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The story follows Vincent Brooks, a man who is beset by supernatural nightmares while torn between his feelings for longtime girlfriend Katherine and the similarly- named beauty Catherine. The gameplay is divided between daytime hours, where Vincent interacts with the characters, and his dreams where he must navigate. at multiple meningiomas syndrome x factor adualt dating simulator ariane tips date a girl simulator zip code girls chatting room only tenerife weather 16 Sep team bling headband veil headpiece how do you get a girlfriend in minecraft. women advice columns carolyn manno hot aduly dating simulator ariane tips. 4 Aug If you like UF/PNR, there is always Fire and Frost with Jessica Sims, Conjuring Max by Carolyn Crane, Meljean Brook (Amazon Digital, Kindle Ed. $). It begins with Speed Mating by Jessica Sims, a new-to-me author. I enjoyed this short piece about a female lyger (lion/tiger) shifter about to into heat.

Please be sure to check out the FAQ if you have questions; I don't mind answering messages, but a lot of the ones I'm getting have been answered already!

That has been changed to: You've decided to get away from your stressful home life and do some travelling Sounds like just as good a place as any to relax in; especially when you find out the only people in the town are a handful of beautiful, lonely girls who all seem very interested in you Once you get in town, the occupants all flock to you, intrigued by the stranded newcomer.

At first, they try to help in their own little ways, but as they grow attached, they try to convince you to stay with them. That's when you notice things are very, very wrong in this town, from the datable characters to the setting. Once the player starts to notice a trend of the girls starting to be slightly, well, nuts, it becomes a puzzle horror game. The game still features multiple endings like a dating sim, some of them romantic, some where nothing happens, and a few where the player is You also have the option of ignoring all of the bad stuff and pretending everything is a-ok to keep scoring with the ladies.

The game features cute girls obviously with hundreds of possible expressions, over forty possible endings, timed puzzles and scavenger hunts, an original soundtrack, and fantastic artwork.

Features we would like to include: This is our first game, and it's going to go here a little more than a few of our other projects we have planned because it's helping us buy the basic materials we need to make the game.

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But take a look at our stretch goal chart below and look at what we'd like to add on! Without making the stretch goals, we won't have some of the nifty things you'd see in other games, my Mel personal favorite being voice acting.

That is exactly the aim of this free sim game! Production on the main product is at a stand-still until we get the funding to continue. Retrieved May 25, Explore games tagged Dating Sim and Female Protagonist on itch. This is cute, short, and a great beach read, even as everything happens too quickly.

But I have confidence that if we can make at least the foundation goal, we can blow some of these stretch goals out of the water! Directing, Writing, voice of Emma: That would be me! As of right now, I'm the only permanent member of Gorshatastic! Our next few projects all have a different set of artists, including myself.

I'm a voice actor, writer, artist, and cosplayer. In other words, too many hobbies, not enough time.

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Talk to me on facebook here: Character, Cover, and Event Art: Nick is continue reading random guy from Cebu City in the Philippines who knows how to draw So if you like the artwork you've seen for this campaign so far, and have something you want drawn in that style, definitely go check out this link: He does fantastic and affordable work.

Check out more of her stuff here! Logo and Supplemental Art: And a very special thanks to the wonderful VAs in the trailer, who we'd love to have in the game! Kira Buckland is a voice actress for a variety of productions, particularly anime and video games.

Waitress 1 episode, This page was last edited on 7 Februaryat Evie Michaels 7 episodes, Abigail 4 episodes,

In addition to voice acting, she enjoys competitive gaming, gourmet espresso, alternative fashion, and classic rock music.

Luke is a voice actor from sunny England who seems to get cast as nervous losers an awful lot. He's good at some things. Writing bios is not one of those things. It's mostly pictures of small animals. Tamara Fritz is a voiceover artist, also known online by her handle 'totalspiffage'.

Carolyn And John Dating Simulators For Girls

She also loves music, singing, and songwriting, which is what brought her into voiceover work in the first place. When she's not wasting time on tumblr, she enjoys anime and spending time with friends. She's thrilled to be a part of "But I love you"! Find more about Tamara here: She also casts and directs anime and games. Path to Thalmus to see some of her directing work. Jane is an aspiring voice actress who is jokingly sort of known as a tomato. She really enjoys voice acting, as well as singing and drawing.

And the not so occasional pun. As far as Shark Click animations are concerned, she voices Shark Puppy! She also voices Nat boy in Feeble, another animation.

Production on the main product is at a stand-still until we get the funding to continue. That's where this campaign comes in! We're also bringing the game to Steam, thanks to all of you click followed and voted it up on it's Greenlight page!

We're reaaaaaaaaaaaally hoping to get up to that voice acting stretch goal, but as it's been proven again and again in the visual novel genre, it's not a necessity for a great story. While it would be a huge plus, there are other game additions that would aid actual gameplay and story-telling, hence its place in the stretch goals chart above. At the moment, the game has a good chunk of it done. A portion of the soundtrack is done, as are a lot of environment pieces.

Check some of those out below! By pledging, of course! If you can't but like the project, then please share the page as many times and with as many people as you can! Thank you so much for your time, and if you donate, thank you even more! The biggest challenge other than making the game, haha I don't want a lackluster plot, I don't want mediocre art, I don't want anything sub-par.

This game is a combination of a lot of the things I love, and so I'm trying my best to not only improve the visual novel genre, but make something I'm proud of. While our team is Carolyn And John Dating Simulators For Girls, it's very talented. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. AND design a datable girl! That means you're a concept artist! This would mean you get access to the plot before anyone else!

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But I love you. You've wandered read article a nearly empty town that's full of nothing but cute girls What could go wrong? Thanks for getting us Greenlit! Please click for source small portion of the many possible expressions the girls of BILY have to offer.


Emma, your courteous host. Ryanne, a possible playmate. Vivian, ever the perfectionist. Textbox format is not final. Support Select this reward. Estimated delivery Feb Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability. Estimated delivery Sep Ships to Anywhere in the world.

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Carolyn And John Dating Simulators For Girls

Reward no longer available 1 backer. Funding period Dec 18, - Feb 1, 45 days.