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Are we gonna do Stonehenge tomorrow?

JULY Europe trip | Larry & Jackie Willard's Retirement Adventure

1 Jul Europe Trip PRELUDE We decided some time ago to have a vacation overseas with Alan & MaryAnn with the main intent of Alan visiting Audrey in Wales and getting to see his relatives in Northern England. My idea at first was to visit then take a cruise out of South Hampton to the Baltics including. Rustic Save The DatesRustic Wedding Save The Date IdeasRustic Weddings Wedding RusticWedding BlogDream WeddingWedding IdeasWedding Day Gifts Wedding Prep. Bateman Designs creates bespoke wedding merchandise tailored to your exact specification - we are the one stop shop for your rustic woodland. 23 Sep It's a small secluded site near the very big stones of the World Heritage Site. pitch up at fully landscaped Stonehenge Campsite for some high on site, but do pipe down in the evenings as the park has a strict no noise policy past 10pm ( campers need to get their 40 winks if they're going to read more.

My idea at first was to visit then take a cruise out of South Hampton to the Baltics including Paris. We decided on a train trip to Europe from England. This was the first more info ever where we were going without having anything pre-booked.

I like to have everything pre-booked some times months in advance. Mostly based on the fact we were flying standby. She organized the flights, seats, she booked the night before at hotels for us and in every case it worked out perfectly. It was easy for me to relinquish control as she was amazing. Jackie was exceptional in her directions and mapping at the train stations and hotel walks. She is less than 5 ft and I am more than 6 ft and she made me walk very fast to keep up to her.

Very enjoyable vacation partners. Alan did not feel well for a couple of days and went to bed early a couple of nights. I will add more pictures as I download them from my camera. These are only from my phone. Entered into our new terminal at YYC and we have a nice airport.

Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Tickets English Heritage

They did a wonderful job with this renovation. As we arrived early as I always like to do we decided we may as well have a bite to eat before boarding. Air Canada is lot more efficient at loading planes than other lines as again we were boarded in Zones which is the fastest way to do it.

Are we gonna do Stonehenge tomorrow?

Flying overseas at night is the best way. A 8 hour flight with a 7 hour time change takes it toll on a person. Air Canada sure likes to feed you and give you lots of drinks. I watched two action movies John Wick series which were great. The plane was cool enough and dark enough to be quite pleasurable. Only issue was a consistent coughing lady right behind us. I hate that as germs are being spread all throughout the plane. Arrived at Heathrow and headed out to find the rental car lots.

Discovered it and took the shuttle van to the lot. We booked into Avis. I had found a deal on a car we wanted May and had booked it already.

I know for a fact I would not have caught a throwaway comment like that. During the English Civil War it was the only remaining Royalist stronghold in the north of England until December A few houses are built on the hillside facing Marazion, and a spring supplies them with water. Would your opinion of fair Elizabeth change in any way if I told you she engaged in voluntary incest with her uncle Richard III? I live for most of the year in Thailand so I know!

Alan chose to buy the insurance as a add-on which when added to the add-on driver was more than the original rental pricing. Glad to have two drivers and it helps that Alan is a good driver. My car choice was a Citreon Picasso seven passenger auto. Turned out to be a wonderful car. We took turns driving alternating the days. I got in and we headed out.

I bought a Europe SD card for my Garmin which worked perfect. I have to say. Driving on the wrong side of the road requires a lot of concentration. My fellow car passengers were all excellent in helping with driving. Keep left is good to hear to remind you. I had a tendency to stay to the left side of the road hitting the rumble strips along the highway.

UK highways are wonderfully smooth, no frost heaves or lines and kept in perfect shape. Our first major highway the M4 was busy which actually makes it easier to drive. Stopped at a huge truck stop for a lunch break.

I thought the Ontario or Montana stops were nice but these were amazing. First experience of overseas pricing as a Burger King chicken burger was 8 pounds which is over 10 bucks. This one wrong click here made for one fun time. I cant remember laughing so much. Everyone was laughing as had some interesting roads to travel on in the countryside.

Forge Road was narrow.

JULY 2017 Europe trip

The sides of the road had no shoulder and were solid hedge lined. I tickled the side of this rental car a few times. Driving around a corner and not knowing if a car is coming or not. One bridge was so narrow at a dead stop I had to wiggle the mirrors around the posts to get in.


It was one fun funny ride. At this point we have been awake for over 30 hours so that could have been a factor also. I made it to Brecon having to use only one round-about.

This is a small wonderful village of about people. It has two rivers meeting in the town and a canal. Impossible to get lost. They have a wonderful condo unit in the complex. This building was built in and opened as the Congregational Memorial College.

The 5 story tower adds to the grand look to the units. Had a short greeting time and decided to go for a walk to get the timing correct for sleep with the time change. At this point we have been awake for 36 hours straight. This was the coldest day of the trip and after today we were wishing for it again.

Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Tickets English Heritage

We all fell for the England is cool, the winds from the ocean are cold, it is humid etc. This is our second visit to England and in spending close to a month in England combined this was the only day that could be called a little cool. A few of us over reacted to the possibility of coolness. The canal system is hidden gem with a navigable section for 35 miles.

They had wonderful canal boats with guided tours available to the tourists.

The canals were original built as horsedrawn tramroads to bring coal, limestone and iron ore from the hillsides. The fourteen locks on this canal system is internationally recognized. Read more couple of boats you see actually have people living in them. Audrey made us a great supper and we headed to bed.

Older building are difficult to control the temperature but the first night was the start of 18 nights total of trying to sleep in sauna. Every night on our complete trip we struggled to sleep with the hot nights. Audrey made us delicious smoothies for breakfast which we all loved and cereal etc if wanted.

Having multiple backseat drivers telling you how to drive can be quite difficult to handle. Let me rephrase that. Alan handled it exceptionally well.

It was easy for me to relinquish control as she was amazing. Wat about Kenilworth Castle? Holinshead can therefore be credited with bringing Ambion Hill into the picture.

Alan and I had the same strategy. Drive nice and relaxed then notice round-about in the near distance.

Enter round-about and then hit the gas and exit as soon as possible. In fact they refer to the inside lane as the outside. A wonderful market town with about 10, people living in it. The castle and cattle market are the two biggest attractions.

Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Tickets English Heritage destination was Abergavenny. This is a wonderful little market town. Originally the site of a Roman fort it became a medieval walled town in the Welch marshes.

Abergavenny Castle is located strategically just south of the town centre overlooking the River Usk. It was built in about by the Norman baron Hamelin de Ballon to guard against incursions by the Welsh from the hills to the north and west.

When we made our visit to old carpenters were working on some shelving for the place and about to hang a new door. Amazing old time carpenters that were very enjoyable to talk with.

I noticed they dadoed every shelve into the end bunks and were using a manual plane to hang the door. We had fun with the banter on carpentry. I ask for a BLT. The server comes to my table and asks me if it is ok not source put the lettuce in the toaster.

Nothing ever is the same as at home eh! My sandwich was good but not like any bar here in Calgary.