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Is it SAFE to date someone who is HIV POSITIVE?????

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25 Dec first of all i'd like to say how much this site had educated me and others that i know my story is the following i've started dating someone who is hiv positive. i really really like him. i am scared of how to go about being sexual with him. so far we've had hardcore kissing which i know is safe and. To paraphrase, and make it milder what a said was: " After all these years, of keeping condoms, not dating, not having sex, and practically not having a dating life.. I cannot see myself further punishing myself by dating a woman whom I know to be HIV /AIDS positive?" p.s. especially since I wouldn't be. 29 Nov Searching for love can be difficult. But one HIV-positive gay man explains the ' rules' and 'reactions' of dating openly in the 21st century.

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Anthony uses the extremely popular online dating site, OkCupid, to find people to date. It certainly can be a large burden to take on, however for the right person, who knows? It is believed that female to male transmission in serodiscordant couples is less than 1 inaccording to Patterson. Freelance columnist and fiction writer; creator, The Needle Prick Project.

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The Stigma of Dating Someone HIV-Positive

A woman at work asked me this, as she was reading a magazine about AIDS. My response wasn't the most polite or politically correct. To paraphrase, and make it milder what a said was: But before you condemn me, consider the question in its entirity. Especially considering how many of us have had very little experience or fun dating or with sex.

Thats a very real thing to fear. I dont think you are going to find many people here that are going to condemn you for not wanting to date someone with AIDS. Aside from the obvious health risks, dating someone with a terminal illness must be mentally and emotionally exhausting. Not really seeing the plus side. It might not be such a bad idea if I never They use protection and everything's fine. Now whether it's something that as individuals we want to accept into our lives and relationships is up to us.

It certainly can be a large burden to take on, here for the right person, who knows?

Would you date someone with herpes? I don't think you're a cruel person for having that view. I would have to say that I would though; love is love.

But before you condemn me, consider the question in its entirity. Is this relationship something I should just stay away from?? I probably would, I sure can't say no unequivocally

And we're all gonna die eventually I think I would. She would have to be the perfect girl for me obviously, but I would manage. I of course have my own fears, but if I really loved Dating Someone Hiv Positive Message Boards, yeah. Send me a message. I probably would, I sure can't say no unequivocally I had a cousin die of AIDS in the s and it broke my heart that he died alone because of the stigma of that disease and parents that insisted on his silence until they had died.

Having a son though - I would be very concerned about him getting attached to someone who could possible die earlier than they should if the disease progressed to full-blown AIDs - which from what I understand is rare nowadays with the meds available.

I think with the proper education and precautions a relationship could be viable and I can't see any reason that I personally would be adverse to it.

Classified is online now. Just to be clear, we're still talking about the disease that can kill you right??? Then why in the hell would you date someone who has it unless you have a death wish? What about someone with HIV and kids?? I honestly don't know, and I can truthfully say I've never thought ab out it before. I'm going to go with I'm not someone who wants children of course this Dating Someone Hiv Positive Message Boards change, but at this moment I have no desire at all for children in my future.

So that being said, safe sex would be a viable option throughout the just click for source of the relationship.

If I was interested in the person I believe I would attempt to date them, see where it goes. I would not knowingly date someone with AIDS.

Dating Someone Hiv Positive Message Boards

Originally Posted by nothing to fear View Post. Just Lurking is offline. Yes, for the right person. With proper protections, the chances of getting HIV are extremely slim. Life expectancy is expected to approach that of persons not infected in the near future.

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I wouldn't throw the chances of a beautiful relationship out the window because of something like this. No one knows what the future holds for any of us. And I am not trying to say anything bad This is like the "would you rather" game from elementary school.


And so am I. That's why Catholic schools use nuns instead of priests. Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still.

Dating Someone Hiv Positive Message Boards

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