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iMeetzu. iMeetzu. Here you can find random live video chats as well as text chat rooms which make it similar to Omegle and other video chat services but iMeetzu takes goes one step further. After the randomness, you are offered a free online dating or friend finder social network. This is one of the fastest growing sites of this. when performing a simple Google search for sites like Omegle, you will come across tons of websites that are far from being as great as Omegle. Finding the best alternatives is not always easy and we know that you simply want to open your browser and begin video chatting. This can become time consuming and might. When navigating the world of free online chat rooms it can be somewhat confusing when you try to separate the different chatting styles in terms of your search criteria. Thus, in order to help iMeetzu is the most similar site like Omegle that I know of, and it was started right after Omegle came onto the scene. First, they were.

When navigating the world of free online chat rooms it can be somewhat confusing when you try to separate the different chatting styles in terms of your search criteria. Thus, in order to help you out, we decided to just take 10 of the best roulette chat style sites and put them in a nice easy list.

EVERY site in this list will have the random video or text chat functionality that you are looking for, unlike the main list in our navigation which includes sites that actually may not have the roulette capability, but instead only have the sort of traditional chat room functionality. We also will include our own rating of each 100 Free Online Dating Sites Chat Imeetzu Alternative Facts, so you can kind of get a better idea of how they stack up compared to one another right away!

That in itself is the main difference, and for whatever reason almost every other popular random chatting site out there does not have both webcam and text options to choose from. First, they were also text-only, and then when Omegle added video they followed suit.

The thing that I like most about Camfrog is the video and audio chat quality that it provides. Its function works like chatroulette, but it has better and large webcam functions. Meebo and ebuddy are widely used because of user-friendliness and better features than others. Apart from the video chatting, you can also have text and audio chat.

However, there are some major differences. This gives you an interesting twist on your average roulette site, because a social network built on the stranger community is very unique. Anyway, iMeetzu is the only site I know of that has both text and video options to choose from. Read our full iMeetzu review by clicking here.

Obviously any list of random chat sites is not complete without this major player. Read our full review hereor visit them now. Chatrandom is one of the most popular random chat sites on the market. It only trails Omegle and Chatroulette in terms of visitors, at least as far as I can tell. It has risen to prominence by offering George Dating Show Me Out variety of features.

Click here for our full review, or just visit the site directly. At any rate, in terms of offerings Streamberry provides two main options: It has a lot of users online at any given moment, which is obviously necessary for any site like this to be worth a visit. You can read our review here. It was initially essentially 100 Free Online Dating Sites Chat Imeetzu Alternative Facts exact imitation, but now it has added something extra that does in fact set it apart a bit.

If you look for the beta version link you will see that in that version there is a user registration option, and this allows you to then add friends as you use the service, which can be great for keeping track of some great new contacts.

Click here for our review, or visit the service now. Chatville used to be primarily focused on being a sort of Facebook friendly version of Chatroulette. However, it would seem that idea may have failed, because now Chatville seems to be focused on providing an adult-oriented video chat environment that is not integrated with Facebook at all.

100 Free Online Dating Sites Chat Imeetzu Alternative Facts

Anyway, this site actually is pretty popular, and the software backing it is pretty legit, so check them out. You can read our complete review here. With random text chat, roulette video chat, and group webcam chat all in one site, what more can you ask for? RandomSkip is new, and popular, so make sure you give them a visit!

100 Free Online Dating Sites Chat Imeetzu Alternative Facts

You can obtain ridiculously entertaining reactions from the two users who duke it out trying to answer whatever question you pose to them. Anyway, this example of such creativity caught my eye recently, so I thought I would share it with you.

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It actually made me think of a concept which I had not previously occurred to me, which is this concept of attempting to include references to the users who will be arguing over the question within the question itself. Merton is one of the original Chatroulette users that went viral with awesome prank videos, and he has amazing talent!

He originally rose to prominence back in March of more info, which is when the press took a-hold of one of his videos and made it go viral. You can read more about Merton on wikipediabut for now, watch one of his most popular videos below:.

Besides the unwanted adult content, Chatroulette is also known for its abundance of pranksters. Chatroulette is well known for being a gold mine for pranksters! And apparently movie producers are no exception to the rule.

This is one super-creative form of viral marketing, so much so that I have to give lots of personal super kudos to whoever came up with this absolutely fantastic idea. A lot of bloggers kind of wrote off Chatroulette as a fad that would fade away with time. To their credit, Chatroulette has faded a bit from where it began. However, they are wrong in the sense that although it lost some of its initial popularity it is still hugely popular. Thus, I suppose it would seem that to some people it really was a fad, but to a large number of people who continue use it to this day, it was not.

So, whether or not you yourself still use Chatroulette, millions of other people still do every month, and the site is very much alive and well.

Chattino — Read Review. You can broadcast your webcam at anytime by clicking on ' Control ' on extreme left side and then clicking on ' Broadcast '. It offers what the other similar sites just promise to offer but actually fail to. One click on " Start Chat " connect you with random users on webcam.

Ever since Chatroulette came out, people have been searching for other similar alternate sites to try as well. There are probably a lot of reasons for this, one of which may be that different types of people tend to visit these different sites. To read my full review of iMeetzu, click here. Omegle was the pioneer that starting the entire random chatting craze.

To read my full review of Omegle, click here. Chatrandom started later than most of the random chat big boys, but it is a rising star in the niche and continues to grow at an astounding rate! To read my full review of Chatrandom, click here. Streamberry, like Chatrandom, is also a relatively new player. However, it also is growing pretty quick and has lots of users online at any given time!

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To read my full review of Streamberry, click here. Camzap has been around for a while, and it seems to have a pretty well established user base. It is a near-exact copy of the original Chatroulette, BUT it has a new version in beta mode that allows for user source and a number of other cool features.

To read my full review of Camzap, click here. Bazoocam — Read Review. Funyo — Read Review. Chatpig — Read Review. FaceBuzz — Read Review. Flipchat — Read Review.

Chattino — Read Review. Wocchat — Read Review. Lollichat — Read Review. Streamberry is a relatively new yet fast-growing popular chat site.

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As you will quickly see upon visiting the homepage, there are two main options: Chatroulette and Live Cams. A quick glance at the group option shows that it is actually very popular with nearly people online in a single room, and there are multiple rooms, and lots of people streaming live on cam.

A brief look at the roulette option seems to also show some large numbers of online users, so this is definitely a site that people are coming back to. On a related note, Alexa research shows that the main countries users are coming from include USA, Iraq, UK, and Egypt — So, kind of a funny deal there with those two middle east countries finding their way into the mix, but it looks like USA is the most dominant force of the four.

The group chat area seemed to have quite a bit of source content streaming, so be prepared for that. They have a large number of different rooms to choose from, 15 to be exact. Anyway, according to Alexa the site gets a decent number of visitors, although nothing substantial, and the top country of origin is USA.

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