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When You Are a Virgin, but the Girl is Not

@Ben Dover: Look, if you don't want to marry someone who isn't a virgin, that's your decision. If virginity is so important to you, that's fine. But to call a woman “ dirty” and say that she is “basically garbage” because she's had sex before is disgusting! It sounds to me like you don't show women a lot of respect, and you think a. Need help to get over my girlfriend not being a virgin (I am). Hello everyone, I made this account because I seriously want to get over this. I really love this girl, and don't want something like this to make me feel bad. I'm 22, she's It's a long distance relationship, we've met a couple of times and will. 1 Mar I ask this question because I know two people who will only date virgins and that's it and I think that's not right because 1. You might miss out on someone awesome and 2. You can't go dating virgins your entire life when you're 50 and looking for a 17, 18, 19 year old virgin. I just know a lot a few people who.

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Dating A Girl Who Isnt A Virgin

Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Dating someone who isn't a virgin? I'm a virgin, but my boyfriend's not and it really bothers me. I just want other opinions and views on it.

Personally, I want to wait until marriage, and my boyfriend doesn't pressure me, but I just don't like the Personally, I want to wait until marriage, and my boyfriend doesn't pressure me, but I just don't like the fact that he's not a virgin. I don't like the thought of one day giving my virginity to him when he's done it before.

Dating A Girl Who Isnt A Virgin

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I know where you're coming from. I've recently found out that the girl I'm dating isn't a virgin, and has slept with three other guys. This is really hard for me, being an 18 year old virgin who's been waiting for marriage. I can't get the thought of her being with those other guys out of my head; and I'm worried that if we ever do have sex, that she'll be thinking about one of them and not me.

She's told me that they were abusive to her in a click the following article of different ways, and this has made her uncomfortable with the idea of certain things about sex. This makes me also worry that if we have sex, the experience will be hindered by her fears.

We've been talking about it, and are continuing to talk about it. She Dating A Girl Who Isnt A Virgin not waiting and knows that it hurts me that she didn't, but we love each other. We are going to continue to work through this until it has no power over us and we can focus on each other, and the possible future we might have together. I feel like we'll make it because she's a different person than she was, and I'm willing to go through any hardship for her.

The concept of being a virgin until marriage is totally ludicrous. Who cares that he isn't a virgin as long as he is a nice guy, has good morals, treats you well, etc If you have such a big problem with it I think you should evaluate yourself. Being a virgin in a relationship means virtually nothing. I totally understand where your coming from because like you Dating A Girl Who Isnt A Virgin your first time to be with a virgin so you could share the experience. But if you really love him and expect to get married you will have to look past it.

First off, I'd like to simply out it out click here and ask, are you a Christian?

If you are, I'm just simply going to say this, Christian to Christian. Your boyfriend is a douche. And you not liking the idea of him having sex before you is completely normal hun, trust me.

It IS a sickening thought to ever imagine the one you love ever have groped or touched another girl before you. No one likes the idea of being compared to someone else in their lover's eyes.

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You should be his one and only. Fact is, guys are nothing but complete pigs in this society today. Source grope any girl and not care about her the next day.

Btw, I'm not trying to say any of this to hurt or scare you too much. I'm trying to be as honest as I can. People are jerks nowadays. They're not afraid to hurt anyone to gain what they want. It sounds like you aren't mature enough to be dating this boy. If you continue dating and not having sex, it's only going to frustrate him.

You should find someone more on your own maturity level. You will never get over this fact.

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You need to find someone who has morals like you do. If you ever submit to sex with your current boyfriend, you will regret it. I agree with you. Time for a Caribbean cruise? Related Questions Virgin dating a non-virgin?

This article plus all the comments have been really helpful. I have tortured myself and girlfriends about sexual past in plenty of my relationships. By dating her despite the fact you have such a large issue with her choices, you're leading her on. Thanks for boosting my confidence and to enforce my morale regarding this belief.

Virgin dating non virgin? Virgin dating a non- virgin? Do you perfer dating virgins or non-virgins?

In the months following I started to become more and more sick. If you think your partner is flawed, and is less than you, then you are not mature enough to marry anyone. Me being someone that had never done anything with anyone, felt completely fine with her past sexual history. I was the virgin nerd and she the busy pretty one.

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Why do people do this so young?

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I want to propose to my girlfriend, but I'm concerned she has lied about her sexual history.