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Was Dumb fired from Rovers Morning Glory - Discussion on Topix

Rover's Morning Glory is a syndicated hot talk morning radio show originating from Cleveland rock station WMMS ( FM). Hosted by radio personality. CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A relationship spat is to blame for WMMS "Rover's Morning Glory" show going off-air Monday and Tuesday. Profile information for Both Rover and Duji disagree with whom the other is or was dating and they thought they could no longer work together because of the tension. The two were able. Dieter said if he ever turned down a dare he would go back to phone-screening, a promise that was often held over his head during the segment by listeners. The feature was ended by Rover and CBS Radio management after Dieter suffered a serious injury and temporary paralysis during a.

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Duji And Rover Rovers Morning Glory Dating

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Duji's Back on 'Rover's Morning Glory" - Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH

Yellow Pages Local Listings. Not a Topix user yet? Business Tech Sports Entertainment. Leave a Comment Track Replies. Rover has the option of keeping who he wants on the show.

Its naive to think he doesnt. Ultimately its his show. Dumb was the only one who kept it real on RMG. Everyone kisses Rovers ass.

Was Dumb fired from Rovers Morning Glory

Wish this was a stunt for ratings. When they return from "vacation" on monday, Dumb will be returning, heard it from a good source. And Jeffery will be relegated to 3 days again. Listening to the show now and I hear Dumb on it, be must be back from suspension. Shaun Street rules wrote:. His twitter account is no longer in existence.

Odd how Jim is no longer on the show but still works Roverfest. Will Dumb have his role there still too or will Duji cut him off. I thought perhaps Dumb took an extended medical leave for alcohol and drug addiction.

Duji's Double Standard: She Says She Wants to Bang a 15-Year-Old

He has said he is an alcoholic for months now. This would have been why no one could say anything about it on the air. The whole thing is sad. I wish the best for Dumb and I hope he finds peace.

It's not over yet. He no longer goes by Dumb that is a character name on RMG and I guess is their property and took down that twitter account. He now only posts under his name and his company on FB. He's not even FB friends with anyone one the show. Why are they still playing reruns? It seems like they went to vacation before Labor Day, then never came back.

WMMS the Buzzard link. So I missed a couple of weeks. Why did dumb get in trouble in the first place? The truth about why Dumb left the show is that he is getting his own show on a rival station. I know this for a fact. He was approached about doing a M-F show to run head-to-head against Rover and it should be starting up next month.

The show is really coming along and they are making the final deals with the sponsors and such. There is going to be a billboard on West to publicize it. This is going to be very big and change the radio scene in Cleveland and the Duji And Rover Rovers Morning Glory Dating States once the show launches.

I agree - Rover is such a braggart with his big boat, big trips, and young girlfriend. He's ugly as shit and personality sucks. Girl's after your money, you stupid F-er. Nasmir, you're a month behind - stop smoking dope and look at a calender.

Retrieved April 30, They laugh it off, call it a conspiracy theory, and quickly move on. Pretty sure they would never tell JLR either.

Dumb was smart to bail on show. Maybe it is time for rover to be exposed as he does to his crew. He is a no class, pinheaded punk. Tell me when this thread is updated: Subscribe Now Add to my Tracker.

Duji And Rover Rovers Morning Glory Dating

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His twitter account is no longer in existence. He remains the undisputed king of morning radio, though he's talked about relinquishing his throne at the end ofwhen his contract expires. Is Papa Nadz an online troll? Is that the financial support he agreed to offer her, but on the air he complains about it for added drama?

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Dmsm Bella Vista, AR. Shaun Street rules Rochester, NY. Rover is a punk Rochester, NY. He is now Shaun Rochester, NY. What the hell happened? Can anyone explain Judged: Read more North Royalton, OH.

Rover usually takes his vacation before Labor Day and comes back the day after. Nasmir, you're a month behind - stop smoking dope and look at a calender Probably, just found this thread not too long ago.

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