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As I type this, I am overrun with so many emotions: About a week ago, I realized what my purpose in life is. I have always searched for this. It is so very clear now.

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I need to speak for him, just as I always have. I am his mother, his protector, his advocate. Yes, I do this for all 5 of my kids, but he needs me to do this for him and all the other children who suffer or who will.

I need to do something with what I was given. God spoke to me that morning. I used to believe my son was a minority. I now know better. I thought it was a freak accident. He also has a purpose. He taught me so much. Now I know that he has a much greater purpose.

He is here to show others the truth. The last few weeks have been very rough. My son is a mess. It is not punishment.

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My life and outlook completely changed that morning. Jordan was born December of He first smiled January 27, He first rolled over February 13, He was making eye contact. He was happy and cooing.

I got up with him, gave him a dose of Motrin, and since we had a big day of celebrating ahead of us, I decided to lay down and take a nap with Kash. She left and I tried to nurse you before putting you back in your car seat. We had discussed the regular flu vaccine and H1N1 vaccine.

This all stopped before he was three months old. Little did I know that within How To Write A Profile Online Dating week he would be having seizures on February 23, Jordan was hospitalized from February 24 th to the 26 th. His head was swelling quickly. Jordan was diagnosed with brain damage and continuing brain regression, which affected the motor skills fine and gross and speech areas of his brain.

He was put on phenobarbital twice per day. Jordan continued to decline and sleep most of the time. He developed reflux and was not able to sleep lying flat. During this visit, Chat Chat Dating Jpg4 Imagetwist Custom License was told that Jordan would not receive any more Pertussis vaccines because of his condition.

July 7,he received a TD immunization. Jordan continued to make no progress like the average infant. He was not sitting unsupported not even closehe was not making eye contact, and he was not making any cooing sounds… He was silent and he would spend a lot of his time staring blankly.

He smiled and made eye contact. He loved to look into my eyes and smile and laugh. He was not able to crawl on all fours until July 21, Over a year and a half old. He was able to walk on his own at four years old. He went through intensive therapies every day. He received, what I thought was DT, August 14, However, in recent findings, he actually had received DTaP.

This is very recent news to me, but is indicated in his medical records. This explains why his speech suddenly stopped. His autistic like tendencies continued to become greater. He was banging his head, rocking back and forth, flapping his arms, making grunting sounds. His speech never progressed again. Jordan has also had several sets of ear tubes and currently has T tubes.

Jordan is now 17 years old. His mentality is that of 15 to 24 months, depending on the area. He will never drive a car. He will never live alone. He cannot communicate with words. Jordan received another DT December This triggered permanent and constant arthritis like symptoms in his joints.

Chat Chat Dating Jpg4 Imagetwist Custom License

It is mainly affecting his hands. All tests are negative for rheumatoid and other arthritis. He is now on Zoloft to offset the steroid and Prednisone which is not helping the swelling. He had a full panel and does not have any autoimmune disorders. Jordan does not carry any abnormal chromosomes or genetic disorders.

There was nothing to be triggered.

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This was plain and here, a vaccine injury, according to the neurologist that reviewed his records and did the most recent tests. She noticed that my son Nathan was not up to date on his vaccines, so as a favor to us she decided it would be a good idea to catch Nathan up, since I was getting ready to deliver my baby.

That day Nathan received his before, during, and after vaccines in one day. Nathan was never the same.

He began to make improvements and he began to say a few words!! We no longer vaccinate and have learned so much about the dangers of vaccines and their ingredients. One friend tried to convince him to stay up and watch a movie but he said he was tired and was going to bed. Refusal to just be. I just hope that they can see why I and many other parents decided that the risk was too great and respect our decision as we respect theirs.

He went in perfectly healthy and left a very different little boy. He had this head-to-toe body rash that looked like he had the measles. Then it would blister like chickenpox and start all over again. Source had this rash for three years. Two weeks after Nathan received the vaccines, on October 31st, I had my 4th child.

Nathan continued to get worse. He had fevers of above degrees daily. He would scream in so much pain, he was inconsolable. Finally the CDC was called and ended up doing a deep tissue biopsy of his rash.

The findings pointed to his vaccines. I had 4 kids but Nathan took up all of my time. That Christmas Evewe spent the night in the hospital E. Later I found out that leukemia was on the rise after the MMR was given. Long story short, Nathan ended up having 3 biopsies of his rash, one of which was performed by the CDC. He also had an optic nerve link, which indicated Central Nervous System Insult resulting from the vaccines.

There were many MRIs, EEGs, spinal taps, and blood draws, and at one point he had spent more than half his life in a hospital.

My husband of 12 years left me and the kids. I pray that you share this with everyone so that they may know my story, but also so that they may find hope. I even had to put my newborn in daycare.

Chat Chat Dating Jpg4 Imagetwist Custom License

I have never had any of my kids, not even once, have a babysitter, and here I was was, forced to put her in daycare. I felt like the worst mother ever. I felt like I had given her away.

They left him in miserable pain. Fast forward again… During the time Nathan required hour care, my other children were put on the back burner. Not by choice but through see more. I ended up having to sacrifice my other kids to save the one.

Please watch it and share with anyone and everyone. This video is a testimony to the struggles our entire family has had to go through. We still face problems. I have raised four kids alone and almost lost my son because I trusted the wrong people. Email Print Facebook Twitter Like this: I was advised that the flu shot was a good thing when I was pregnant for my son.