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I can't speak for the rest but as of me, I have seen and met very handsome men and is not intimidation, is more of a self fear. Yes, the idea that that guy will reject any proposition is always there and the typical thought that "it's a good looking guy, he must have a girlfriend" is also there. Plus most good looking guys tend to be. 9 Jun Just like men, women have brains. They think about everything. When you are attractive in their reality, you might be intimidating to them. Unless they are expirienced. Girls have the same "don't know what to say" problem. They then put on a schtick, or get nervous. "Change her mood not her mind" aka. They just expect men who are good-looking to have enough self-esteem to genuinely make the first move. Which makes sense. . For women that HAVE NOT always felt or considered to be the "attractive" girl, I notice they do not fear attractive men as much as those that are the "attractive" girls. Women who.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Why should I be? They just expect men who are good-looking to have enough self-esteem to genuinely make the first move. Women who I thought were ignoring me, would often perk up when I made the opening line.

And no, I am not bragging about my looks. I don't even have a photo. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder Really, I don't think I was ever afraid of a good looking man. I was a chubby teenager, but lost the weight. One day a flat out beautiful man asked me on a date and I turned around to see who he was talking to and then I realized it was me. I wasn't scared, I was mad because I thought he was being mean and trying to make fun of me. I said, "Yeah, I'll put that on my calendar when I'm done getting read article my nose hair plucked individually.

We dated for about a year and he was a wonderful guy.

I think that was the last time I ever felt any hesitation because of the way a person looks. Pretty is as pretty does. It's who is on the inside that matters.

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Going out with Girls Afraid Of Good Looking Guys really hot guy you know there are and will be women hitting on him more than a guy that is not considered attractive. It causes insecurity in me knowing he can go out with someone that is younger, prettier, sexier, etc. Human sexuality is very, VERY complicated. Especially here in the Western World. No wonder birth rates are dropping like flies. If a lot of women are afraid of attractive men and vice versa, then we're kinda doomed aye?

Cuz that'd be momentarily scary. I am far to shy and unsure of myself to approach a guy i really thought was very attractive, So i have in the past dated guys who i have liked but not particulary been attracted to. So in a small space of time i have parted from them. Actually in all honesty no im not scared of them i'll date them but I could never have a full relationship with them.

Girls Afraid Of Good Looking Guys

Here's why because of other women That's right most chicks out there will throw themselves at an overly attractive guy and he can get offers left and right. For that reason alone I can't unless I really trusted him. That's why I have longterm relationships with semi decent looking guys Pretty boys know they got it like that too, so some have major ego issues Can't be serious with a guy whose way more in the mirror than I am Women who haven't received the same attention as the "pretty" girls, feel sometime they have nothing to lose by approaching "attractive" men.

Some are shy, of course and it might take some read more, but I've seen many such women make no haste in at least saying something to attractive men.


However, I think that women who are used to being or are considered extremely attractive, are not afraid of Girls Afraid Of Good Looking Guys guys when in the company of other attractive women, or when they are in a situation where they the girl are usually the focus of attention clubs, parties, work. But I've seen extremely gorgeous women fall apart when an attractive man blows them off, as if the girl just expects all men would want her.

And although I have no opinion click myself, every girlfriend I've had admitted to me at some later time, they were intimidated by me when first meeting me. Most times it was said to be because of all the talents and things I do.

They told me they felt I wouldn't like them because they were not Girls Afraid Of Good Looking Guys talented and I would probably find them boring. From those experiences alone, I believe that when an attractive woman, who's never had to really approach men because they are always approaching them - it might be hard to do the approaching when they are among an "attractive" man. So, in some situations where an attractive woman is alone or confronting an attractive man on her own like a dating siteshe may not be as comfortable making the first move.

Somehow it's been the mans role, attractive or not considered so attractive, to want to approach a woman that is "attractive". Maybe this role has made it hard for women to take the plunge themselves. I do believe this: A woman who finds an attractive mans profile on a site like this will more likely suspect him of wrong doing and not approach him first.

And even if the guy approaches her, the chances of him getting a reply are slim. If he's that attractive, he must be a player, right? But it is funny, this subject. Because "some" of the very women that suspect attractive men that look a certain way, dress a certain way or have those pics that look magazine or Girls Afraid Of Good Looking Guys of being players or up to no good, often have photos of themselves looking all dolled up and ready for action.

Bottom line for me: Be it because the hot girl just expects to be hit on by the guy first or she suspects him of being a player - I think the less attractive girls feel they have nothing to lose and possibly something to gain - whereas the attractive girls can rely on someone eventually hitting on them if they are too afraid to hit up the attractive guy on their own.

Just as women want to be known for who they are, not all men that have these so-called blessed features are found out and about playing the town, hitting on everything that walks or even taking advantage of all the "women that are throwing themselves at him left and right".

I know it's hard for some women to believe.

Are girls scared of really attractive guys?

But maybe if they'd stop looking in the places that these "attractive" men do their unattractive things to women, they might find that some "attractive" men are not dogs, not going to cheat on their girl and not be stashing numbers from girls that come along "left and right".

I cant even Girls Afraid Of Good Looking Guys a girl to talk to me. Or maybe I just need to brush my teeth more often, take a shower and change my underwear. It is the world we live in and if you check out Girls Afraid Of Good Looking Guys movie stars nearly every woman married to a good looking guy even if she is gorgeous cheats on her.

He breathes his air from way up high so he thinks. Look at Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt. We see all the time the really good looking ones only bring heartache which is why we look more for beauty on the inside. Even though it isn't really true we see that in real life and start to believe it. They're just as scared of us as we are of them, guys!! That doesn't mean that he isn't trustworthy, it's just that a lot of men I've met who are real "lookers" are so much into playing their advantage that they are really hard to take seriously.

I suspect they may be too high maintenance for me and competition with vying females would be fierce! I don't think I'd feel content with that experience. But how can we all come to a conclusion as to who is considered universally attractive? I don't really tend to go for the pretty boy type and I find that attractiveness is more about style than physical attributes.

You can really make click the following article anyone look great.

I'm the only white guy in a CHinese school long term, and I'm defo better looking than the average Lee. I wouldn't really that I'm extremely shy anymore, as I've been trying to overcome it and come a long way since what I was. Cried in front of my class and teacher. But if someone seems "too attractive" for me I am more skeptical about their motives.

I don't know, it's nice if a guy has a nice face and a warm smile His looks aren't what comforts me. Are women afraid of Attractive guys? No, not at all. I don't think most women are afraid of good-looking guys. Are you really looking. I've asked this question to women I have dated Only if they are brandishing a weapon.

I am not sure afraid is the word I would use, but more cautious.

Dating Dating, courting, or going steady? There is nothing unsexier than a guy who thinks he's better than everyone else. What am I supposed to do? It'll show to them that you're not uptight or against any communication Also close this question Not now Select.

Are they jumping out at me from nowhere? I believe i am my own worst enemy. I will tell you something Im click scared of them in the least their the most insecure lol For women that HAVE NOT always felt or considered to be the "attractive" girl, I notice they do not fear attractive men as much as those that are the "attractive" girls. And to the girl who posted above me, just because a guy might have been blessed with looks that others "place" upon him as one of those "guys", does not mean he is more likely to jump on one of the girls that is bound to throw themselves at such a man.

If this were an absolute truth, then I must be extremely hot.

Girls Afraid Of Good Looking Guys

They must be, I wouldn't be single otherwise! I don't believe afraid is the right word. The better a man looks, the less I tend to trust him.