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This Pin was discovered by Doris Pool. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. See more. 50 Funny "Would You Rather" Questions for the Whole Family {kid friendly, · Dating QuestionsFunny Questions For KidsRelationship Questions GameFunny Icebreaker QuestionsQuestion Games For CouplesFunny Games For KidsDate Night QuestionsRandom Funny QuestionsHand Games For Kids. 10/08/ _Pre-Halloween Cemet. . There'll be an Antiques Roadshow spin-off in which experts will evaluate family heirlooms, and a rooms set up for speed-dating style presentations of archives--five The line is blurry on whether these are mosaics or not, but what the heck--I've featured tile pictures here before .

Halloween's a big holiday for historical Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Roadshow Pbs, and Long Beach is no exception. Ethel and Charles Haynes. Ethel was an elementary school teacher. Together they helped integrate the city. Yaye Kurayama Takeshita was a "picture bride" married to a man she never met in a foreign land. Generations of Wallaces were Poly grads. When the civil rights movement brought awareness and desire for change--change which threatened Poly. Liz and Don brought black and white parents together.

William left and Betty Seal were born in Long Beach, both teachers, following in the footsteps of their families. Bill helped returning Vietnam vets get into college; Betty worked with Cambodian refugees to help them succeed in their new home town.

Valentine and Maybell Leal were married in Long Beach in Together they raised three sons, watched friends fight for fair treatment, and Valentine joined Alianza,an early Latino fraternal organization. One son attended UCLA and was a noted language scholar.

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And, what mischief was son Walter up to that night in the city storeroom? Dora Czerny was an elderly entrepreneur. After marriage and giving birth to ten children most died back East, she came to Long Beach alone, worked her way up from housekeeper to bathhouse owner and real estate developer. And then inshe blew the whistle on the murder-by-poison of her best friend. Performances run from 9 Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Roadshow Pbs to 2: How about learn more here movies screened on the roof of the Union Rescue Mission?

It's a minute color film showing life on Skid Row in Only two actors are in the film--everyone else is a real person on the streets of LA. The showing is free--but you must register with LAVA and jump through their hoops. I love LAVA, but they do make you prove your love. Next, the 8th Annual Archives Bazaar is on Saturday the 12th, and this link will take you to the big poster that tells you all about it. Over 80 institutions will be at USC showing off their goods: Also panels of specialists talking about starting your own collection and others presentations on Craft Brewing huh?

I'll drink to that! USC hosts the webstie LA as Subjec t, which gives them a vested interest in this yearly celebration of paper-and-ephemera-loving Angelenos.

Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Roadshow Pbs

Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin, the fellows responsible for the Never Built LA presentation--which is still going strong, through the last weekend of this month --will join John King, "instigator" of a similar Never Built San Francisco exhibit. The three will discuss their shows--how they came to be, and what they tell us about the cities of the future, and more. That's a picture of the original LAX design to the left, btw.

We've been enjoying a smaller knock-off for years, but somehow we pulled through. Free with a paid admission to the museum, but you can pre-register to ensure your place.

Tongva culture will be presented through traditional stories, songs, indigenous dances, and ceremonies.

The indie label head got into it with Atlantic Records over distribution and ended up on the phone with Jerry Wexler. Comfort never looked so good. Dream of Simultaneous Connection Mosaic. In June, after a monitored, endangered marsupial a woylie was killed in West Australia, scientists set out to recover the expensive radio collar transmitter it was wearing, but as they approached the signal, a 6-foot-long python swallowed the woylie and collar.

Ah, the good old days. When the poor sent their children out barefoot to sell newspapers on street corners, instead of coddling the little leeches. This picture is from Shorpy, and was taken in Los Angeles. The Pan American Bank is not just a building with beautiful mosaics.

Unlike so many of the mid-century banks we've featured here--the Home Savings and Loans, etc. Pan American Bank opened in at E. This image below is from the bank's Facebook page:. I'm displaying it in "original size" so I'm not sure how it will turn out on the blog. But it is an incredibly detailed picture. The artist, Jose Reyes Mezadied just two years ago, in his 80s. He's best known as a painter and his murals are featured all over the Americas, including the the Raudales Malpaso Dam in Chiapas.

I don't see any references to other mosaic work, but he did something called plastic integration that melds plastic sculptured pieces with mural backgrounds.

There are several examples pictured of this technique used in churches, and it's very striking. On the next block of 1st Street, down from the Pan American Bank, is a series of 17 arched murals made with painted ceramic tiles, inspired partly visit web page Reyes Meza's artwork on the bank.

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Those murals were put up in the s. The line is blurry on whether these are mosaics or not, but what the heck--I've featured tile pictures here before.

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The rules for Mosaic Monday are extremely pliable. A group headed by artist Johnny D. Robert Kemp was the owner of the store it closed in that sat behind the murals, which are titled "The Story of Our Struggle. With the store gone, Pacific Charter Schools is interested in the property as a site for a middle school and high school--but they weren't necessarily sold on preserving the art.

There is a happy ending to all this. The old store building will go, but the murals will source preserved and see more surround a courtyard at the new school, about ten feet back from the sidewalk.

That got tanked with the economy around five or six years ago. New plans were developed pictured left and below but nixed by a three-person board called the Grand Avenue Authority. It lacked public space and perpetuated a "fort-like condition" common on Grand Avenue Supervisor Gloria Molina's phrase.

Still, the recent uncertainty may turn out to be a good thing for the project and its architecture.

Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Roadshow Pbs

It may make a lackluster or ill-advised design less likely to win approval or move uninterrupted toward construction. And it will bring a fresh round of scrutiny to a development process that in recent months, as the long-delayed project gained new momentum after the recession, had faced far too little.

Popular, street, or low culture - call it what you want - is consequently described in only the most derogatory terms. Keep an eye peeled in our Club Listings, p. First Unitarian Universalist Church, Grover, The state was not only uncool but also stigmatic.

So like the enigmatic Q on Star Trek: The Next Generationthe Parcel Q project appears and disappears, often telling us things about ourselves we don't want to hear, and more often behaving badly overall. Of course, on Star Trek VoyagerQ jumped the shark and became not-so-comic relief but that's another story, and non-Trekkies are no doubt hoping I'll just stop, so I will. There's also an interview with Grand Park designer Tony Paradowski, and following that link leads to sidebars of click interviews with designers of public spaces--you can spend a very pleasant hour educating yourself on the ups and downs of a career path you probably never even considered before.

It is a public forum of ideas, often partnering with local public radio to bring up great ideas and present lectures, like a recent one on whether we'll have enough water in the future, or Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Roadshow Pbs resort to warring over it.

A roundup of changes in the LA Mosaic community:. The former Home Savings and Loan Tower in Pomona--one of the buildings that anchored the open-air Pomona Mall back in the mids when it was built, thanks partly to the efforts of Millard Sheets--has been a Chase Bank for a few years now.

Superficially, things won't change much. Chase signed--or will sign--a year lease with the building's new owner and continue to run its bank on the ground floor. Plus, since Chase has already spent a considerable amount of money restoring the facade of the building, the mosaic was never really in danger.

But everyone seems pretty happy about the change. I've never blogged on that particular building because, besides hearing how beautiful it is, I really never had too much information on it, and no pictures.

It's been empty for nine years. But this Los Angeles Times story says that the Marciano Brothers will keep the building intact and turn it into a museum, moving part of their huge art collection into it. It will occasionally be opened up to the public. Here's a mosaic that I did blog about.

The art studio is creating a new mosaic--again with the help of local artists and students--to hang in its place in a few months. For years it rested over the entrance of the Municipal Auditorium. So on what would have been Milk's 82nd birthday, ground was broken to create a small park in his honor.

It opened in May of The Long Beach Press-Telegram printed all the details --who worked for it, who was honored at the opening, why Harvey Milk was being celebrated--but they left out any mention of the mosaic. OK, this is just a short little post to inform you that Friday--October 25, at the Aquarium of the Pacific at 1 pm, there will be a hearing on sea level rise and its impact on California's infrastructure.

The event will be held in the theater, and guests can check with the Information Desk to the left of the Aquarium's entrance. You should not have to pay to go to this hearing. There's going to be a spooky family sleepover that night--kind of Night At the Museum meets Halloween, and it should be tons o' fun. Actually, there's lots of events --from trick or treating "Scariums" to night dives and lectures on such unfun topics as sustainability.

I mean "unfun" as opposed to children's talks--I don't mean Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Roadshow Pbs imply the talk won't be interesting.

Heck, this post is about state hearings, so let's all assume there won't be any games or live animals entertaining us. What do you know about the Arts District? I say that because the lovely ol' warehouse to the right is one of the venues of the Los Angeles Conservancy's Art District Tour on November When it was built in of brick, it was the California Vinegar and Pickle Company, and for 19 years it got enlarged because, I guess, back then we ate a lot of pickles some of us still do.

Then it got trendy and carried the name Citizens' Warehouse and Art Dock. So it's on the tour--but only the exterior. Other stops on this self-guided tour are the Angel City Brewery, where you must be over 21 to go in, the Southern California Institute of Architecture shown at left formerly a Santa Fe Train Depotand the American Hotel, a seedy-looking-but-beloved, nay, legendary home for artists, built in Then there will be private lofts to view, elegantly decorated, in the Toy Factory Building, the Challenge Dairy Building, and the National Biscuit Building, all built in the mids but all deeply refurbished and modernized.

This tour seems ideal for the voyeur in all of us who wonder what our lives would be like had we taken the plunge and bought into one of these lofts a few years ago before or after the Great Recession, depending on your derring-do. Well, I wonder, and I thought about it.