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6 May A Question for Divorced Men who were cheated on and left by their wives I was his first serious relationship since his wife. But he got scared. He says he . This time of my life was confusing to me and I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing to this girl I was dating/seeing/using/whatever you call it. 9 Jan He doesn't like to go into a ton of detail but my boyfriend of a few months is older than me and divorced for over a year. I realize that being cheated on is horrible, but I wonder how much more to the story there is. You just have to ask yourself if the gamble is worth it. Search or use up and down arrow keys to. 7 May Your knees buckle when he walks into a room. You light up like a Christmas tree when you see his number calling your phone. Finally, you, the divorced girl met a great divorced guy you want to date forever! BUT, how do you know if your divorced guy is a keeper? Here are 5 divorced guys you don't want.

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Dating a divorced man whose wife cheated on him

He was with her for 14 years. They have children together. He was happy and thought they had a wonderful marriage. He never saw it coming. She met someone and kicked him out. The new guy moved in the next day. He lost everything - his family, his home, his ability to love Do you think he can ever get click ability to love back??? It has been a year and a half since it happened.

He only dated one other girl before he met me. I was his first serious relationship since his wife. But he got scared. He says he isn't ready. So right before he was supposed to meet my parents, he broke up with me.

Yet we still spend a couple here times a week together and often it looks Dating Divorced Man Whose Wife Cheated we will get back together.

Then everytime we start getting really close again, he starts acting weird.

Finally after some prodding he told me a lot about the end of their marriage including that she did cheat on him with her new click boyfriend. Recently I have been listening to a talk radio station here in Baltimore and at nights there is a guy called Tom Lycos sp. Baby, this man doesn't know wheather he's coming or going.

When I question it, he then "breaks up with me" all over again. Yet read more says we never know what may happen between us later.

And when I try to stay away from him, he brings me back Do you think it is possible for him to ever fall in love again? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Sure, but it is up to him to take the first step and move past that time in his life, He has tried so don't take offense in him breaking up with you. If you stand by him through the tough situations and he still goes off and meets other girls I can almost guarantee he will come back to you.

Yes, mollyanna I do think it Dating Divorced Man Whose Wife Cheated be possible for him to love again He was very hurt in his last marriage. Obviously, you get that. My theory here is he probably felt very powerless, betrayed and maybe Now whether he means to or not I think this is manifesting itself in ya'lls relationship My gut says you are probably very warm and openhearted and showed nothing but full support when he talked about his past.

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That's all fine and dandy, Dating Divorced Man Whose Wife Cheated that's no to take it out on you. Bare with me here I get the feeling he feels very secure in his relationship with you - the opposite of what you think, or else he wouldn't keep doing this. He is, because he can. Guess you'll just have to wait and see.

He's still to hurt and gun-shy to know for sure. Sorry if I sound pushy but I've seen it before. You seem like a very genuine person and that should not be lost on anyone! He was married a very long time I also get the impression that he's a bit older than you? That's typical, too if it's true.

3 Reasons I Steer Clear Of Men Who Have Been Cheated On

Just don't let him use you or take advantage. Tell him you know he went through a lot, but what's done is done. You're ready for a future. If he can't committ and u dont think that's cool- walk. Don't let him build himself, or ego, back up at your expense! You bet, if he chooses to. I was exactly in his shoes. I was still am in love with my wife.

After being married source ten years and going through a divorce then falling in love with a wonderful women.

I also thought she was perfect. The perfect family, house, kids, and life. Then it all went away, just as fast or even faster than i could comprehend. I was left broken hearted and moving in with my mom. She was with her new man. My thoughts would change daily.

Dating Divorced Man Whose Wife Cheated

One day i would say date somebody else to help get over her the next I would say no relationships until I get over being hurt. I eventually realized what I wanted was what I lost. When my phone rang and she asked to reunit our family I dumped the girl I was dating.

The moral to the story is be careful. You love him and thats great for you and himbut dont hate the guy if he eventually figures out what he wants is what he lost. Also dont put yourself in a predictament that you allow somebody to use you or make you feel used. Like I said its a dangerous place. Dating Divorced Man Whose Wife Cheated just have read more ask yourself if the gamble is worth it.

Try express yourself and concerns to him and give him the opportunity to find out what he wants if you can wait. Based on my experience only, the answer is probably yes, but probably not with you. Regardless of the time since separation, you are his rebound love. He is still hurting and getting over his marriage and you are a wonderful help in that but do not hold your breath. I was married for 10 yrs.

I threw her out.

If mna want him to get over his divorce, then you should do new things together, from going hiking to learning how to make enchiladas. Yes she bears a psychic wound. But if they are real friends then they will be very supportive. I was left broken hearted and moving in with my mom.

W e have a few kids and we get along better now then before since we agreed that we could not change what had happened or the way we felt, but we could go forward with our kids in the front of our minds. There was a specific point in time--the point of no return, where I KNEW that it would never be salvaged. After she moved out of the house, I began to date and she was a wonderful woman going through a divorce herself with some great kids.

Dating Divorced Man Whose Wife Cheated

We got along great, traveled to some great places, had great sex, BUT when it started to look as if it were turning into a lifetime relationship, I freaked. I broke it off. We were both hurt. After a while maybe three months we reconcilled and that lasted a month.

I just was not ready for the relationship to be where she wanted it to be. Not her fault and not mine. I dated casually for about a year and a friend fixed me up with a friend of hers and we have been together almost a year. It is wonderful, and I can truthfully say that there might be a future. I think a man coming off of that type of split, needs to be able to assert some authority over his relationships since he had none with his past.

Right or wrong--just my opinion. Once that authority is asserted on you I here sorry to say his sense of self worth will be repaired and he can move on. Of course there will have been more time to heal the wounds as well. Mollyanna, I know it is never easy to say, but maybe giving it up will do you a lot of good.

When a man wants a woman he goes after her. He won't let her get away. He'll fight for her. Of course, in return the woman should be worth the trouble and appreciate this. Baby, this man doesn't know wheather he's coming or going.

Let Dating Divorced Man Whose Wife Cheated else heal him and take care of him. You find yourself someone to love and to love you back The sooner you leave, the sooner you'll start healing and the sooner the chance to meet your special man. Cry, shout, yeal, but leave I have been reading everyone's responses and now I even more confused. You'all sound like the conflicting voices in my head.