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Post a Comment Comments are moderated by the blog owner. Thank you and God bless you. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant.

Saturday, April 30, Antonio Ebangelista: The infamous documents that will prove what I have been saying all along.

Astronaut Dating Tayo Lyrics Youtube Tuesday

No more Abangan … The time has finally come. But before that…do allow me a moment to gloat. After all, I got bashed a lot for my FB posts. Some even went all out and created an entire blog site in my honor! On and on they went and called me names, really vicious names. Why did you think no one took me up on my challenge?

Because the loans are real, as everyone else will see source. Come on, people… You know who you are. I was holding out, waiting for you to come to your senses to avoid this embarrassment. But you chose to keep silent.

Two bishops at center of China-Vatican developments allegedly have girlfriends and children Attaboy - "Play House" - The Ghetto Code - 6: Broad Horizons - 6:

You chose to ignore. And now, my patience has run out. In all seriousness, my findings did not make Astronaut Dating Tayo Lyrics Youtube Tuesday article source. Actually, I almost felt sick reading these loan documents. I felt as though the Administration has sold the very soul of the Church. They knew what they have done, yet they continued to deny, mislead, and deceive the brethren.

Do they think they could take their secrets to their grave? Do they think they could hide them from God? Manalo back in and preserved by his successor, Bro.

The property is now worth close to P10 million! Under the Administration of the current Executive Minister, Bro. Manalo, this property, along with many others, are at risk of foreclosure if obligations under the loans with Metrobank and AUB secured by this property are not paid in full and on time by INC!

Why did we need so much money? What about our offerings? Why did we have to borrow money? We never did that before! Why are so many companies involved in the loan? Why did we have to mortgage this and other properties? I am sure you are asking yourself these questions now. Before we answer them, let us first take a look at the bottom half of the Encumbrances Page.

This means the same property is used to secure two loans — one with Metrobank and the other, with AUB. You will see a similar situation in the other properties we will show here, i.

Astronaut Dating Tayo Lyrics Youtube Tuesday

Here is a copy of the entire TCT. For the skeptics among you, it is easy to get a certified true copy of any TCT. Just walk in to the Registry of Deeds closest to your location, request one and pay the fee.

At this point, you are probably in shock. The two lots are adjacent to each other and were appraised together. It tells a similar story as the one in 1. What do you think now? Cat got your tongue? I have many more documents coming. Please scroll to the bottom of this article for more encumbered properties.

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Astronaut Dating Tayo Lyrics Youtube Tuesday The INC does not mortgage land titles just to raise funds… the office is open and if you see even one title that has a mark of being mortgaged… we shall part ways. Now brethren, the next time you put your hard-earned money into the offering pouch or offering box, think twice. Why are offerings no longer enough to finance the building of new chapels, or maintenance of existing chapels, unlike during the time of the previous administrations?

Why is the once very liquid, cash-rich, debt-free Iglesia ni Cristo all of a sudden mired in multi-billion debt? First, we discovered that the current Administration sold Church properties to raise funds.

They needed the funds right away they were willing to risk losing literally hundreds of Church properties just to get the funds they needed. And whatever they needed the funds for, they needed it right away. And, they could not be sustained by our bi-weekly offerings. Not even when supplemented with the never-ending special, special offerings. Why the sense of urgency? And this is not all. There are more loans!

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Also in the billions! Where did all these money go??? Now that the Church is staggering in debt, just how do our Church leaders expect to pay them? Are they even able to pay older loans when due?

These questions and more, we shall answer in the next parts of our expose. Let us all take a deep breath. I realise this is too much to take in all at once.

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Manalo took office as Executive Minister in Septemberand in less than 5 years into his office, these multi-billion loans were taken. Posted by CD at Newer Post Older Post Home. Catholic and Enjoying It! And his choice to cut Angelus 4 February General Audi Two bishops at center of China-Vatican developments allegedly have girlfriends and children Whispers in the Loggia.

Get it at Meanwhile, I the show This Is Us and I am ready to fight anyone who disagrees. Heather Scheider is on fire! The Coming Home Network. They married in and started a family during the Second World Go here. Our family was neither rich nor Catholic In The Ozarks.

Standing on My Head.


The debate is, as you wou Got a Valentine's Date? If you are Catholic and under the age of 60 you might want to look for seafood or vegetarian far Web Journal of Fr. Sagot sa Balik Islam Forum. Bawal daw kasi sa mga Kristiyano ang magpatuli ayon sa Galatians 5: The hermeneutic of continuity.

A reading from the 13th session of the Council of Trent: The Catholic Eternal Truth. Catholic and Loving it!

I am very grateful to Bishop Drainey for allowing this once monthly Mass to con The Blade of Truth. Did Jesus deny Mary in John 2: Catholic Click by Winnie Ibe.

Videos-FMC - 1 year ago. My intended audience was simply a few family members who had questions about Catholicism as I went Knights of Saint Michael - Apologetics.