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How to Seduce a Libra Woman

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Seduction of the Libra Woman. Libra is a cardinal air sign, bright, attractive and sociable. Libra can't stand loneliness, so, if you want to seduce her, give her your company. Because of the air element, Libra enjoys a good conversation in a harmonious environment. She is a mental type who just loves company. Kiss her slow and firm, tell her how gorgeous she is and revel in the foreplay. Your Libra woman appreciates quality not quantity. Make it good for her and she will make it very good for you, so good that a man may turn into a 30 second brother. Look, I'm just telling you how good it is, don't shoot the messenger. If you made it. Clever tips and advice on how to seduce a Libra Woman and/or make a Libra Woman fall in love with you.

How To Turn A Libra Woman On

Ahh, the scales of the universe have shifted once again, leaving you eyeing that harmonious, Venusian poster child of the Zodiac, Libra. Perhaps you may have paid little attention to them previously due to their indecisiveness, lack of assertion, and occasional superficial smile here and there.

Are you seriously letting that airy, flirtatious conversation fool you into thinking that Libra is nothing more than a pretty face? Libra coined that phrase far before the big bang, so get your freak hat and your classy hat out, because you will need both for this rodeo. After all, Libra is defined by the Divine Scales, the only inanimate representation of the entire Zodiac.

Now imagine the most glorious. I guarantee that Libra has been both places one thousand times over.

A need for mental connection click a must for this sign of the zodiac. This appraisal can be a very long and drawn-out process. Libra women especially find themselves making men wild with need, then heading for the hills because the man is too horny for her. Libras don't want to be covered in your lust.

The best part however, is that Libra can live these polarities at the same time. A porno suggestion sidebar come true. Libra rules the lower back, all the way to that heavenly, perfectly proportioned posterior. This is dubbed by astrologers like me to be the go-to erogenous zone Libra.

Some days Libra wants to be the individual of adoration, turning your vanilla ass worshipping session into a three-room-three-table-bonanza. Continually tell your Libra how beautiful they are, and reaffirm this with a playful nibble or slap here and there. Jump back and forth between intense hair pulling, and a sensual fondling of the part of your preference.

When Libra becomes flighty, pin them down.

How To Turn A Libra Woman On

The key here is to be firm, yet natural. Anything too aggressive and primal will not result in a second booty call from this sign. Light a candle together while mid act — that is for bonus points only.

Libra Seduction Tips

Libra rules partnerships and relationships; if you are getting hot and heavy, your Libra will be responsive. Some days Libra wants to prove everyone wrong.

An expert debater, Libra is no stranger to the dominant role, although commonly stereotyped into the submissive role. If your Libra suddenly wears that smug grin, you better sound proof the walls because they are about to deliver a load of dominance that will leave more than a sticky residue.

They would also get to do the same to you. Only then will the ideal Libran bond be achieved.

LIBRA WOMAN: Understanding Libra Women! ✔

Until then, reorganize your book collection, buy a blindfold or two, and pick up some roses. Good luck, allow yourself to be moonstruck. I think everyone has a quote that has ignited something within them — a quote that has stirred their heart and inspired their creativity.

1. Lower Back & Butt Are Hot Zones

A good quote can make me write for hours, I think that is why I find reading so integral when it comes to art. It opens up the worlds inside of you.

She is a very loyal partner. She needs to be courted by her lover and complemented quite often. She will move on with her life if you stop calling her assuming that you did not find her interesting. They influence how the brain develops, what we remember, and how we learn.

Luring a Libra begins with the mind. As one of three air signs of the Zodiac, Libra needs to connect mentally before anything else. If your Libra has been giving you evasive, vague and poetic lines all night, you are almost ready to jump into the fray. Read a little more. In a perfect Libran world, suitors would swoon them to their breaking point, and tear away all of that innocence.

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