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The Secret Life of the American Teenager - All the Ricky/Amy Kisses (S1-4.5)

There Was a "Secret Life" Cast Reunion and Even Shailene Woodley Was There!

Amy at first decides to have an abortion, but backs out at the last minute and decides to keep the baby. Despite her pregnancy, Amy starts dating Ben Boykewich after he asks her out. They soon fall in love, and the two stay together throughout the season, even after Amy confesses to Ben that she is pregnant with Ricky's. 21 Oct The reunion went down at Megan Park's wedding, which all her Sweet Life castmates attended. Yup, every. single. one. Ben, Ricky, Adrian, Jack, Kathleen, and Clementine. And yes, even Shailene Woodley, AKA Amy, made it! Even though Megan married her longtime boyfriend Tyler Hilton, you can. 7 Dec On The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Shailene Woodley and Daren Kagasoff play Amy and Ricky, two teens who made a baby and whole lot of drama in Daren admits that he has a major crush on Shai, and says that she's definitely girlfriend material. The real question is, are they still together?.

After its second season's mid-season premiere was successful, ABC Family announced on January 12,that the show would be renewed for a third season, consisting of 26 episodes, the most episodes in a season to date.

Season 3 will begin with 14 episodes broadcast before going on a hiatus until March While friends and family of Amy's realize they have forgotten her birthday the previous day, Betty gives Ben an old ring of hers in order for Ben to give it to Adrian. Meanwhile, Jack reveals to Madison's father that they have been having foreplay and Grace's mom tells Grace to avoid check this out sex; Leo attends therapy and Amy arrives home early.

After Ben gives the ring to Adrian, she returns it. Ben asks to be a part of the pregnancy, like he was with Amy's, after he realizes that he should do the right thing and not fake an engagement.

Are Amy And Ricky Dating In Real Life 2018

Adrian and Ben settle into their condo as Mr. Meanwhile, at Grant High, Katelyn, the guidance counselor, has a banner up in the entrance way of the school to welcome the newly married couple. Grace helps orchestrate the entire school throwing rice at the newlyweds as they enter.

Adrian loves the attention but Amy isn't pleased. Link calls the girls into the bathroom to tell them that she and Jack had sex in Ricky's apartment and that the sex was bad and Jack cried afterwards.

Jack admits to his coach that he had sex with Madison and as soon as he started having sex with her he wanted to stop. He and Madison talk and realize that they actually do love each other but aren't ready to have sex yet. Amy gets upset that another couple has had sex in Ricky's bed and that Ricky has slept in his bed with lots of different girls. She tells him to buy a new bed. But when Ricky discusses this with his mom, Nora helps him realize that Amy's probably upset that Ricky's going to college and she might think he's leaving her.

Ricky goes to Amy and reiterates that he's never leaving her and John and that he's buying a click bed, as well. He asks her to take a trip with him and get some one on one time together and Amy feels cherished. George calls Camille, Leo's secretary that he met at Ben and Adrian's wedding, and asks her out on a date. Camille says yes, because she's excited and because it gets under Leo's skin that she's going on a date with George.

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Season 3 promotional poster. Adrian puts to rest rumors of her pregnancy by informing Ben she is menstruating; Amy is confused about Ben's mixed signals when he begins avoiding her. After school, Grace visits Ben wanting to celebrate receiving her drivers license but he tells her that he has to go to work. Instead, he calls out and visits Adrian to confront her about his disbelief of her false alarm.

Meanwhile, Ricky advises Ashley to not have a sex life, George gets his infected hair plugs removed and Jack tells Madison that he loves her; Ricky also questions Ben's motive to tell Amy that he loves her, only to then avoid her. Jack's parents tell him that they are moving to Phoenix, Arizona. They ask him to find a friend link stay with for his senior year prompting him to ask Madison whose parents both object to the request.

Ben visits Amy and they rekindle their relationship. Upon being caught, Ashley admits to her going on the pill while slipping the news to her parents that Amy is on the pill as well. Adrian has morning sickness and starts to vomit.

Secret Life in Real Life: Who's Dating Who on Secret Life of the American Teenager?

When Ashley tries to get a ride from her, she stays with Adrian to comfort her. Ben tells Grace that because of his history with Amy, he can no longer date her, but assures her they will stay friends, leaving Grace upset. Meanwhile, Jack asks Ricky and Grace's family to stay with them for his senior year, but they both deny his request. Griffin tells Grant that it would only hurt his and Ashley's relationship if he transfers to Ulysses High School in the fall.

Are Amy And Ricky Dating In Real Life 2018

Elsewhere, Amy gets invited to a musical program in New York for the summer that would presumably help her get into Juilliardbut decides not to go because of John; Adrian tells Ashley that she plans to have an abortion; and Ricky forces Ben to face the truth about Adrian's pregnancy.

Jack tells Grace that no one is to read more or judge Adrian's actions and Ben reveals his secret to his father.

After coming clean to his father, Ben remains stressed about his urgent situation with Adrian as he and Leo disagree on how to go about it.

At the end of the episode, Amy tells Ricky she wants Ricky now and forever. The Secret Life of the American Teenager has been a big hit for ABC Family and helped put the network on the map as far as scripted programming goes after premiering way back in Now living alone with her mother after her parents' divorce, Amy struggles to balance her new life as a teenage mother with her life as a high school student.

Meanwhile Amy gets much needed support for her chance to attend the music program and Adrian's parents suspect that something is going on with her. At school, Ben insists on talking to Adrian about where they stand while Adrian refuses his efforts and continues to ignore Grace; Amy also receives news that she is to leave for New York the following day.

Later, Ricky promises to move into Amy's room to take care Are Amy And Ricky Dating In Real Life 2018 John while she is away and George and Anne decide to rekindle their intimate relationship. Elsewhere, Jeff urges Grace to focus on herself and her future rather than Adrian's situation but Grace argues that she wants click be there for her friend inferring that perhaps she would rather focus on others problems rather than her own.

Ben becomes upset when Leo explains that he passed the news of Adrian's pregnancy onto Ruben over dinner and Cindy comes home to the same shocking news as she learns of her daughter's secret. Ben visits Ricky, looking for advice on his current situation with Adrian, while Ricky's new interest, Zoe, overhears the two talking. Cindy confronts Are Amy And Ricky Dating In Real Life 2018 about what she has learned the night before and the two have a discussion about Adrian's options.

While anticipating Amy's departure for New York, George raises some concerns about Ricky moving in by instructing Ashley not to overstep her boundaries. Tom continues to search for a job, Madison reveals Adrian's secret to Lauren, and Jack asks the coach if he can move in with him for his senior year. Zoe confronts Adrian about her secret and threatens to reveal the news to the school, but Grace steps in to defend her friend. At the airport, Ben prolongs saying goodbye to Amy and at the same time, Ruben and Cindy disagree on whether or not it is allowable for Adrian to have an abortion.

After becoming jealous about him and Zoe, Ashley tries to make Ricky jealous by pretending to date Grant. Later, Ruben tells Adrian that the difference of opinions over abortion may hurt their future as a family. Rumors circulate about the high school that Amy's early semester departure is due to a second pregnancy leaving Madison, Lauren, Ashley and Ricky to combat more info rumors.

Do you respect the way that Ricky has turned out and are you happy with who he is? Amy attends Adrian's shower along with other girls who appreciate Adrian for her wonderful qualities. Adrian makes one final confirmation to Ben on the status of her decision while Grace continues to find ways to convince Adrian not to terminate her pregnancy. Retrieved April 26,

Adrian makes one final confirmation to Ben on the status of her decision while Grace continues to find ways to convince Adrian not to terminate her pregnancy. Tom continues his search for work to support Adrian, and Ben continues to seek advice click here Ricky about the final decision.

Jack secretly moves into the Bowman guest house with Tom, and Ricky and Anne exchange insight on Amy's musical future. Adrian overhears her parents arguing about her decision and becomes overwhelmed, deciding to run away to Ben's house for the night. Later Ashley and Ricky kiss despite Ricky telling Ashley that it is a bad idea. Ruben and Cindy discover Adrian has fled, and Madison believes Jack is cheating.

INTERVIEW Daren Kagasoff on The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s final season

The Next day, Amy meets Bristol Palin at her music program in New York, where she discovers the music program is for teen mothers. Adrian meets Ricky's foster mom at the clinic and admits to her that she more info not want to be a teenage mother but after talking, she has a change of heart and tells Ben that she will not go through with the abortion.

When Ricky gets a call from Amy, he hangs up and Ashley receives a text message from Adrian, saying that she will have the baby. Ashley, therefore, tells Anne and George, and also attempts to convince her parents to withhold the information from Amy until after Ben tells her.

When Ben and Adrian visit Grace to tell her the news, Tom overhears the conversation and relays it to Jack. Ben and Jack both tell Madison about Adrian's decision, and she attempts to tell Ben to tell Amy before anyone else does. Ashley tells Ricky that they shouldn't be together; George and Anne overhear the conversation and suggest that he should allow the family to have some privacy for a few days.

While in his apartment, Ricky gets an unexpected visit from his real mother, who explains that she has violated her parole, and therefore is expected to turn herself in. Ben regrets his father's wishes to call Amy and inform her about Adrian's pregnancy when Adrian announces to the school that she will be keeping his baby. Ben's father tells him that he will take Ben to New York so Amy can be up to date.