Is Dating In High School A Waste Of Time. How To Hook Up Online!

A School Dating Waste Of In Is Time High

My Failures Dating in High School: STOP WASTING TIME!

Is it just me, or are high school relationships a huge waste of time?

18 Jul Before I go into some of the other reasons why I didn't date in high school, I should start by admitting that it wasn't all my decision. Most people would probably assume I'm High school is your time to be selfish and to figure out who you want to be, so don't waste it. When you look back on high school. The majority of your relationships are going to be a 'waste of time' if you view them like this. Statistically speaking, most won't last. That doesn't mean that they aren't valuable. You'll both grow because of your shared experiences. There's a chance she could be 'the one', but I wouldn't count on it. Finding. 4 Jul Everyone has heard of high school sweethearts, and although they may seem like a waste of time, there are a lot of people who started dating in high school who have had successful marriages. Even though there are a lot of struggles you can endure by being together through high school, college and after.

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May 4, 1. First off, I would just like to say that what I'm about to write will not be directly related to fapping, but instead related to another pressure that every High School student has faced.

I'm sharing this because I strongly believe in what I'm about to write and I believe it can help everyone, specifically the types of people that will get engaged in something such as nofap.

I believe it's good as a learning experience. Wake up every morning with the motivation to be better than the previous day. If you aren't taking your boyfriend or girlfriend's feelings into account or including them in your day to day life, then why are you dating?

Just about everything I read backed up my original thoughts about High School dating. Almost all High Schoolers don't have the maturity that's needed to maintain a healthy relationship, and those who do have that maturity will generally choose not to date. It's because those people that are mature enough to maintain a healthy relationship understand that a relationship is about the other person, therefor, they're not going to go out seeking a relationship.

Now just think about this for a minute: If a relationship is about the other person, but YOU'RE the person that wants to get into a relationship, then it's not about the other person.

Is Dating In High School A Waste Of Time

It's not always the High Schooler's fault either. As a growing teenager, you naturally have lots of hormones running through your body that are trying to tell you that you want a relationship. On top of this, the social pressure that a High School puts on you is telling you that you want a relationship. It's also possible that peer pressure is telling you that you need a relationship.

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Yes, I've asked many adults this question simply because I am curious I'll just go ahead and list off a FEW of the reasons why they explained no: Keep in mind this is NOT referring to virginity, although that is one example, this is more focused on the emotional side High School Relationships distract you from what really matter in High School, which is to do everything you can to pursue your dreams.

This is because High School is really the first time in your life where you can do things that can influence you for the rest of your life. For example, getting good grades to get into a good college which can greatly influence what type of job you keep for the rest of your life.

High School relationships don't make sense. Because of this, High Schoolers are deceived thinking that they can obtain go here successful relationship in High School. But do they really know what it means? There is a lot of responsibility behind using the word "love".

Is Dating In High School A Waste Of Time

When talking about "love" you're also talking about life-long decisions. Do you think that you're ready to have your own family? Because if you're not, then you can't "love" properly, which is required for a successful relationship.

I can promise you that you're just lying to yourself. It's a social pressure that you want to fulfill whether you realize it or not.

This post was a bit more of a ramble than I would've liked, but I just hope that at least one person can read this and maybe even just understand High School relationships a little bit better.

If you want more proof, I just urge you to look up High School relationships. An astounding number of people will tell you why High School relationships fail, or are simply a bad idea.


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Click in my opinion, that's what high school is all about. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. This is an archived post. If it goes south. I had a very long relationship in highschool four yearsbut to me I don't count it as a relationship because there was no physical intimacy.