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The choleric child

We might as well get the Choleric Personality Type out of the way. It means that whenever anyone wants to describe the Choleric personality to someone who doesn't know anything about personality types, they point at me as a prime If I have questions I will ask them and if something comes up I will deal with it. These are focused, goal-oriented individuals; and although every personality type is represented by members of both sexes, most choleric people are men. Women of this type are very rare, but strangely enough are very popular people that, quite simply, have very different ways of dealing with issues. They can and do. living with a choleric If you have a spouse/child/significant other in close proximity that is predominantly choleric in temperament, knowing the needs and aspects of this temperament, coupled with a significant amount of grace on They must learn to deal with this anger constructively and in ways that are pleasing to God.

How do we handle incompatible temperaments or personalities?

Not wrong, just different. My husband and I are opposites in nearly every way, Tweet this! He likes for things to be peaceful and laid back. I, on the other hand, like to get things done — on time and perfect. You can tell that right away that we had a rocky time of it until we learned to accept each other and our opposing personalities.

How to handle a choleric person…?? Help!

Basically, we all are born with a certain temperament. Of course, space limits me here of going into a full explanation of the four types, but in a nutshell we have:.

Did we ever have our differences. And add to the mix the fact that biblically I was to be submissive to my husband with all the strong personality traits that God had given me.

Well, the first step in dealing with these differences is to recognize that they are very real.

How To Deal With A Choleric Personality

Recognize that God has brought you together for a reason — differences and all. Why not pray together tonight thanking God for those differences and asking Him to help you maneuver through that mine field?

In one moment you talk to them rationally, totally calmly, making short and longer term plans, and in the next moment they act according to the sharp opposite, destroying everything fixed so far. This type of person should understand that it is necessary to consider not only his wishes and possibilities but others as well. You are commenting using your Facebook account. If they speak harshly and hurt your feelings — tell them!

What major personality differences have made your marriage rocky at times? What are some differences in your spouse that you particularly value and enjoy? If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends and subscribe to the blog by signing up below.

By Golden Parsons T His Popular Sanguine side can clash with my need for things to be a certain way. I think I am mostly the Peaceful Phlegmatic, but I was raised by very strict, driven, goal oriented people, so there are some areas where I just want things done and done a certain way. I do think we are learning and growing, but we have a ways to go. I think that God has done a great deal of growing me through the birth of our first child.

How To Honor and Support a Choleric

Seeing my husband grow and use his strengths during this time has really helped me value the ways in which he is different. We would not be an effective team if he were just like me.

How To Deal With A Choleric Personality

Of course, space limits me here of going into a full explanation of the four types, but in a nutshell we have: Is spontaneous, flexible, forgiving, compromising. But is messy, lacks planning skills, lacks budgeting, accounting and retirement planning.

Is goal oriented, has high aspirations, is a firm parent, champions causes. Has control issues, is often over-committed, strong leader. Is stable, agreeable, content, patient with children. The Perfect Melancholy — Maintains a neat home, is a long-range planner, punctual, values education, committed, loving and protective of children. Is critical, can tend to be depressed, can be negative, high expectations of self and others. Carrie April 30, at 6: Another good article, my husband and I are similar in a lot of ways, but the article source in which we are different have caused some issues.

I hate their domineering spirit, always want people to listen to their arrogant speeches. January 14, at 9: You often feel that you must correct wrongs.

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