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14 Jan WE'VE all been there, sat across the table from someone you have absolutely nothing in common with - hoping your awful date will come to an end soon. And, with the world of online dating and smartphone apps like Tinder, this sorts of thing is becoming increasingly common - with some Catfishers not. I been dating this girl for a month and she seems like a very nice and down to earth person. I recently found out that she works at a place like Hooters where they wear revealing clothing and are paid to flirt with the men all day long. I really . They are also a bit more intimate, for example when a girl asks for your order she will sit down with all of you and perhaps be a bit more opened to questions and/ or suggestions. Keep in mind that you will probably adopt this attitude when you work there. I'm not sure if I would date a hooters girl, since I tend to assume.

The Hooters Experience: Dating Customers

Results 1 to 16 of Would you date a girl that works at Hooters? Or any establishment that requires them to dress with not much on. I wouldn't want to date a girl that lacks self-respect.

What are you takes on it? Originally Posted by killerobotninja.

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Originally Posted by hugeORdie. Nah, attention whores are not girlfriend material. A lot of the Hooter's girls I've talked to are pretty nice.

Unfortunately, you have never talked click or dated her? If a girl will pop her tits out and shake her ass for 2 dollars what would she do for dollars. You believe working at Hooters makes her a hooker. There are ways that she could act at work that would make me uncomfortable enough that I might change my mind, but at least at Hooters the only one I'm particularly familiar with it's not bad enough to bother even me, and I'm pretty easily bothered.

Probably a lot less slutty than the waitresses at TGIF or other such establishments. Who said there was anything wrong with hooters? Please come back when you can read properly. Originally Posted by -Kal-El. Its just a restaurant that hires predominately hot women. Matters how long she has been working there and for what reasons.

To cut back before bulking like a demon. To get what's mine. So let them hate There isn't anything wrong with the establishment, I'm saying while yes, it's fine to look at these girls, would you want to date one. The girls use their skin for tips and what I'm asking is if in your eyes that's okay.

What Being A Hooters Waitress Does To Your Brain

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Dating A Girl That Works At Hooters

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I'm always wary about women who rely on their looks for money. I wouldn't want to date a girl that lacks self-respect. I mean, if you are a nice person, not a slut, in college, and are attractive enough to work for a restaurant than like that, then you're also good enough to work jobs that are not degrading in that manner. My new favorite website:

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Dating A Girl That Works At Hooters

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