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No Parents! (OFFENSIVE)


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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Don't date single mothers. You'd think this shit ought to be common sense.

Single mothers have absolutely nothing to offer a man Gayle then begins spinning in circles in the kitchen for a good 30 seconds. Jamie Dornan treats daughter Dulcie to a magical Tinkerbell makeover as he and Amelia Warner take a trip to Disneyland Pierce Brosnan ordered by Indian court to explain why he appeared in an advert associated with harmful chewing tobacco or face jail Hello boys: London's fading East End:

No man with a good head on his shoulders and his fair share of options would resort to dating a single mother. I have minimal sympathy for men who get involved with single mothers and have it turn out ugly. Brb bringing up some other guys kids.

No fucking thanks Jeff. Post more threads like this.

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Single mothers have absolutely nothing to offer a man I strongly believe that EVERY man needs to educate himself as much as possible on the manipulative nature of women.

It's as instinctive as a chameleon's use of camouflage. Boys, women WILL attempt to manipulate you in relationships; yes, even the sweetest nicest little virgin church-girl.

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Either you allow it to happen, or you educate yourself and take measures to ensure it doesn't happen. Pervert Pete - http: Originally Posted by Donald. Wow, some of that was shocking.


I don't understand how some women can be so manipulative, especially when their gain is a relationship. If I'm in a relationship I wanna know that it works both ways, and they love me for the right reasons, not because of some fake persona I've portrayed. Unfortunately I think a lot of what was written is right on the money and I can't see it changing any time soon. Although I think that mostly applies to women who were left high and dry by the childs father, less so for the women that left their partners and thus actively made themselves single mothers.

Originally Posted by karlabearz.

Bodybuilder Dating Meme Mom Cleaning Toys

Strong anecdotal bias in first post. I was brought up by a single mother and my stepfather came along when I was in my early teens.

Bodybuilder Dating Meme Mom Cleaning Toys

My mother was great in that she more info provided for me and ensured that I had the best opportunities so that I wouldn't make the same errors as she and my biological father did Bodybuilder Dating Meme Mom Cleaning Toys they were growing up. My stepfather was also a great influence when he came along and he was more than happy to help out as he was a genuine person; it also helped that he and my mother both knew each other from years back in school and through social circles.

My biological father wasn't on the scene whatsoever due to a dependence upon alcohol and drugs. I don't resent him for it as he had genuine problems which manifested themselves both physically and mentally.

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I now have a relationship with my father and it's completely positive; he does still drink, but it's completely social now, and he doesn't take drugs anymore. Perhaps I'm from a rare situation in that everyone mother, father and step-father gets along fine, but it spurred me on to better myself to the point where I ended up being the first person in my family to go to a good grammar school and then university.

Not everything is black and white, and that's the problem with miscers: Originally Posted by All About California. I won't be dating any single mothers.

Thought this was common knowledge, but then realized you're a phaggot. Do you have any experience dating single mothers? The narrative you told was great, but it was from viewpoint of a child in need of a father-figure, not the viewpoint of a man dating a single mother.

I'd like to hear about your experience with dating single mothers. All times are GMT The time now is