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Quiz: Are You An Attention Seeker?

29 Jul Find out if your an attention seeker, or not, or need to open up more (This is my first quiz so it won't be brilliant) please don't take your result to heart. there are 14 or 15 questions. Please Report Broken Or Missing Images. Knowledge Quiz based upon Test Your Internet Purity!, the Computers selector quiz by Rose. Test your knowledge of: You are annoyingly needy and attention seeking. Make Your Own Knowledge Quizzes Like This One. Do you crave attention from everyone? FIND OUT WITH THIS QUIZ Take this quiz! Do you love to make people laugh? Have you ever played a practical joke on someone? How many friends do you have? Do you like to chat to people on the phone/facebook? Are you (honestly) outgoing? Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend.

Find out if your an attention seeker, or not, or need to open up more This is my first quiz so it won't be brilliant please don't take your result to heart. Published July 29, Are you an attention seeker? Losing my loved ones. None of them scare me. You're partner ends the relationship with you, how do you react? I make a scene. I'm so upset I can't help it.

I accept that it's not working out and move on. I write quotes about my broken heart and post them online to express myself.

Are You a Hypochondriac? To have a better life without ever having to give up. Sometimes I worry I am. I make a scene. Who is the Perfect Boy for You?

I'm really upset, but I keep myself to myself, nod and walk away. You're friend tells you you're being a bit attention seeking, How do you react? Oh, maybe they're right.

Am I An Attention Seeker Quiz

I strongly deny it. I guess I haven't seen it, I will apologise and stop. Ask everyone how I'm attention seeking. No, of course not. I like standing out and being different not attention seeking. Sometimes I worry I am. If I am I hope I'm not too attention seeking to the point it annoys people.

I don't know, but I doubt it. I know aren't I amazing. I don't like it. I guess I just say hi and sit down. Stare at them back. Ask if they're ok and if they want me to call anyone for them. read article

Are you An Attention Seeker?

Share this on many social medias, I want people to know how much of a hero I am. I was the damsel in distress. I feel warm and fuzzy for doing such a good deed. I wouldn't say I saved their live exactly, I just helped them get to hospital.

I love rock n roll!!! Heavy screamer rock music but also classic rock. Nightcore sad love song. The sound of my own tears.

Depressed like my whole world is upside down. I'll admit I could be better. Scared, I'm doing this quiz to get my mind article source things. So lonely, you could never feel what I feel. I'm happy because my friends and family are happy.

I don't talk about my problems.

Post a status about it, maybe people will comment on it. Are you cute according to standards? Rating helps us to know which quizzes are good and which are bad Related Quizzes:

If it's serious I seek professional help. Post a status about it, maybe people will comment on it. A teacher or form tutor If you are still in school. If it's not too serious I ask my imaginary friends. I don't tell anyone because no one cares!!! I'm on my own. I'm not really sure. Black and leather jackets Both.

Short skirts, a lot of make up Girls. Depends on the weather, what ever is comfy both. Nerdy clothes, I love video game shirts both.

Dealing with Attention Seeking Behavior

Anything that makes me look cute or attractive both. As little clothes as I can both. Shirt and jeans, with a band logo both. It depends who I'm with.

Anything with dark colours. What ever is in fashion. Let's pretend your at school, you're walking when suddenly you notice a fight going on, what do you do? Nothing, I just keep walking. See if you can break it up. I'm the one who started it 3: Stop the fight and enjoy the heroic feeling, and make sure that people saw it.

My life isn't perfect but who's is? I'm grateful for what I have. I feel very blessed, I can walk, see, hear, feel and I have a roof above my Am I An Attention Seeker Quiz and a loving family. I don't have the best life, but I don't have the worst either. I have nothing good in my life. A crazy roller coaster. Someone complements you, what do you say back? Baaa I'm a goat Go away you creep. Ok so this was my first quiz so I apologise if it's not perfect. Don't take your result to heart too much, unless you're happy with your result.

Thank you for taking the quiz, Goodbye. I don't like you. Byyyyeeeeee make sure you follow me on twitter and like all my stuff and message me everyday.

Am I An Attention Seeker Quiz

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Create an outfit and I give you a hairstyle that suits your taste in clothes. What is your hidden godly power? Who is the Perfect Boy for You? Where Do You Belong? Are you cute according to standards? What Type Of Girl are you?

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