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E a gente não precisava se falar o tempo todo pra saber que um se importava com o outro, porque nos dias difíceis, era no som das nossas risadas que tudo se ajeitava. Your relationship starts off fairly innocent being as Peter was fairly shy around you, and not to mention that Tony had strictly forbid you two from dating. This Pin was discovered by Alexis Texas. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. a small sleepy sans to get those sweet Zs that stars know i'm not inclined to getting, heh. also titled 'please let me look at something that isn't a wip dating sim background for half an hour thank you'. edit: now with extra smol 1x png one is transparent!) ps: if it comes out blurry, you may want to click for a clearer resolution.

When a college trip gets too boring, you decide to play a game with a guy who has a crush on you. Originally posted by sosjimin. This is a problem because they keep tracking dirt all over the floor and taking the best seats next to the fire.

So the homeowner summons them to court and has them formally evicted. He was casted on the street in his hometown and first thought he was being scammed lmao until he saw pictures of After School on the walls at Pledis HQ.

I remember I was pissed seeing this kid reject Nana back then lol. Baekho showed his composition skills and dream teamwork with Bumzu. He stayed at the dorm and waited for them to come, cooking food for them when they did. Originally posted by hello-yeri. Originally posted by panwink. Found pure balance within themselves. Originally posted by reyloistheanswer. Originally posted by skyloreyn.

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Chewie came to visit them every month with new supplies. And R2 stayed back to help around.

Are you seriously going to try and pull the glass out? Game Of Thrones 4: Away from everyone else, Terminal and quidditchmom found a room to themselves. Time to hit the big time.

Originally posted by visioneonirica. They were over the moon when they realized Rey was having a baby and since then they warmed up to her. They even helped during the child birth and aftercare. When their daughter was born it rained and stormed for 3 days. They knew that day she going to be very strong with the Force.

On their 5th anniversary of moving to the island Ben asked Rey to marry him. Even though to them and in the force they were already married. But he wanted to give her a ceremony.

Until the time came to be one with the Force, together…. After Peter joined the Avengers, you were basically forced link spending a lot of time with him, being that your father is being that your father is the Tony Stark.

Your relationship starts off fairly innocent being as Peter was fairly shy around you, and not to mention that Tony had strictly forbid you two from dating. But despite your best efforts, the sexual tension between you two is undeniable.

And one night while the rest of the Avengers are out on a mission, leaving you and Peter alone, the sexual tension comes to a peak. Peter is 18 in this fic. It was a pretty unexpected meetup. Touched stinging nettle out of curiosity and rode downhill on bicycles without holding the handlebars. Talked spelling Ballad Of Tony Dating Simulator 2018 No Blur Tumblr words backwards for fun all afternoon and loved jumping off swings while high in the air.

Counted how long they could stay with their head underwater while in the bathtub got stressed when icecream melted on their hands. Climbed a tree and got stuck but were too proud to Ballad Of Tony Dating Simulator 2018 No Blur Tumblr for help so they sat there till someone came looking for them, always picked paper in rock paper scissors on first try.

Originally posted by teenwolve. Word spread like wildfire the second the fight happened. Http:// stories and rumors were circulating Hawkins High, most of which were obviously not true. She did her best to just ignore anyone that asked, but it was… gratingto say the least. She apparently had a minor concussion to go along with that broken nose.

Her under eyes were swollen and tinted various shades ranging from purple to blue, then fanning out to a light yellow. I lived there until I came to Seoul. I was just an ordinary child, I always liked to mess around. From primary school to high school, I often got chosen to participate in the relay race.

And I was above average in studying. When I was a child, I really liked to go out to play with my friends. Even link I went out to play, we just met in the park, there were nothing to do though.

I liked to collect, so I collected a lot of books when I was a child. Now, I would read books sometimes. My reading speed is quick because I read chunks of writings. Unlike Seoul, the place I live in is quite conservative. At the time, the genre Ballad was in its prime.

If 18 teams were on a music show, 10 would be ballad groups, 5 would be idol groups and the remaining 3 would be other genres, Stony Skunk was one of the 3. Stony Skunk was really cool, their style is so different from the other groups.

I was also influenced by Epik High. MP3 players were getting popular at the time but I bought a Panasonic CD player and listened to music with that. No one told me to do it, but I just felt like I should write something. I started to write rap lyrics in primary school and started to compose music in middle school. At the time, no one around me liked Hip-Hop. Although Hip-Hop is getting popular again in Korea but when I encountered Hip-Hop, it was a genre that was popular from a long time ago.

My friends complained when I sang rap songs in the karaoke room. Despite all of that, I continued to like Hip-Hop. I got to perform on the stage for the first time in Ballad Of Tony Dating Simulator 2018 No Blur Tumblr nd of middle school. Actually, I wanted to attend an arts high school, so I even produced classical music.

But arts high school is too expensive so I attended an ordinary high school. I produced music in middle school for self-satisfaction, and I made songs in a hobby level. After I joined the crew, I started to learn rap properly.

What are you talking about, chicks dig scars. Publier les commentaires Atom. The relatives that advised me to study even came to ask for my autograph laughs.

This is how I started my underground activities in Daegu. It also made me realize that working in the underground scene is difficult to make a living. The hyungs that I worked with was 10 years older than me, there were even people over 30 years old. They had to work part-time along with making music, it looked so tiring.

I really hated the fact that it was difficult to gather audience when we try to hold a live performance.

Ballad Of Tony Dating Simulator 2018 No Blur Tumblr

I only knew that producer Bang Shi Hyuk established the company but I still auditioned. The next day, I got the notice that I passed the audition. Later, someone told me that when he saw me, he immediately gave me a pass. I can still clearly remember the day that I came to Seoul, 7 th Novemberwhen I was in 2 grade of high school.

I thought I only need to be a producer. At the time, the company wanted to debut a group consists of rappers, rather than an idol group. However, the plan changed at the end. Ballad Of Tony Dating Simulator 2018 No Blur Tumblr think if we debuted like that, our rapping would be outstanding but we would probably have failed laughs. Under my influence, my brother started to like Hip-Hop too.

No one supported me in my family when I went to audition, except for my brother. My relatives even said to me: And I told my brother first when I passed the audition. We have a good relationship just like friends. Of course, my family support me now. The relatives that advised me to study even came to ask for my autograph laughs.

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And, I want to become the best rapper, the best producer. Real talk, a big reason why I switched over from doing painterly stuff to doing colored sketches like this is because of Dim and verulence. Very excited I got to work on this one Sorry for making you wait so long on it though Dim lol, school gets in the way. I think I learned a good deal from this, especially click staying loose, it really opens up some expression stuff.

Also no cutie mark is best cutie mark fight me. My headcanon on this bc even tumblr shorts have backstory is that Bitty played on a good high school hockey team and got over his checking problem by throwing himself into hitting people instead of just being hit. He stayed in college until he graduated and then was assigned to their AHL team in Baton Rouge before being called up midway through his first season.

Bitty sat in the locker room, breathing slowly.

and i got to stay high

In for four beats, out for four beats. He had on his shin pads, socks and skates.

Ballad Of Tony Dating Simulator 2018 No Blur Tumblr

Someone — Molly was her name maybe? Maybe tomorrow if I can get to the supermarket. Time to hit the big time.