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30 Mar While I don't think it's important to adhere to an arbitrary formula when considering age in a potential relationship (interestingly, when I met Kevin our age difference was exactly this ratio), I think it can be a good rule of thumb to help you consider if your relationship is appropriate. (A 37 year old dating a 11 May Nonetheless, in the concept of dating someone significantly older, or younger, than you still raises a few eyebrows. Case in point; the unwarranted furore surrounding Emmanuel Macron, 39, – the newly-elected President of France – and his wife Brigitte Trogneux, With an age gap of 25 years. So when you're 35 and date a 25 year old, you go out of your own world and date someone from a different world in a way. My own father was 8 years older than my mother and they had a good relationship, though, I do believe the problems they had were directly because of the age difference. Not to mention, men's life.

The older you get, the wider the permissible age gap: In practice, research conducted by Christian Rudder, co-founder of OKCupid, a dating website, suggests that when it comes to age gaps, men and women have slightly different ideas. While female users look for men roughly the same age as them or perhaps a year or two older men prefer women in their early twenties, regardless of their own age.

While women prefer a small and constant age gap, men are so hooked on the idea of a nubile young partner that they prefer a larger age gap the older they get.

Eight years is just too big of a difference. Unfortunately that 'rule' Submitted by Winslow Arizona on May 3, - 8: With an age gap of 25 years, Macron, recently spoke out about the international obsession with the age difference between himself and his partner. Most times, I can lean back in a chair and listen to a monologue of negativity and wonder how the hell someone could make it so long on this planet, no matter how old they are.

Are men searching wisely? In theory there are plenty of reasons to favour a small age gap. The ability of both members of a couple to sing a favourite childhood television theme tune could bond them together, at the risk of irritating those nearby.


And sharing the joy of getting a free bus pass at a similar time, or saving money from combining big birthday parties, is clearly attractive. Some economists have wondered whether smaller age gaps between partners could have wider, societal benefits, as they might help to narrow the gender earnings gap. Because earnings rise with age, and women tend to couple with older men, relative earnings around the time of childbirth could put subtle pressure on women to drop out of work.

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That said, a study that compared Danish twin sisters found that the earnings of women who married older men were no different, on average, than those who married men closer to them in age. Could a smaller age gap also make couples more likely to stay together? Something about the kind of person who opts into a marriage with a large age gap could be driving the higher divorce rates, rather than the age gap itself. It did not find a strong link between age here and divorce rates in England and Wales, though there was some evidence that women marrying later than 30 who were more than ten years older than their spouse were more likely to divorce.

Common sense does suggest that a large age gap would have implications for old age.

Age Gaps In Relationships

Having someone to look after you in your dotage is wise, as is avoiding widowhood. A younger, healthier partner could make sense, at least from your side of the equation.

What Is The Appropriate Age Difference For Dating

Another study by Sven Drefahl of the University of Stockholm looked at people over the age of 50 in Denmark, and found that men with younger spouses survived for longer than those with ones of a similar age. The older their spouse, the worse their survival chances, even after controlling for things like education and wealth.

Again, the link might not be causal: But mysteriously, this phenomenon does not appear to apply to women, where the bigger the age gap, the worse their survival chances, regardless of whether they were younger or older.

In the case of women with younger husbands, Drefahl suggested, the gender difference could be due to women being less reliant on their partner for support, and so benefiting less from the energies of a younger spouse.

A true economist, however, would look for better evidence, perhaps by comparing the marital bliss of random couples with varying age differences.

What Is The Appropriate Age Difference For Dating

Unfortunately for them, but luckily for the rest of us, people make their own choices — and are free to ignore silly rules of thumb.

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