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Global Icon Counter-strike Matchmaking Offensive - Pack Rank


is there a csgo matchmaking rank icon pack for teamspeak servers? : GlobalOffensive

18 Nov Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork RANK ICONS for TS3. Enjoy the new CSGO MatchMaking Rank Icons for your TeamSpeak:D DOWNLOAD[] Hello, do you have an icon pack with the background in dark blue? Like the current ranks. #1. Benix ツ. Put your friendship on the line in a quick 2v2 best-of match on CS:GO's single- bombsite maps. The pressure is on - don't let your wingman Play four new and three returning community-created maps in weekly Hydra Events or in regular matchmaking for casual and competitive play. UPGRADE YOUR OPERATION. Profile Ranks were introduced in Global Offensive as part of the May 26, ( Operation Bloodhound) update as a mostly cosmetic form of upgrading a player's status by playing on Once the player receives a service medal, he or she will not have to re-rank to Private Rank 2 again to play competitive match making.

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Counter-strike Global Offensive - Matchmaking Rank Icon Pack

Fluff Teamspeak XP rank icons converted to 16x16 for free, took my time to download all 40 of the from wiki and resize them to teamspeak icons mediafire.

TeamSpeak Icons - CS: For those wondering what the ranks look like: Been waiting for this, thanks for sharing! This is how they look in the group manager.


If you have Idea I can make more 16x16 related csgo icons, maybe pins or team logos, just let me know if you are interested in! The pins actually exist as 16x16 icons, but the person who made them should have money for it which is totally wrong since it's Valve who made those, he just scaled them down to 16x Made them, check out here: Way too long, around minutes, the time-consuming part was to alter the sort ID for the group.

Counter-strike Global Offensive - Matchmaking Rank Icon Pack

You can sort groups by changing the "Group Sort ID". Just make a group and set the sort ID one integer less than the other groups you want listed as that.

D thx already, I'm happy for any answer, cause a simple googling hasn't brought any results. Your first rank earned each week will reward you with a weapon drop. Join Sebastien as he teaches you the skills required to assassinate this vindictive operator. New players receive an XP boost as they progress through the Recruit and Private ranks.

And make the category group a temporary one, and apply these values Values. God damnit thats so awesome, thank you for that, I don't know why are you being voted down The only thing that annoys me on mumble is it permanently lowers the volume of all applications even tho noones talking and the setting to lower volume when someonea talking is off.

Official group of the TeamSpeak CS:GO Icon packs

Yeah I got this already unticked. The only problem is it turn down the volume permanently even though the Volume Mixer is like usual.

Made them, check out here: There are three weekly events: Campaigns are comprised of missions that vary in difficulty and reward. The experience gauge will be shown at the bottom of the scoreboard at round end, with the Current XP appearing as a dark blue bar, the Earned XP and Weekly XP Bonus appearing as a green bar, and Mission XP appearing as a dark yellow bar.

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Want to add to the discussion? But team icons on the other hand, that would be awesome: The thing that groups the groups. Just to preview it you now and god damnit thank you for that! People are probably thinking its virus or something.

The rank 40 icon looks cool.

Logitech G35 Would be damn cool if someone could help me with it.