a cold or sinus infection and exposure to wind, cold or sunlight.

Symptoms in an adult may include:. Symptoms in a child may include:. Seek medical advice if you or your child is getting repeated infections or irritation.

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Seek medical advice if you or your child is getting repeated infections or irritation. Intubation can cause side effects such as: This is the most common cause. The tear glands lacrimal glandslocated above each eyeball, continuously supply tear fluid that's wiped across the surface of your eye each time you blink your eyelids.

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Why Is My Tear Duct Swollen

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Infected tear duct

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To help prevent infection and other problems until the blockage goes away: In this procedure, the doctor threads a tiny tube through the holes, or puncta, in the corners of the eyes. The duct may fill with fluid and become swollen, inflamed, and sometimes infected. If signs of infection develop, your baby may need antibiotics. Doctors usually do it in adults who haven't improved with other treatments.

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Why Is My Tear Duct Swollen

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