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What Would You Wear to Your Funeral?

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When deciding what to wear to a funeral or memorial service, think about what you might wear to a business meeting, a job interview, or church or synagogue. While black clothing is almost always appropriate, clothing of other colors may also be worn. In general, an outfit worn to a funeral should be fairly conservative, both. What to Wear to a Funeral: Dos and Don'ts. DO: Consider where and when the service will be held: A memorial service at a beach will be more casual than a service at a place of worship. Use common sense: If you are attending the funeral of someone you knew to be quite formal, it is likely that the attire should be more . 16 Aug Let the following be a wake up call on how to attend wakes, funerals, and other memorial services, to care and respect: 1. ARRIVE ON Wearing jeans or the same clothes you would wear to a back-yard barbecue shows a great lack of care and respect for the person who has died, their family, and others.

Have you been rummaging through your closet wondering what would be appropriate for solemnity of the occasion? She wore black to publicly signify the depth of her grief, a trend followed by her subjects. Any dark, neutral colour will do for Western funerals e. Other cultures have different customs when it comes to the colour of appropriate funeral attire. For example, Hindus wear white. For Western funerals, wear conservative clothing in dark, neutral colours e.

Avoid bright colours and wild patterns. A suit is appropriate for men, but a dress shirt and tie will often suffice. Shoes should be polished. Women should dress modestly, with simple makeup and jewellery. It depends on whether the service is formal or informal.

For a formal memorial service, wear traditional funeral attire dark-coloured, conservative clothing. Dress less formally for an informal service but still remain modest.

What Do You Wear To A Funeral Service

Before heading to your closet, you need to determine what kind of service you are attending. Guests to a traditional funeral service in a church would wear different clothing than guests to a celebration of life ceremony held on a beach. The feelings of loss are still fresh and raw. Grief and mourning are at their most intense. Therefore, a traditional funeral is a sombre affair. You should, however, wear conservative attire source subdued colours like navy, grey and brown.

Your makeup should be simple and not overdone. Your shoes should also look polished and classic. When considering what to wear to a funeral, definitely stay away from wearing bright colours and wild patterns. Not only would it make you stand out like a sore thumb, it will have people gossiping about your inappropriate fashion choice for years to come.

What To Wear To A Funeral

Wear a black, navy blue, or grey suit, with a clean white shirt and a black tie. Avoid bold patterns and colours, even with ties.

Last, but not least, ensure that your shoes are squeaky clean. If, on the other hand, you are attending a memorial service or a celebration of life, a traditional black outfit may not be the best choice.

Memorial services and celebrations of life tend to take place months after a death, once the initial shock has passed. Therefore, dressing for a memorial service or life celebration is typically more informal but should always be respectful. Ladies have more wardrobe choices in terms of colour and style. While memorial service or a celebration of life is typically less formal than a church funeral service, it is still a special and meaningful occasion, which means dressing modestly.

Men attending a memorial service or a celebration of life may wear dress pants, a clean white shirt, and a favourite tie. Here is it not necessary to wear a full suit. Memorial services or life celebrations can take place in a variety of locations. When it comes to dress, you should consider the location of the service. On the day of the funeral, the funeral home was filled with guests all wearing blues and greens.

His twin brother Sullivan even dyed his hair blue to honor him. If you do not know whether you are attending a traditional funeral or an informal celebration of life, first take a look at the invitation and evaluate its overall tone. What Do You Wear To A Funeral Service that approach fails, do not be afraid to ask the person planning the service what you should wear.

They will appreciate your care and check this out.

What to Wear to a Funeral or Memorial Service

Although traditional Western funerals typically wear black and other dark, neutral colours, it is important to do a little research about the culture of the deceased person and their funeral traditions when considering what to wear to a funeral. For example, white attire is not considered to be appropriate funeral attire in Western culture, but in traditional Hindu funerals, casual white clothing is the norm.

In Hindu culture, white is the colour of purity and the highest social caste.

Here is an outfit designed for an outdoor funeral service. Red, in some cultures, is seen as a sign of celebration. Funeral Service at the Arlington Cemetery. A funeral is generally a formal occasion. I had believed that it was OK to wear a tan or light coloured suit to a summer funeral as long as you wore a black armband with it.

Wearing black, on the other hand, is What Do You Wear To A Funeral Service impolite and disrespectful to the deceased. Many mourners attending a Hindu funeral wear sandals, as it is compulsory to take off shoes to pray at the temple during services. As another example, mourners to a Chinese funeral do not wear jewelry or red clothing, article source red is the colour of happiness.

Wearing red is considered extremely rude and is highly offensive. A young law associate once attended the funeral of a senior partner at her law firm who was Chinese. She wore a classic, black suit—which lawyers seem to have in abundance—but paired it with red high heels and a matching red handbag. Her confusion turned to embarrassment, however, when she discovered the offense she had caused with her wardrobe.

No doubt her face matched her purse and shoes. Like Jacki, avoid lots of jewelry and heavy makeup. As the saying goes: If you are in doubt about whether an item of clothing is appropriate for a funeral, ask yourself: If the answer is yes, leave it in your closet for another time.

That also holds true for her makeup style. At the end of the day, funerals are not about creating fashion moments. It is about being there. It is about expressing your grief. It is about supporting each other. And it is about saying goodbye. You will never go wrong by wearing a black dress or suit. Here are examples of black funeral dresses:. Everybody has that bright, vibrant dress that you love wearing because it makes you feel sexy every time you put it on. However, this is NOT the occasion for it.

These dresses, although very cute, are definitely too bright and upbeat to be appropriate funeral attire. They are definitely far more suited for a wedding. Here are examples of patterned dresses that are both stylish, sophisticated, and appropriate funeral attire.

This is a funeral—not a party—so save the sparkly dress for a night on the town or for New Years Eve. The rule for sleeves at a funeral is that they should, at a minimum, cover your shoulders. Covering a sleeveless dress with some kind of shawl source a kimono is acceptable.

The cut and fit of a dress are just as important as colour and pattern when deciding what to wear to a funeral. Your outfit should not be too revealing. The dress should cover the shoulders, be at least knee-length, and have a modest neckline that does not display cleavage. The What Do You Wear To A Funeral Service would be flattering on a variety of body types.

What Not to Wear to a Funeral

Although this little black dress fits the colour and pattern requirements, it is far too sexy, skimpy and tight for a funeral. The back of the dress is also important. It should be modest and cover your bra strap.

What Do You Wear To A Funeral Service

This backless dress, although satisfying all other requirements, is far too revealing in the back. Again, attending a funeral is about paying your respects, not looking sexy. Like your outfit choice, you want to stick with black, greys, browns, and navy. You could also wear shoes in another deep colour—like maroon—or a light neutral colour—like beige.

Again, a classic style would be more appropriate for click to see more funeral.

You must also stay away from sneakers, which are also too casual looking for a solemn occasion. Your clothing choices should let family of the deceased know that you took the time to dress appropriately and understand the importance of the occasion. Wearing sneakers sends the message that you were too lazy to find something to wear other than what you wear on a daily basis. When it comes to funeral makeup, less is definitely more.

Just stick with more subdued eye shadows and lipstick colours. A light plum or nude lip colour would be perfect, along with brown or grey eye What Do You Wear To A Funeral Service. The makeup in this example is stunning and very funeral appropriate. She has used blush, eye shadows and lipstick in a way that appears classic and natural.

We would also suggest that you opt for waterproof mascara as funerals can be extremely emotional. Avoid wearing bright coloured eye shadows or lipsticks, and too much blush or bronzer.

For Western funerals, wear conservative clothing in dark, neutral colours e. Everybody has that bright, vibrant dress that you love wearing because it makes you feel sexy every time you put it on. My husband Ron keeps both the S. Just as you wouldn't wear dramatic, flashy makeup to your office, do not wear it to a funeral. A black shirt with red polka-dots, for example, is not a great choice for a funeral.

Try to look as natural as possible. With the risk of sounding like a broken record — again, less is more when it comes to accessorizing your look.

Choose simple, traditional jewelry like a classic pearl necklace, diamond-stud earrings, or a tennis bracelet. This elegant and minimalistic earring and necklace pair is simple and subdued, but still adds class and style to your look. Chunky, colourful jewelry is fun to wear in everyday life, but is too much for a funeral. When it comes to accessorizing your outfit, avoid hoop earring, large dangling earrings and bulky necklaces.