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Nikki Benz: Girls in the Industry Won't Do Interracial But Date Black Men

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4 Nov “Some Black men who date outside of their race would do so even if Black women treated them like Gods or Kings. These Black men make up lame excuses about Black women having flaws to somehow justify their (Black Men's) interracial dating choices, when in actuality these Black men worship White. 29 Apr Moreover, black marriage rates fell at the same time that racial discrimination was declining and black men's wages were growing. Between and , employed blacks saw real increases in wages relative to whites, partly due to increases in their educational attainment and partly because returns to. I wasn't even attracted to this guy. If my parents exploded because my platonic friendship with a black guy, I was scared to imagine their reaction if I actually dated one. When my husband first wooed me my freshman year in college, I threw away his phone number. I was determined not to rock the boat by vowing not to date.

Black men dating outside of their race is not a new concept. For many years, it has been said black men are not interested in dating black women for a variety of reasons.

Now, black men, black women, blue people and purple folks have every right Black Guys Dating Outside Their Race date outside of their race, as long as they do not put down the members of their community.

Statistics show marriage rates among black men is higher among black men and women than with other groups. As ofthe U. A common misconception states that black men are not marrying black women, but that is statistically untrue. From match scores inblack men are 2 percent more likely to look for an Asian mate, 1 percent more likely to look for a black mate, 2 percent more likely to look for a Hispanic mate and -6 percent less likely to choose a white mate.

If these statistics tell us anything, it is that black men are dating black women even if they are not dating them as much as other races. This brings us to the real question: Why is it black men will date outside of their race but marry within their own?

Please learn to use correct grammar. Kao Grace, Joyner Kara. Fewer Marriages, More Divergence: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

If you ask young black men why they date outside of their race, there are a few popular answers: These overgeneralized asides can be attached to any race of women. Basing dating criteria on how loud someone talks is childish. Everyone speaks at different volumes.

Some people are quiet while others here able to throw their voices with greater ease. Once again, generalizing people is wrong and not all black women are controlling. It is widely believed that black women have more attitude than women of other races, but that is a cultural opinion based on the fact that black women are known to be very opinionated on matters that concern them. Young,black men want black women to take care of them, yet they do not reciprocate.

The truth of the matter is, young black women uphold their men to a certain standard and the reason black men Black Guys Dating Outside Their Race not want to date them is because they do not want to be held to those standards. They wish to do whatever they want and not have to take responsibility for their actions. The reason young, black men are not dating young, black women is as simple as this—these black boys are too immature for these black women.

So basically what your saying is that black men dating outside their race requires them to be less of a man? Take a second and really listen to what you wrote.

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Have you taken a second to think about how immature young boys of all races are in general who are college aged? Maybe when you are older you will realize people have different preferences, and as one matures in life, so does their taste in a partner.

He also stated that blacks were not adapted to be swimmers because of a lack of buoyancy. Retrieved October 4, As defined by the society and specifically black men and women, I am black. Why do people make such a big deal about race?

You also fail at your attempt to answer your own question you pose about why black men like to date out of their race, but prefer to marry inside of it. At no point do you attempt to answer it after stating it.

Your article begins with giving these stats and then ends with no substance to back it up. I think that this article demonstrates a very immature writer and one who will hopefully learn to think more critically as she matures. The author is a black man, he even states so in the column.

Black Guys Dating Outside Their Race

My boyfriend is white because I do not find black men sexually appealing and they abuse black women more than the white men in my life.

Black men have Black Guys Dating Outside Their Race to asians, had their asses kicked by Arab men and have lost to their true kings white men. Besides he has the ability and status to protect me and he has. Are some black women still dating nationless black men? But for right now, I will date my white boyfriend and watch black men around the world run to Europe because they are too low IQ to build their own countries, bow to asian men for taking their land and beg white men to recognize them as humans.

HAHA as a woman at least I can marry and date men who are better. Black men keep losing. Any man no matter what race would lose to all of you American chicks, because you all drive the Divorce Revolution.

If that guy married you he would have to worry about divorce, alimony payments, child support, messed retirement, and half his finances his being taken away.

I know older white males who this web page up with racism that have a more positive view of black males.

No one deserves to be hated or to hate as much as what was implied by your post. As an African American male and future MD myself, I dedicate my life to combatting stereotypes that lead to the link rhetoric you subjected the readers to.

I am very offended by how The society is so quick to strongly describe black women as destructive to the black race and create all sorts of scornful, degrading and dehumanizing images of black women to the reason why black males chose to be interracial romantic. It is very offensive and aggressive to Black Guys Dating Outside Their Race the entire existence of black women as destructive to their community. I am offended because my experiences and life does not in anyway reflect this as truth.

As defined by the society and specifically black men and women, I am black. This is not because of their skin color, but because of the hatreddisrespect and scorn they are constantly subjecting black women to.

As a 26 year old, I have never seen on tv, heard on the radio, read in magazines or newspapers or even met a black man who cares about the vulnerabilities of black women in the society. When a black woman is a victim of racism, black men are nowhere to be found.

When a black woman is raped or killed by a white man. I have ever since a child been seeing black men disrespecting, hating and stigmatizing black women to the most degrading and dehumanization of character and existences as possible. They are also constantly racially discriminating, humiliating and scorning black women to their faces during personal encounters.

Regardless of the visibility of this hatred black males has towards black women in the society.

Why These 3 Black Men Won't Date Black Women

The society blames black women for the dysfunction of the black community, when the males who are supposed to be rulers and guardians are accepted to destroy the mothers of the black community. The society yet expects and forces black women to be loyal to these black men who show in all ways they hate black women to the core an considers their lives valueless.

Nobody can or even should force me to like something or a group who has been making it very clear for decades they passionately hates me to the core simply Black Guys Dating Outside Their Race I am a female with a black skin!

Black men are unattractive and not worth it. Maybe it was me growing up and seeing them abuse black women online for years. I am now in my 20s and have not dated black men. My babe is white and I have dated other races. These ugly clowns are nothing without black women.

Men from hideous low socioeconomics groups and of perceived low status abuse women to feel superior to someone. Article source is why abuse is rampant with black men. None of my friends date black men. They are all married to white or are dating non black men.

I think they deserve to after all the hell, these ugly looking slurring men out them through. If you want to understand who exactly has abused black women. May I suggest you start here: Chris, You seem to write and spell as though you are still a slave today. Please learn to use correct grammar. You need to get out more. Black women are destroying our black culture. They are tunnel-visioned, loud, and most of all, ignorant. Ive yet to meet a black woman who can begin to stimulate my mind.

And not just history but math, science, classical knowledge, physics, chemistry, foreign languages, etc. I cant talk to black women because we have nothing in Black Guys Dating Outside Their Race.

Black Guys Dating Outside Their Race

I could care less about popular culture. So i converse with other people until eventually, i do find a conversation with a descent black woman, and once the conversation starts to get interesting, she gets offended and suddenly looses her ability to rationalize logic because our conversation has gotten too close to home.

Black woman are jokes. Do you truly feel that way? How can you say an entire race of women are jokes?

Are Black Women Jealous Of White Women I Part 1

Look at all of the run-on sentences and comma splices that you used in your post! Who did you say was ignorant and shallow?? Goodness me you are a foul and insulting excuse for a person.

Try learning some history. However, in the meantime how about a few simple facts for you to digest. The carbon filament in the light bulb that helped you see the drivel you wrote was invented by a black man. Thepacemakers saving lives in the, US, invented by a black man. The multiplex Telegraph which improved modern public transport: The gaming console used by practically every teenager in the western world, invented by a black man.

Ever had an accident? How about, the Blood Bank! The modern elevator, the microphone, the first open heart surgery! The list is endless. Black men created most of the key ingredients to modern life.

They also created civilization as we know it all the way back to Kemet. Now look at their achievements against a backdrop of slavery, racism and a systematic and planned attack on them through poverty and ensuring a decent education was just out of reach to them. It seems to me that black men are achievers.

This web page am a black man and have been with my lovely white partner for 23 years.