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Stampy & Sqaishey - LEGO: Pirates Of The Caribbean ~ Ep 7

Sqaishey. likes · 19 talking about this. Hello, it's me Sqaishey! Welcome to my Official Facebook page. I will try my best to read all the page. Hello. Welcome to my channel. I upload a variety of different games including lots of Minecraft. I hope you enjoy some of my videos. - Mr. Stampy Cat. Twitte. Read Chapter 4: The First Date from the story Sqaishey & Stampy Love Story by IrxxBethany (Bethany Cassandra Vylet) with reads. sqaishey, stampylonghead.

Stampylonghead or Joseph is a minecraft youtuber.

Stampy & Sqaishey - LEGO: Pirates Of The Caribbean ~ Ep 5

He lives a pretty normal life until he bumped into a beautiful girl who called herself Sqaishey. And for the first time of his life he fell in love with a stranger that becom I was walking toward the elevator and get in the elevator on time before the elevator doors close. I press the third floor button. And wait until I arrived on the third floor and the elevator doors to open.

Chapter 4: The First Date

When the doors open, I walked out of the elevator. When suddenly I bumped into a person "Ow Um excuse me are you okay?. I quickly lift up my head to see who it was. For my surprise Http:// bumped into a pretty yet beuatiful girl.

I stared at her for a few minutes. Until she waved her hands infront of my face.

Retrieved from " http: I run my finger through her hair and she woke up. Sign In Don't have an account? I turn around to look at her and took the paper and pen from her hand.

Her facial expression change when she heard my voice. Tears rolled down her face. She nodded and sobbed. She covered her face with her hands. I feel bad for her so I pulled her into a hug.

When I hugged her, she cried even harder. And waited for her to calmed down a little bit. After a few minutes she wiped away her tears and started to calm down.

I sighed and said "Okay. Sign In Don't have an account? Although her Minecraft character has not appeared after the three current helpers were introduced, she now appears as an assistant to Stampy behind-the-scenes, as seen in a deleted but repuloaded by another user video, where she controlled Polly Reindeer. I thought it was from Netty but when I open it.

Almost all people do that when they meet their favoutite youtubers or actors and actress. She look pretty young. I think she is around 17 or She said that her name is Beth but she told me to call her Sqaishey. What a beuatiful name and a cute nickname. I suddenly blushed again. Come on Stamps stop with the damn blushing!. I took a deep breath and look at her again. I smiled and of course I said yes.

Is Stampy Cat Dating Sqaishey Instagram For Computer

She took out her phone from her pocket and I also do the same thing. We exchanged phone number first and we finally took link with each other.

When she wanted to took our last picture, our cheeks pressed together. I forced myself to smile and after she took the last picture, I blushed. I heard her bag zip.

Is Stampy Cat Dating Sqaishey Instagram For Computer

She is taking out her pen and a paper from her bag. I turn around to look at her and took the paper and pen from her hand.

Sqaishey Quack

After I finished signing her paper, I gave her the pen and the paper back to her. She the put it in her bag and after she done that, she kissed me on the right side of my cheeks. I blushed really hard so I covered my face with my hand. She then ran and say goodbye. I waved without looking at her. Stampy can you stop blushing?!. My heart was pounding like crazy. I still cant believe it!.

I actually met stampylongnose!. Suddenly I stopped running.

And why did I kissed him on the cheek?!. My face become bright red and I just ignored it. I quickly sprint to a taxi. I get in and slammed the door shut. Hopefully the taxi driver won't be mad. I told the taxi driver where I live and he immediatly drive.

I was blushing on the way home like forever!. Finally I arrived at home. Before I could walked into my house, my phone rings. I took out my phone from my pocket immediatly. I look at the screen. It says Uknown Number it have to be Stampy!. I just ignored it and answered the call. I smiled and sighed in relief. We continue to talked until he asked me a.

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