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31 Jan There was just one problem: I didn't want to throw myself back into the dating pool. It was exhausting and often demoralizing. An attractive guy would send me a message. We'd meet up later that day, when I'd discover that he was (a) five inches shorter than he listed in his profile; (b) "fun-employed" and no. 13 Jun When people say “tell me about yourself," they're looking for an introduction to who you are. Practice a one-minute blurb about your personality and interests, separate from your professional, interview blurb. Then, when someone asks you about yourself, keep your answer interesting and short. This will. 17 Dec What answer when someone (a girl) ask you "Tell me something interesting about you"? How do I answer questions like "Tell us one interesting thing about you?", "What's cool about you?" or "What's something nobody knows about yo Often, when someone says “so, tell me about.

Interview Question: "Tell Me About Yourself" The Perfect Answer 🏆

Tell Me About Yourself I'm 47 but act like I'm in my 30's, maybe even 20's. I love to hike and do outdoor activities. I'll try almost anything once, I'm very adventurous. I was married once to a man I spent 20 years with, I've been divorced from him for 2 years. My bucket list includes learning how to golf, going to the Kentucky Derby, skydiving, a vacation in Bali, one in Australia and zip lining in Costa Rica to name a few I'm a huge animal lover.

How to Handle "Tell Me About Yourself" Text Messages

I volunteer my time for anything that has to do with animals or the elderly. I own 2 businesses, one is flipping houses, the other is a small retail business I run out of my home. I like tall men who can carry on an intelligent conversation. Men that don't have young children they want me to help raise. I love kids, just don't want to be their momma, lol. I don't think much of long distance relationships and I'm honest to a fault!

At the end of the interview, many potential employers will ask if you have any questions, giving you the opportunity to both demonstrate your interest and strut your stuff intelligence-wise. I plan to hit the Powerball jackpot some day. If he hadn't come along, I'd be dead or in jail. In the meantime, you, the now savvy dater, aren't waiting by the phone. It was fun blowing up that purple, puke-inducing, singing dinosaur.

Meet singles at DateHookup. We're click here my daughter and Ibut we've had ours for 12 years and hate to re-home him Something not in my profile that I'm willing to share to the forum - I work full-time and love my job and I am taking two classes online through CSU, so DH is my social life, I'm sad to say I go dancing times a month with my girlfriends from work to blow off steam Now, someone else's turn I'm the 3rd funniest guy who ever lived.

I don't have a credit card. My two stepsons think of me as thier real dad. I wish I could sell my house. I plan to hit the Powerball jackpot some day. I'm planning my next vacation. I believe ethnics groups are too sensitive.

How To Answer The Question Tell Me About Yourself Dating

I like to eat. I've been told I'm a pretty good dancer. I hope to source the girl of my dreams soon. I am a Colorado native. I have two sons, one grown and out of the house.

I can make a joke out of almost anything. I am a registered nurse, and very good at my job. I will be obtaining my Masters in Nursing. I don't have credit cards. My favorite color is lavender.

How do you respond to "tell me more about yourself" - relationship advice

I absolutely love hockey, enjoy other sports as well. I hate drama and bull shit, my cow died yesterday so I don't need your bull! I am one of the most brutally honest people you article source meet.

I am single because I would rather be single then in a bad relationship for the sake of being in a relationship. I am a sucker for a man in uniform. I am very, very good at spotting lies, so spare me. I am a pretty smart lady That is all that comes to mind for now. So if you buy that shit I think I don't wanna meet you Tell me something about you that's not already stated in your profile My dad was the funniest and Johnny Carson was the second funniest.

Considering how open and honest I am about myself in my profile, not much was left out. But I'll certainly try. First off, my 12 year old son saved my life by being conceived.

I was not behaving like a civilized and law abiding human being at the time. But when I found out I was going to be a father, I quit a few "things" cold turkey, went out and got a job that was legal, and went down the straight and narrow.

How To Answer The Question Tell Me About Yourself Dating

If he hadn't come along, I'd be dead or in jail. Secondly, I am in school.

So if you buy that shit I think I don't wanna meet you And, well, here I am. One way to walk this line is to mention things that point to positive underlying qualities without spelling them out explicitly. Below are four tips that can help improve your game in either field. After all, you've barely had time to digest your food, much less your feelings -- so try to hold off on emailing a follow-up for at least 24 hours but don't wait more than three days, either.

I've always been a nerd in wolf's clothing since I can remember. I played football in high school yet loved messing around at home on my computer, reprogramming my favorite game Doom so all the big aliens became Barney the dinosaur.

It was fun blowing up that purple, puke-inducing, singing dinosaur. I think that may be it