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My 6 yr old dd (dear daughter) lost a tooth today. It's her 4th one so far this year. Her friends told her they wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking her name & she wrote back. Dd said one friend's is Arabella & another friend's fairy is Buttercup. So dd (dear daughter) wrote a letter to tooth fairy asking her name. Tooth fairy name generator. Create your own tooth fairy! have fun with your kids. When my niece lost her first tooth, my brother, like so many generations of parents before him, suggested that she put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy.

The six-year-old lost yet another tooth, and wrote yet another letter to the Tooth Fairy. This time, she wants to know her name. My grandson tells me there are no fairies. Http:// tooth fairy is just a very rich girl who likes teeth.

I stand by my initial response, namely that the Tooth Fairy's name is a secret, just like her identity.

From parts of Lowland Scotland comes a tradition similar to the fairy mouse: Join Date Jan Posts 8, Ewing Auric Goldfinger C. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Gotta make it fun for yourself too.

Or maybe Canina or Cuspid? If Cuspid is obviously too masculine, it might make a nice surname for your toothfairy. Romla anagram of molar and rather along the line of Romila or Romilly? Dandelion is perhaps more unisex than your usual naming style, but I'd love to picture a toothfairy decked out in fluffy white collar and yellow petalled robes.

Or maybe Lachtna, which behindthename informs me is Irish Gaelic for milk-colored, and seems appropriate for a fairy whisking off milk teeth? It's listed as a masculine name but I think it's perfectly okay not to gender stereotype the tooth fairy.

Lacht is also the Dutch word for smilesm "zij lacht" is "she smiles" so I'd say Lachtna would be a really great pick, although I like what HungarianNameGeek came up with too. Thank for all the suggestions. I had to come up with a response at 1: In her defense, it was the second night in a row with a tooth under the pillow.

Facts on file Inc. Research findings suggest a possible relationship between a child's continued belief in the Tooth Fairy and other fictional characters and false memory syndrome. Join Date Feb Posts 1,

The six-year-old currently has four teeth missing or only partly grown in. It had occurred to me earlier in the day, when we were at Longwood Gardens and saw the three-story-tall philodendrons, that the Greek word for "tree" the -dendron part of the plant name is rather similar to the Latin root meaning "tooth", dent.

Ellen Meets the Tooth Fairy

Living near Philadelphia, we're pretty familiar with Phil- meaning "friend", so I'm thinking of Philodendra as a sort of multi-lingual play on "tooth friend". According to Terry Pratchett, the Tooth Fairy operates more like a franchise structure and there are many tooth fairies, not one Tooth Fairy.

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One of them is named Violet. Not sure where that came from, though his name choices are usually quite clever and intentional.

I've just watched the movie The Rise of the Guardians with my lg. Fwiw, the tooth fairy was called Toothiana!

What Is The Tooth Fairys Name

I know it's too late for you, and I really like what you came up with, but I'll add what my mom did for any other mamas interested in a different option. My mom wrote little notes from the tooth fairy to us sometimes.

The Original Fairy Name Generator: Your Fairy Name

She named them with our middle names. So my tooth fairy was named Fairy Ann and my sister's was Fairy Mae. We felt so special because they shared names with us! Search for a Name. What on Earth do I write in reply? Ivory is too obvious, Here take it?

What I ended up writing was "My real fairy name is a secret, but you can call me Philodendra.

What Is The Tooth Fairys Name