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23 Things That Happen When You Date A Sorority Girl

8 Mar When it comes to dating women in college, there really is nothing like a sorority girl. Of course, with sorority girls comes a specific set of rules. While every girl is going to feature different characteristics, each are going to live by specifics set out by their sorority. 20 Aug You may initially make fun of it, but eventually you'll end up adopting the sorority squat. 4. Your weekend calendar will always be full of activities. Two words: Date. Functions. 5. You'll realize that the bond between big and little is a strong one. 6. You'll wonder. So, how about those Greek girls? If you haven't ever done so, dating a sorority girl is something you want to consider.

There are few joys in the world greater than the shitshow that is a sorority formal. You can learn firsthand just how terrible sorority rush is compared to ours. Your brothers will probably love her, mainly due to the hot friends she brings around.

Pros & Cons of Dating A Sorority Girl

They always know the key to your heart: You love the exact Perks Of Dating A Sorority Girl bars for the exact same reasons. She might take go here to get ready, but you know if push came to shove she could look perfect in 15 minutes. Chances are your friends are already close with hers. She can be friends with the girlfriends from other sororities or at least pretend that she is.

You can count on her fear of standards to keep her from doing anything embarrassing on your date functions. So you're all jerks for calling him out on it. He is a self described Huguenot, and commands a secret sexual fetish for angry internet comments.

Who wants to be embarrassed by their drunken slob of a boyfriend?

Cons Drama just seems to follow sorority girls. Other people prefer to make their load-outs more tailored towards specific goals, like trying to make the lightest carry with the most gear or the minimalism of finding only items that have three or more uses. Take TSM with you.

He thinks that his house having a party with another sorority is justifiable cause for not seeing you.

Sorry babe, too many other girls here. He expects you to wear his smelly ass shirts and look good in them 8. He likes to do weird shit in the bedroom. He gets source out drunk…. He thinks cheap gas station wine is acceptable. And be proud of it Hope you work for M. Expect cheap gas station wine as presents He needs an excuse to enjoy good food but apparently gas station wine is acceptable They frequent strip clubs… together.

Why is this Perks Of Dating A Sorority Girl so into helping his bros get laid? Completely satisfying said no girl ever He likes crappy bars with cheap drinks…. This includes hassling till youre out the door. And he still wants yours. Too close for comfort. Not trying to date an orgy. He has emotional ties to coolers his ex made him.

10 Types Of Women To NEVER Date!

He wants another goddamn cooler. He expects you to have impeccably high standards except when it comes to men and gas station wine. He also gets embarrassed easily. He wants you to throw him surprises. He wants you to clean for him because Her Greatness his mother is coming Wow that alone sounds fun.

I have experienced a situation to contradict almost every single one of these nonsensical statements. No they will not. You must some serious connections for them to keep you on the staff.

Your columns are the only part about this website i hate.

Six Disadvantages to Dating a Sorority Girl

He makes lists, you fucks. You opened this fucking column knowing that SFPL wrote it, and what does he write. All you guys look for is something to bitch about. Other girls who trust their boyfriend would be fine with this as well. I have too many reasons to list as to why I disagree with why sorority girls are the classiest on campus. You got me on this one. Or any other party. Rush in general is fucking Perks Of Dating A Sorority Girl.

So could a great, non-sorority girl. Yeah because talking to your girlfriend is so annoying. HA, cept click at this page all hate each other and probably would let you handle the whole shit show.

My parents HATE sorority girls. Again, classiest girls on campus? Have some damn respect. Wow so thoughtful of her! Not caddy at all. I help my boyfriend clean all the time. Why is this guy allowed to have an account this website? If you are so anti-greek why the fuck are you on this site? The fact that you created an account on TFM and spent time typing out that essay of a comment just to bitch about how much you hate Greek life proves how utterly pathetic you are.

You should be fucking shot for even being on this site you ducking geed! Email this to a friend. Tyler Sperry 4 years ago.

Perks Of Dating A Sorority Girl

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Perks Of Dating A Sorority Girl

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History by Alie Zavaletta. He expects you to wear his smelly ass shirts and look good in them 8. Yeah because talking to your girlfriend is so annoying. I recently went through sorority recruitment, and can now say it was certainly an experience.

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