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Dating back over a century, magicians around the world have used Bicycle® playing cards in their card magic routines. The United States Playing Card Company expanded again, moving from downtown Cincinnati to a newly built factory in Norwood. Situated on over 30 acres, the facility would eventually accommodate. 28 Jun James Urban, the Bengals' receivers coach and one of the most respected assistants in the league, walks us through the nuances of how plays are designed, routes are run, and passes get Urban spent over an hour taking us through two plays from Cincinnati's Week 7 game against Cleveland last year. 8 Aug The concept of the store is changing in NYC, and these four.

Football games are won on the merits of power, speed and a refined intelligence. We hear all the time that football is a chess match. And every piece runs the risk of getting knocked down and taken out of the play. It was quite the lesson. This is a yard completion to Brandon LaFell. By putting all five eligible receivers outside the offensive tackle box, you create a clearer picture of which defenders the offensive linemen must block.

On this play, there are two high see more and no linebackers inside the box.

Our five O-linemen just have to handle the four defensive linemen. On this play, we put our two starting wide receivers, A.

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Green and Brandon LaFell, to the boundary. To the wide side of the field we have, beginning from the outside in, running back Giovani Bernard, tight end Tyler Kroft and wide receiver Tyler Boyd. We see cornerback Jamar Taylor lined up across from Bernard. On the inside, linebacker Demario Davis is across from Boyd.

If it were man, the cornerback would have followed our wide receiver, Boyd, inside and the linebacker would have gone with our running back, Bernard, outside. He can also see that it is a two-high safety coverage. There are a few basic variations of two-high safety zone coverage:.

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This is a pretty clear Cover 2 look. Both safeties are aligned inside the field numbers and are many yards deeper than the cornerbacks. If it were Cover 4, the safeties would be aligned a few yards closer to the line of scrimmage.

Also during the war, The United States Playing Card Companyprovided "spotter" cards, which illustrated the characteristic shapes of tanks, ships and aircraft from the more powerful countries. Their decisions magnified the volatility of a position in which change was already a constant. On this play, Green released his hitch route outside of the cornerback. They're a really, really impressive group.

But the widest-aligned receivers, Green and Bernard, will run hitch routes. To a defender, a hitch route initially looks the same as a vertical Go route.

The idea is to throw over the top of the linebacker and in front of the safety. LaFell is able to do that, even though linebacker Christian Kirksey plays it pretty well. The ball needs to be placed 18 to 22 yards downfield. Any shorter and Kirksey can reach it. Any further and that safety over the top can Cincinnati Dating Expert Games The Evolution the ball or drill LaFell. A series examining the cerebral side of the sport, including technology, analytics, how a brainy linebacker prepares and just what goes into a typical NFL play.

Defensive tackle Danny Shelton drops underneath, making it a three-man rush and putting eight defenders in coverage. More and more defenses are dropping eight defenders against spread empty formations such as this one. The slot corner near Kroft, Tramon Williams, is playing outside of Kroft. This impacts how each man runs his route. When running a route, a receiver must attack the individual coverage technique of his primary defender.

We would ask that you submit game scores as soon as possible this weekend so that we have all of the data at our disposal to make these decisions quickly. Login to your Coach Portal and find games that need scores logged in the upper right hand corner of your portal Login to your Coach Portal and log or edit your game scores from your team schedule Your coordinator also has the ability to log your game scores if you are having difficulties Cincinnati Dating Expert Games The Evolution note that you must have an account with coach level article source in order to access a Coach Portal or subscribe to the Score Reporting Reminder notification. Follow us on Twitter cpybl as we will be tweeting tournament updates as well as all bracket champions and runners up.

We teach our receivers to read their primary defender and their side of the field, not the whole defense. On this play, the Browns had not disguised anything presnap. LaFell knew the whole way that Kirksey would be inside of him. Then, LaFell drifted outside, dragging Kirksey with him. The second LaFell got over the top of Kirksey, he whipped his head around.

This is a timing-based throw; he knew the ball would have to be in the air by then. Kroft did a similar thing on the other side. He initially stemmed his route outside ever so slightly, which caused his defender, Williams, to widen.

That set up the angle for Kroft to bend his route inside. That left LaFell with the one-on-one matchup against a linebacker, no less. Dalton threw a strike to LaFell. It has a lot of pieces. First off, the defense is in Cover 2, not Tampa 2.

The difference is that in Cover 2, the middle linebacker stays in the shallow middle of the field. In Tampa 2, that middle linebacker sinks back Cincinnati Dating Expert Games The Evolution down the middle.

Those are longer throws and that sinking middle linebacker would have time to react. Dalton would have likely targeted Boyd underneath. At the snap of the ball, Boyd must peak inside.

However, in this case, you have DT Danny Shelton dropping back. So instead of running inside toward Shelton, Boyd keeps his route outside and options off of that middle linebacker, Davis.

Cincinnati Dating Expert Games The Evolution

If it would have been Tampa 2, Davis would have been aligned two or three yards deeper before the snap and would have been sinking back after the snap. Boyd would then have taken his route inside and run his option off of Shelton. On this play, however, the routes are not intertwined. Which means we want Boyd running his route to get himself open.

So here, instead of attacking LB Davis, Boyd runs six yards and simply turns around. Take the easy stuff. If we ran this concept the next week, we might put in the wrinkle of having Boyd attack the middle linebacker in order to create a clear window for Kroft.

It just depends what we see from the defense on film that week. One small negative on this play: Boyd initially stemmed his route toward the outside, running it behind Kroft. He should not do that. We do call those tandem releases at Cincinnati Dating Expert Games The Evolution, but not on this play.

Boyd should just release straight downfield off check this out line. Dalton in that case would have thrown to one of the hitch routes outside. Dalton also would have worked those hitch routes if it had been a single-high safety coverage.

That would have left one-on-one coverage all the way outside. On the surface, the choice is easy: But notice the cushion that cornerback Jamar Taylor has on Bernard down below. That can be tempting, too. But remember, Bernard is not accustomed to running routes.

His practice reps are spent primarily on running plays. On this play, Green released his hitch route outside of the cornerback. In certain designs against Cover 2, the outside receivers have a mandatory outside release. In other words, their first few steps on their downfield routes must be toward the sideline.

This is usually to create more space for Cincinnati Dating Expert Games The Evolution quick-out route for the slot receiver inside of them. That was not the case here. Green released outside, but only because his corner cheated so far inside.

We like to convert hitch routes into Go routes against bump-and-run coverage by a corner or against certain Cover 2 looks. Later in the game, the Bengals ran a similar concept.

Why Rafael Nadal Is Better Than Novak Djokovic Now

Only this time it was in the red zone and the Browns played man-to-man. So link is the same formation as before, only flip-flopped. This tells Dalton it is man-to-man.

It is highly unlikely that either safety would become a robber and swoop into the middle of field. Here you see Boyd one-on-one in the middle of the field against Boddy-Calhoun.

There is a ton of space for Boyd. In the event that Boyd absolutely burns Boddy-Calhoun off the snap, he can convert his option route into a crossing route and just keep running. Nine times out of 10, however, the cornerback will be in position to still chase down the receiver after the catch. To gain separation, Boyd will start out on a crossing route but then sharply cut back Cincinnati Dating Expert Games The Evolution other way. Boyd did a tremendous job.

Cincinnati Dating Expert Games The Evolution

Look at the separation he gets from Boddy-Calhoun. This is not a timing and anticipation route like on the previous play. Dalton must see Boyd get open before he can throw. We get everything you want here, but the pass protection does not hold up.

The pocket closes down, creating an inaccurate throw. Boyd must go to the ground to catch it. Gain of three, creating fourth down. This is the kind of stuff Urban spends his days teaching.