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Rigveda to Robotics: Scientific Dating of Vedic and Ramayan Era

15 Jun Scientific Dating of Vedic and Ramayan Era. Ecological perspective. History of the Holocene (post last ice age) deserves to be rewritten based on multi- disciplinary scientific evidences. Aryan invasion theory was propagated based on linguistic guesswork, religious hearsay and old outdated archaeological. 14 Feb The Scientific Dating Ramayana and the Vedas - P V Vartak This work also matches and agrees with his other work on Mahabharat etc. It all fits in. 27 Jun Ashok Bhatnagar, Technical Director, Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas: " Astronomical data from the Mahabharata indicates that the war in Kurukshetra would have started on 14 October BCE". There exists a long tradition of astronomical dating of Indian epics (done by studying celestial events.

A billion Hindus believe he did and an unbroken tradition of Rama…. A billion Hindus believe he did and an unbroken tradition of Rama worship has continued for thousands of years in India. Rama is also a hero link Indonesia despite it being a Muslim countryThailand and in several other South East Asian countries.

Without the weight of historical tradition, the Ramayana would have been swept away by the tidal waves of conquests that Scientific Dating Of The Ramayana And The Vedas suffered over a period of years. But there are others who argue that there is no proof Rama lived. These are the same people who will happily agree that a child can be conceived without human conception. Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence produced by the likes of Charles Darwin, they believe the earth was created in BC and that a certain being called god created the world in seven days.

Or was that six? Yes, he was so powerful he needed to rest on Sunday. The British and their acolytes like Max Muller are originally responsible for the prevailing stereotypes about Indian history, religion and culture.

Muller, who was in the pay of the East India Company, went so far as to describe the Vedas as childish poetry. But the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and other ancient Indian texts like the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads are true records of Indian history, interwoven with mythology, philosophy and spirituality.

Just because they talk about battles between gods and demons is no reason to dismiss their accounts of kings and other contemporary developments as mere story telling. In their view, because the British averred that Indian epics do not pre-date the Christian Bible, then it must necessarily be true.

The Epic Riddle Of Dating Ramayana, Mahabharata

Science, however, is not parochial. Just like the laws of motion cannot be questioned, scientific evidence is incontrovertible. Science also has a habit of shaking up the deepest foundations if they Scientific Dating Of The Ramayana And The Vedas on a bed of lies. Catholic Christians — or more accurately their boss, the Pope — had to admit at long last in that the Earth was not the centre of the universe, a discovery made by Galileo years ago and which the Hindus knew thousands of years before that.

In the late s divers of National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, led by leading archaeologist S. Palaces, pillars, fort walls, a port, anchors and various artefacts have been discovered.

This is among the rare instances where a historical fact has been established through scientific methods. It establishes the fact that Krishna existed.

Also, literary references to the characters from the Ramayana Era provide limits after which the Ramayana could not have occurred. For example, Valmiki is referred to in the Taittiriya Brahmana dated to BCE and therefore Ramayana must have been written before the Taittiriya Brahmana was composed.

The wonderful thing about the Ramayana is that when Valmiki wrote the epic, he made it idiot-proof. He packed so much information about the various planetary positions of those days, the geography of the areas mentioned in the epic, the seasonal events, and about the genealogy of various kings that modern click and scientists can have a crack at the dates on which those events occurred.

Scientific Dating of Ramayan Era

Genealogical links and archaeological findings provide clues to the dating of the Ramayana era. According to journalist and author B. Any ancient history is supported with evidences of architecture and literature.

The Sangam literature is the documented evidence for the existence and ruling of Tamil kings, and similarly, Ramayana and Mahabharata are the documented evidence for Rama and Krishna. Questioning Ramayana and Mahabharata is like questioning the very existence of India.

Archaeological and literary methods can only provide approximate datelines. For determining the precise time of the Ramayana events, scientists use astronomical calculations. On the other hand, most of those trying to prove the epics are history are scientists.

Rigveda to Robotics - Scientific Dating of Ancient Events from Rigveda to Aryabhatiam - Part -I

For instance, at a global colloquium http: These scientists are studying facts, they are looking back in time at precession or the position of stars. They are not regurgitating the discredited writings of Karl Marx, the racist German who supported English rule over India. So how is astronomical dating done? To decipher the astronomical encodings has not been a trivial task, and not many have attempted to do so.

It should be noted that the ancient Indians had a perfect method of time measurement. By noting a particular arrangement of the astronomical bodies, which occurs once in many thousand years, the dates of the events can be calculated.

Dr Vartak has taken hundreds of illustrated passages from the epic read more establish dates. Bala Kanda 18, Shloka 8. December 4, BCE, therefore, is the date of birth of Rama, when the four planets exalted.

Astrologer pm Shastri June 1, at 8: So the figure is 1 Everyone had about him a certain air and look of good fortune. It will be wrong to hitch one's wagon to the first date that came along, before it had even been proof-checked by others. Visakha is the 1 6 lh Naksatra.

Ramayana occurred over years ago. Frankly, only an astrologer or astronomer can make any sense of it. Events — such as an eclipse, planetary or astral positioning or a comet sighting — mentioned in an epic like the Ramayana may have occurred subsequently or prior. Over a period of say, 20, years, a particular type of event could have happened several times.

Stars shift position too vis-a-vis the earth so the star field we see in the night sky is not what the Dating In More Site The Sea Fish saw years ago. This is called precession and has to be factored into all calculations. The idea is to back astronomical data with other reference points such as geography for instance, how many of those eclipses took place over Ayodhya in order to reduce the probability of error.

The Daily Pioneer http: It has found that the Bhils, Gonds and the Kols communities are the true descendants of characters featured in Ramayana. The Kol tribe, found mainly in areas like Mirzapur, Varanasi, Banda and Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, are the descendants of the Kol mentioned in the Ramayana, the study says.

Guha, the Nishad king, who helped Rama cross the Ganga during his journey to the forests, is the ancestor of the present day Kol tribe. Who knows, further research could come up with more surprises. For, unlike the secularists, Macaulayites and communists who are unanimous that Rama never existed, the scientists are not adamant that the date is fixed.

Unlike Krishna, who had the 16 kalas or qualities that makes one perfect, Rama had mastered only 14 kalas. The prince of Ayodhya is, therefore, imperfect and he shows it on several occasions, most starkly when he asks his wife to undergo a chastity test. Krishna would have probably publicly mocked and shamed the citizen instead of banishing his own queen.

Flaws aside, Rama is loved by Indians because he takes sacrifice to a new level. He is a warrior prince who cheerfully gives up the greatest empire of the day so his step mother would not have the slightest reason to complain. He is a husband who lets go his wife because one man — just one —among his millions of subjects objected to her presence in the kingdom.

Looking at things from the perspective of Scientific Dating Of The Ramayana And The Vedas modern era — where we instinctively genuflect before politicians — Rama was taking it too far, but for the king of Ayodhya his own comforts or that of his family mattered little.

So how could he have even one unhappy citizen, howsoever boorish that person may be? In their moving and brilliant translation of the Ramayana, William Buck and B. Rama was well-honoured and well-loved.

Scientific Dating Of The Ramayana And The Vedas

His presence filled the heart. Fame and wealth never left him. When he was king men were long in life, and lived surrounded by their children and grandchildren and all their families. The old never had to make funerals for the young. There was rain and fertile earth; indeed, the earth became bountiful. Men grew kind and fearless.

Everyone had about him a certain air and look of good fortune. This is the problem with fucktards like you!. The comment section is filled with bhakts. Then there are atheists who deny all proof that supports any religious event or figure.

I personally believe most mythological beings like Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, etc were real great people but their stories were tainted by dirty minds like yours that they now seem like mythological beings.

I bet a few hundred years from now religious fanatics like you will call Gandhi an avatar of some god! Lol bro…u see dat last statement may very well be a true prediction in the coming years…. Dating of the stars is one of the most precise dating one can ever get too because it is the thing that changes the least. A combination of archaeoastronomy, archaeologyliterature and oral records are enough to prove what happened and where it happened.

And Ramayana is one epic where everything is Scientific Dating Of The Ramayana And The Vedas in intricate details so there should be no problem in proving it. And, they succeeded to some extent in making people believe in the above fictitious theory.

Scientific Dating Of The Ramayana And The Vedas

Sage Valmiki describes what Sri Hanuma saw, as follows:. It had beautiful entrances and was protected by thousands of rakshasas with great strength. Sundara Kanda 4th Sarga 26 — 28 Slokas.

Indian culture is very famous all over the world. Here only Yajurveda is mentioned, Sukla Yajurveda is nol mentioned. Because they have their own principles. Therefore the history of growth of civilization in the world is not 4 to 5 thousand years old but it is more than 10, years old. Mahalingam Madras for his kind donation for publication of the first edition of this book.

Thereafter, Hanuma the glorious one neared and observed the best residence of Rakshasas and the house of Ravana, containing elephants with four tusks and also those with three tusks, those with two tusks and still not crowded. It was protected by soldiers bearing raised weapons.

Sundara Kanda 9th Sarga 4 — 5 Slokas. Here, Sage Valmiki describes elephants with four tusks and also those with three tusks and those with two tusks. You provide one instance of astrological evidence and you do not elaborate upon it.

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